Casual Thursday? Barefoot in Innetech

Posted on Thursday, June 17, 2010 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Suddenly shirtless while skating in the Park doesn't seem so bad when you walk into Innetech and they're barefoot with longboards. I went back there to shoot photos of random stuff and some of Austin's Artwar. Check out a tour.

That's Justin Ryan under a pile of product he's checking into this inventory system I wrote that's in bad need of an overhaul. From here on out, I will refer to it as Trife Innetech Transaction System, or TITS for short. After Justin is done handling the TITS here, a bunch of Emerica stuff is going on sale. Check back soon for that.
Skater Profile: Justin Ryan
Let hope these Habitat Shoes do better than Gravis.
Speaking of shoes, Kearley needs to take some of those and put them on right now. He's taking TITS (Trife Innetech Transaction System) photos that get uploaded to the website. Maybe he's barefoot to get into the mood for longboard photos?
The Habitat shoes we got in come in a variety of colorways. There's no excuse to be barefoot in Innetech. Watch for them in the shop after Justin puts them into the TITS.
If Al Bow still worked here, he's already have these pink shorts on.
I have to admit, just looking at this cruiser makes me want to be barefoot. Kick off your shoes and pick up a longboard or cruiser here.
The even have imitation clay wheels from the era prior to skateboarding being full of haters. Must have been real boring.
Watch for a load of Dakine stuff after they get checked into the TITS.
It's kind of a mess back there with all this new product arriving. I see this and I am fine. My partners Barak and Clements see this and they must call a meeting to get it cleaned up an organized. We all work well together and meet in the middle.
Take those bare ass feet and this plank called the Cutter straight to the boardwalk.
The Perfect Man reps Elwood. Why wouldn't you? Watch for more Elwood denim on the site after the whole TITS thing.
Skater Profile: Kenny Anderson
Over at Austin England's desk in Innetech, there's always some interesting artifacts.
Skater Profile: Austin England
Open Austin's Artwar sketchbook and you will find papa skull carrying baby skull on a unicorn while asking for handouts.
Skater Profile: Austin England
She loves my hair, she loves it not, she loves my hair, she loves it not...
Skater Profile: Austin England
Saggy Trife Innetech Transaction System (TITS).
Skater Profile: Austin England
One of my favorite pieces that I've seen so far from Austin.
Skater Profile: Austin England
We put the current issue of The Skateboard Mag in with every online order. Somehow we get them in back there in Innetech before I even get my subscription copy.
And inside that Skateboard Mag is a copy of an old ad we re-ran last minute because of a deadline that was approaching while we were all under a mountain of work.
We just got a pile of new SPoT decks in.
This is the original work from Austin's Skatepark of Tampa shirt. It's time for me to get back to work. Thanks for coming along on the tour of Innetech. Please put your shoes back on now.

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