Harvest Jam All Ages Contest 2003 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Harvest Jam All Ages Contest 2003

Posted on Monday, November 24, 2003 by CONTEST

Harvest Jam All Ages Contest November 2003
I didn't take good notes during the contest so I don't remember all the tricks and who the skaters were, so post it in the comments if you find a mistake I made or know who someone is. Click here for results.

12 and Under First Place - Timmy Knuth 16 And Up Second and First Place - Jon Cornell and Dylan Perry 13 to 15 First and Second Place - Chris Lehman and Jeff Hatcher I pushed some buttons on the camera and started getting these ghost photos. Chris Jata - smith grind Matt Batty - nollie lip
Ryan Williamson - big nollie All hands on deck Cenzo Falcone - kickflip noseslide Kevin Coakley - nollie crook Curtis Valentine - Most Loyal Lurker Award
Curtis Valentine - nollie back lip A Danny Renaud look alike ollies the pyramid Dustin Eggeling - I think this was a back lip Dustin Eggeling - Best Shop Customer Award Dylan Perry - feeble
Feeble grind I hope Forrest Cunningham doesn't gain the weight his dad lost... Timmy Knuth - frontside 50-50 Tiffany Cacciatore - Hottest Mom of the Year Award Ian Gow - frontside salad
Not sure if Ian ever made these switch 3 flips, but he was coming pretty close while I was watching Jim Choquette - Worst Injury of the Year Award John Paul Grebe - boardslide William Lucas spins a 540 on the big quarter Is it a make? Depends on who you ask I guess. Still pretty cool that William Lucas almost has 540's down.
Big switch flip Would a real photo guy chop heads off like this? Jon Cornell - frontside nosegrind Product toss Product toss The parent product toss
Robbie Kirkland - Most Improved Skater of the Year Award Ryan Rapp - heel flip Ryan Rapp - nollie Matt Giles is going to need a shower after wearing Kyle Stone's shirt Tom Cunningham - Parent of the Year Award
This nollie heel 50-50 turned to swellbow about one second after locking into it here. Not sure if he ever made it later in the day.


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