Stalker Steve at the Harvest Jam 2009 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Stalker Steve at the Harvest Jam 2009

Posted on Monday, November 16, 2009 by Stalker

By Stalker Steve

The kickflip was a popular move for the young bucks
Alejandro knows how to chill just like Big Al
A properly caught kickflip in the 9 to 12 Division
If you're hitting the rail and you're 9 to 12 years old, good job
It seems like every contest we have the younger divisions keep getting better and better. Back feeble the flat rail
Jared Baker broke his arm skating the seven stair rail at the Park, so he couldn't skate in the Contest. Bummer
This kid will probably have a pretty sick kickflip when he grows up
One of the girls in the Contest and she was going for it down the stairs
One of the most popular kid tricks (for some reason), the pop shuv tail grab
It's fun to look at the young Division photos and see the potential for good style later in life. That's the case with this backside flip
Kids love the seven stair and all wanted a trick down it in their run. Front 180 while Rob enjoys the scenery
Not many kids went for the bump to drop route. I thought it was sick. Pop shuv
I was shooting photos from the announcing area and all of the sudden I see a beard and a Low Card hat walking up the stairs. Thanks for coming down from Atlanta, Big Al
The hottest mom of the Harvest Jam watching the Contest from the bleachers. Big Al actually called her out before the Award and told me to get the photo
DJ AK, or Adam Kearley, our product photographer, was kicking out the jams all day
Jared Baker with his Most Loyal Lurker Award
Alejandro Burnell's dad, Mike, got the Parent of the Year Award. He didn't get sleeves though
Body trying to swoon the hottest mom of the Contest, as is his style
The 8 and Under top three winners
Alejandro is getting on the Salba tip early and is doing push-ups in skate parks as a kid
Porpe is hyped on Alejandro
The 9 to 12 top three
This Dad was beyond excited for his kid getting top three. They came down from Georgia for the Contest
Product Toss time!
Back feebles are as popular as front bigspins
Kickflip down the seven
Rob posted how many bigspins were done at Damn Am on the site for that article. I didn't keep count, but there were just as many backside feebles at Harvest Jam
I think this was one of the Atlanta kids that came down for the Contest. Back feeble, also
This kid was "Baby Body.” He was a little husky but totally killed it. Frontside 50-50
See? Baby Body was holding it down. Back lip
Vert dudes used to do doubles sometimes. It's cool that the kids are into it, too
A properly caught 13 to 15 frontside flip
Dylan Perry, Ian Gow and Pat Stiener, judgment day
This was baby Bert Wooten, complete with Rip 'N' Dip baseball tee. Cannonball
Body enjoying a little snack between 13 to 15 and 16 and Up
Even though course reconstruction is going on this week, we'll always have a handrail. Crooks
Mike Espinosa is on City Stars, part two. Three flip
Remember when everyone loved fitted hats? Now everyone loves snap backs. I made a snap back section of hats in the Shop. Not trucker hats, but proper Starter style snap back hats. Come check them out sometime. This kid is feeling the snap back trend and is also feeling a back lip down the rail
I think this is one of the Georgia boys who came down for the Contest. Three flip
Timmy Knuth got retired from All Ages Contests
Jeff Macar is carrying the torch of skaters doing lawn service for Clem when he's not backside flipping the hip
Who Dat? Three flip over the hip
I live with Brandon Knowles. We'll go skate when our schedules align and he always does a backside bluntslide on the deck of pyramids like this. I wonder if Brandon taught this kid that trick
We called this kid "Robert Plant" for his long hair. He killed it and got the judges extra hyped when he three flipped the pyramid. This was his back feeble
The favorite trick of the day, Robert Plant's 3 flip
A posse came down from Progressive Skatepark in Georgia for the Contest and this is one of their kids. Front smith, not back feeble, thanks
The frontside flip will always be popular with the kids thanks to Andrew Reynolds and Tom Penny. Progressive kid, frontside flip
I don't know what Ian's sticker means, but when he asks me to shoot a photo I don't say no. It reminds me of the session we had at Houston's Easy 7 ditch on the Johnny Romano Jam road trip
Sam Bianchini came out from Orlando to skate and got this front shuv down the seven stair in his run
Still don't know this kid’s name but, he was at Vert is Dead, too. Frontside flip
Another Who Dat? ripper. Front tailslide
Pyro Sierra is always ripping. Nollie varial flip
Pyro Sierra, back smith
Who Dat? again with a front smith grind
Sam Bianchini. Frontside 5-0
Mike Espinosa was hoping the Contest had a cash prize he could add to his baby money fund. Enjoy fatherhood
Who Dat? again. Please come to the Park more often than just on Contest days, kids
Feebles can be done frontside too, apparently. Who Dat? knows
Two of my favorite people in the sketchy skateboard business – John Gow from Vans Apparel and Jake Mednik from The Kayo Corp
Yep, Peewee Kirks’ Shaqueefa face tat is still there
Pyro Sierra ripped all day. Back lip down the rail
Pyro Sierra, backside crooks
This was one of the ATL kids who came down. Nollie frontside noseblunt slide
Dave Cruz is back in town from living in Atlanta
Frosty was fired up Saturday afternoon and talking s**t to everyone
I don't know who this kid is but he's a friend of a friend of Frosty's. He was talking to me and said "You're like a grown up dork." Good call, kid
Top five for 16 and Up
Top five for Sponsored
Jorge flossing Product Toss gear
Product Toss madness
The Product Toss got pretty intense
Thank you Expedition One for sponsoring the Harvest Jam
Porpe, swooning a Contest Mom

Park Rental Session

After the Contest wrapped up, I clocked in and did my real job, working in the Shop. We had a Park Rental from 11pm to 2am. I didn't have to stay for it, but the guys seemed cool and let me go skate with them. After I saw them getting some tricks and talking with them for a minute I thought it would be cool to shoot some photos. They were genuinely hyped to be here skating, I was genuinely hyped on their enthusiasm and appreciation of getting to skate something other than their town's pre-fab park. Here are a few photos we shot. And you can rent the Park before or after hours any time, just call the Shop at 813-621-6793 x209.

This is Sam. He's from Brunswick, Georgia. Backside shifty down the seven. Sorry for the butt shot, I thought he was going for a frontside flip
I never got this guy’s name, but he had the shove it tail grab down cold
This is the frontside flip I mentioned earlier. Proper catch
The reason they all came down was for this kid’s 16th birthday. His name is John and he was just as hyped to be at the Park skating
John from Georgia, pop shove down the seven. After this my flashed ran out of juice


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