Maloof Money Cup Launch Party 2010 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Maloof Money Cup Launch Party 2010

Posted on Saturday, May 8, 2010 by

By Rob Meronek

Clem and I are on our way to China for the Woodward Grand Opening. On the way, we stopped in Vegas for 12 hours to high five some friends and get some skateboard bid'niss done at the Maloof Money Cup Launch Party. When I woke up, here's what was in my camera. We are now in LA on our way to Beijing.

There is some amazing earth to look at while flying into Las Vegas.
This is a standard, single bed room in The Palms. Three flat screen TV's, a living room, a full kitchen, two refrigerators, and a damn hot tub. And you think you're going to win in gambling? Clearly, the house does way better. This was my first Las Vegas trip without spending or gambling a cent.
Of course one of the first people we run into is Adam Dyet. That lady he's with is 48. Holy queen of cougars. Damn!
Skater Profile: Adam Dyet
One reason for coming is to go over the judging and scoring system being done by this company called Reality Check. The judges on this one are going to use an iPad to enter scores with the app doing calculations that then get fed to the big screen Jumbotron thing for TV and the audience. Basically, the guys at Reality Check are doing my job. I don't have to write any software or do any computer work at this event. Thanks, Reality Check. Now I can just chill, shoot photos, and talk mad crap on the internet.
That's Kevin from Reality Check with the full blown rig that runs the whole Jumbotron system set up in his room. Tech.
Joe Maloof is now giving us a tour of random parts of the hotel like the recording studio that some superstars use. All I could think here is how I could put myself on the map with one of my NWA karaoke jams and get myself a contract.
So now we're taking a tour of that one rabbit guy's suite. I wonder why it costs $40,000 a night for this room?
All hotels have a lobby. This room has it's own lobby.
Here's the view of DBC, douchebag central, down at the pool flexing Ed Hardy's on you. Sean Jean is doing a show down there right now. Man, this is nuts.
I wonder what stories these walls have to tell.
All hotels have a pool and all rooms have a balcony. This room has a pool on its balcony with a view from the end that looks like it makes women's clothes instantly come off.
What side of the bed do you sleep on when it's round and spins?
Nothing probably goes on in this hot tub.
Let's get back to the commoners where we belong. Tyler Hawkins is enjoying his first legal weekend in Vegas. Keep it together!
Skater Profile: Tyler Adams-Hawkins
Who are these regular ass looking dudes? Part of the DBC? Nah, they're down. These are the tech nerds from Reality Check.
Point a camera here and girls know to instantly beam it.
I fan out on pros all the time, this time I'm fanning out on the champion of bid'niss dudes, Joe Maloof. Thanks for the hospitality.
Skater Profile: Rob Meronek
Right outside the skater tent is DBC.
Two Jakes and half of the Captain and Casey Show, Chris Casey. That extreme deep v goes all the way down to his balls like a reverse Borat. He's more emo than you, son.
Skater Profile: Chris Casey
Jake Phelps and Jake Duncombe are like the young and old version of each other.
Skater Profile: Jake Phelps
Everyone's always asking me questions when I'm sporting Austin's Art War. You can get his shirts here.
Skater Profile: Rob Meronek
Clearly, you can see what type of shades you need to be down. Tyler Hawkins, Bryan Herman, Jake the Volcom TM, and BGP's from Mike Carroll.
Skater Profile: Mike Carroll
Where there's a pool party, there's a phone in the pool. This time it was Chris Casey's iPhone. Wait until June when the new one comes out! I can imagine him strutting through the DBC to the pool looking all emo'd out with his deep v then suddenly discovering his phone in his pocket.
Skater Profile: Chris Casey
The chill out tent is refuge from the DBC.
That's Animal Chan at work.
Whenever Clem and I talk to someone who has some brilliant new bid'niss idea to run by us, anything from some website to some software to some new skate crap, we always discuss how no matter what you do, no matter how good it is, the old school rules of business will always apply. Hospitality, good customer service, and being on the level with the people you're working with and serving are always going to matter for the long run. Uh, I lost track of where I was going with this. Anyway, as you probably know, Biebel has his own warehouse now.
Skater Profile: Brandon Biebel
A foot fetish with Chris Casey, who is not at Kinko's straight flipping copies. Damn, Clem's shoes are more yellow than a bowl skater's wheels.
Skater Profile: Chris Casey
RP Bess, Ryan Clements, Charlie Thomas, and I shut down the chill out tent party.
Skater Profile: Charlie Thomas
Anyone want to skate? Nope. This is bid'niss. At the bar is where most of it goes down.
Jeremy and Nate from Pharmacy, champions of bid'niss regarding the wood and wheels.
Some random girl crept in on this photo of two Skatepark of Tampa Party Team members and Tim McFerran from the Maloof staff.
Skater Profile: Lizard King
The Skatepark of Tampa Party Team was running deep here with Braydon on the lurk.
Skater Profile: Braydon Szafranski
I remember Steve Stedham having the best backside boneless in a pool in Future Primitive. Now I'm all grown up and sitting here watching him playing Skate 3 in a silk suit. Wow.
Wish I could hang out for more classic Vegas party time, but we have a 6am flight out to LA. At 3:30am in front of the hotel when leaving for the airport, this is just a small portion of the cab line filled with wastoids. You have to leave early for things in Vegas, especially from The Palms.
Good-bye, Las Vegas, see you again soon.


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