Back to School Bash August 2006 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Back to School Bash August 2006

Posted on Saturday, August 26, 2006 by Rob

Back to School Bash August 2006
By Rob Meronek

Kids in the 8 and Under Division are bomb dropping into tranny. Wow. This is Brennan Campbell

Devon Lynch - nollie big spin back lip

Justin Atchley - backside 360 over the hip to victory in the 13 to 15 even though he's only 12

Who dat? This kid was eating gargantuan piles of poop while trying this so I was hoping to get a sequence of a nice slam. Turns out he check made it when I pointed the camera at him

Alejandro Burnell - pretty much the youngest no comply I've ever seen at seven years of age

Guest Announcer Ed Selego in the center with OG SPoT resident Chris Claus, Brian Schaefer, and Body

Spencer Lau - one footer into the step up

Bong Gause is getting really good. This is a nollie half cab heelflip

If you know your actors and actresses, you might know this crew with Body and Brian Schaefer. They're filming what I understand to be "the first ever skateboarding horror film". It's another full blow big budget movie hitting theaters soon. They were here looking for "talent" and skateboarders that could possibly be in the movie

One more photo of the actress chick can't hurt. That's her publicist

Mongo mania! Kids were pusing poop foot all through the younger divisions

It's always entertaining to see grown ass women fighting over skateboard stuff for their kids while Schaefer is on the mic claiming he can see ariolas creeping out

8 and Under winners

9 to 12 winners

Matt Giles - take a poop on this failed 50-50 attempt during the Vert Contest

Dylan Taylor - air to fakie

Who dat? Frontside nosegrab grind

A professional looking slob air by Adam Taylor

Adam Taylor - backside indy 360

Who dat? I don't know, but he's a lot higher than Body ever got to the coping

Who dat? Wouldn't be a vert contest without some leopard print pads

Who dat? I don't know, but is he trying to tell us something with that rainbow sticker on his helmet?

Find John Ferguson in the DJ booth at the craziest booty nite in Tampa at the Empire in Ybor City

Blake Mercer's hot mom is now on myspace. You should find her and put her in your top 8

Blake Mercer was hauling ass early grab style going straight for the quarter pipe. I thought he was going to do an early grab air through the roof when suddenly he busts out this Andy Mac thing. The place lit up

At the time I'm uploading this, I don't know if Robbie Kirkland won it, but based on his first run, he's most likely in first place in the Sponsored Division. Check this backside kickflip 360 he made in his run

Who dat? I approve of this melon fakie

Who dat? Back lip

Every time Brian Adams hears his name, I'm sure "Cuts Like a Knife" soon follows. This back lip cuts like a knife

Long Board Kyle - boardslide

Who dat? The photo sure sucks, but this hard flip was definitely done correctly

I approve of this melon fatty to flatty

Who dat? Front feebs

Happy Birthday Dylan Perry. When we got to Canada together next month, he'll be a legal drinker. That's good and bad. This is an ollie from the right to the left over the rail

The full crew of Vert Contest winners


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