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Sponsors: DC
Hometown: LA Ca, Stance: Regular, Age: 40, Status: Pro

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When I was in 9th grade I weighed 95 lbs and went to Oakville Senior High in St. Louis, Mo. I had no girlfriend, no prospects for one and the friends I did have didn't either. Nothing about me or my few friends were cool because we were skaters. Every day I'd gingerly walk the halls between periods fearing almost every step. There were 3 people I was most afraid of, Steve Robertson, Todd Tonkel and Phil Derker. Hulking teenagers who would become very upset at the mere sight of me and my stupid skater clothes, so much so they'd scream at the top of their lungs "SKATER'S SUCK!!" every time they saw me. Sometimes they would punch me. And it was in those moments I had wished that everyone knew what I knew about skateboarding so that maybe it would make my survival a little easier. It was in those moments I didn't feel part of some exclusive club that I hear these writers opining about today. I felt ridiculed and I felt lonely and I'll never forget that. Being a skater in those days was worse than being anything else. You were the bottom of the barrel and lots of people made sure you knew it. Flash forward to today, driving down the freeway to the Berrics and seeing this Diamond billboard and marveling at just how far we've come. Diamond is a skateboard company no matter who wears its What they're doing isn't just a win for themselves, it's a win for a culture that was spit on, beat up, and sometimes left for dead not that long ago. Be proud of these guys. Be forkin proud. I am. @nickydiamonds @jeronwilson #diamondlife

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