Back To School Bash All Ages Contest 2005 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Back To School Bash All Ages Contest 2005

Posted on Monday, August 29, 2005 by Rob

Justin Reynolds - kickflip over the hip
9 to 12 Division winners with plenty of background lurkage
Now when these 8 and Under winners go back to school to get paddled by their teacher, they'll have something to fight back back with - their trophies
Backside nosegrind on the bump to ledge. This kid goes by the name of "Z"
We'll be seeing Evan Smith graduate up to skating the Damn Am this year in October in Costa Mesa, CA. He was making this kickflip crook in practice but fell off in his run. That happens to a lot of people
Daniel Delanois has the mandatory fatty to flatty for this Contest
I'm pretty sure this is Bradley Burgess back lipping the square rail
Clint Bestwick was miles ahead of the other tykes in the 8 and Under Division
Justin Atchley from Sarasota has a nice looking kickflip up the step up
My judging sheet for Sponsored Division Heat 1. "B" with a circle around it means bail
My judging sheet for Sponsored Division Heat 2 "B" with a circle around it means bail
Back To School Bash All Ages Contest 2005
Words by Rob Meronek, Photos by Rob and Kevin Sullivan


It was a long day with 133 people taking a run. That’s a little bit more than an average day during Tampa Am. Here are some random things I remember from the contest:
  • The winner of the 16 and Up Division was 12-year-old Kenny Liszewski from Sarasota. He had two perfect runs which included a backside flip into the step up and a nollie backside 180 into it.
  • Next time you’re in the Shop, high five Ryan Dodge for winning the Sponsored division with a last minute entry and a perfect run. He was doing frontside 50-50 to nollie back 180 out and 360 flips into the step up.
  • SPoT local Jereme Knibbs is on a plane to Vegas right now. He's moving there. Hopefully this isn’t his last contest here.
  • Kevin Sullivan won the 13 to 15 Division. He asked to use the camera while I judged sponsored and for some reason I was like, “Ok, here you go.” He took 200 photos before the battery ended his flash assault on everyone in the Contest. His timing was off on most of them, but a few turned out ok as you can see in the photo list below.
  • I heard the first girls’ product toss got kinda nuts. Sorry I missed it. If I post any more chick photos I would just have more people throwing the “sexist” word out, anyway. Sorry I’m not bisexual. Guys like the upskirts and chick chill shots. So what do you girls want to see photos of? Dudes with full side pipes rockin’? Or them sitting down with shorts on, legs open, and a clear view to the nut sack? More skaters with their shirts off? I don’t know. Let me know what you want and I’ll have my next impromptu photography assistant hook it up for you.
  • After two second place finishes in the last two events, Gavin Bishop finally moved up to first on this one in the 9 to 12 Division.
  • 8 and Under was pretty fun to watch as usual. Clint Bestwick has won the last two.
  • Our next All Ages Contest will be in November – The Harvest Jam. See you here.
Kevin Sullivan's First Time Photos
When you're using the fisheye on the camera, you have to be right in someone's face when taking the photo. Kevin knows a thing or two about being in people's faces, but while he had the camera, most of the time he was too far away. This is Jeff Hatcher smith grinding the round rail
16 and Up winners
Abdias Rivera - smith grind on the bank to bank rail
Bradley Burgess - frontside feeble grind on the square rail
Jason Sink - crooked grind on the ledge


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