Friday Afternoon at Innetech Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Friday Afternoon at Innetech

Posted on Friday, May 28, 2010 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

I'm here in Innetech, Skatepark of Tampa's back offices where we handle bid'niss like checking in inventory, taking product photos, and scanning newspapers for silly headlines. Check out Friday Afternoon at Innetech.
Picture Paris Hilton with dreads and you've got a great knock-off graphic that Nilton should do. Pick this Nilton deck up here.
Skater Profile: Nilton Neves
How is Justin supposed to get any work done when we get a shipment of tasty beverages in grip tape form like this? Watch for this in the Shop as soon as Justin gets it checked in.
From the Captain Corporate boardmeeting notes: nostalgic geezers are the least profitable demographic in skateboarding.
My mom's dog just had a littler of puppies that came out wrapped in plastic just like these t-shirts.
That's Online Guy, our lowest paid and hardest working employee. He tries on all the clothes for Kearly to shoot photos in our big budget studio here.
Skater Profile: Online Guy
Now that it's summer, the flannel has transferred from our backs onto our feet.
We are not allowed to sell these shoes underwater, in outer space, while wearing shorts, or when Justin Bieber is playing. CSS can, though.
This is Kearley's lair where he does post processing on his modeling shoot with Online Guy.
Austin inked up some new shirts that will be in the Shop soon. You can pick up Austin's Art War shirts here.
Skater Profile: Austin England
Yes, we still sell stickers. Has anyone redone that Rolling Stones icon with a hit of acid and a tongue piercing yet? Long overdue.
Kenny Hughes is back! According to his interview in Skateboarder, he never left, though. I mean black, not back. Kenny Hughes is black. Pick up Kenny's board here. He's on Arcade with Jon Newport now.
Skater Profile: Kenny Hughes
What kind of stuff goes on the wall in your office?
Welcome to South Florida.
This is Austin's inspiration board. I like the happy gerbil farting out a liquor bottle.
This is where I'm sitting while talking all this crap right outside of Innetech. That guy on the wall there helped me log that entire stack of industry paper in the Captain Corporate's Coverage Patrol. What should the next tour be? I think it's time to visit Brian Schaefer's office again.


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