Checking in With Innetech and SPoT Skate Shop Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Checking in With Innetech and SPoT Skate Shop

Posted on Friday, July 16, 2010 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

There's a bunch of new Traffic boards, Vans, Converse, new Austin's Artwar decks, and more that are piled up and ready to be put out into SPoT Skate Shop. I rolled through with my camera again to show you some of it.

One time I heard a story about Stalker Steve going home all wasted after a night out in Ybor and ordering a 50 piece Chicken McNugget at McDonald's. He's probably already bought all of these boards by the time you read this.
Sefan sure started a trend. Justin, Innetech champion of inventory, describes this shoe in the long description: "The Sea Star OX is as comfortable on a skateboard as it is on a sailboat. This classic deck shoe features a nautically inspired suede upper and a flexible vulcanized sole."
The beefy toe seems to be a hit these days.
Great protection from ollie impossibles.
I like the low key tongue on these.
As seen from the back.
The classic Converse sole.
Speaking of plain tongues. Check these Vans out.
They're part of a limited release to 100 "legit" type shops. Who even knows what legit is these days.
They're like little cabin holes in a cruise ship.
Looking good and clean. Get them here.
These Rowley's are also part of that 100 exclusive thing.
I'm not a fan of all black shoes, but these aren't so bad. Get them here.
100% black.
There are tons of new decks in. Check them out.
Shirts for our new Shop in Ybor City. Wish us luck. It's a big move for us.
Pick up Austin's Artwar new series here.
Skater Profile: Austin England
We have Creature completes now. Watch for them here after they catch up with getting them on the site at Innetech.
The Creature completes have OJ II's on them. No lappers or copers, though. If you know what lappers and copers are, welcome to the 30 and Up Club.
We got a big stack of new Traffic decks.
We have the world's largest sticky notes here. We take office supplies serious.
That's Kearley's gargoyle watching over Online Guy who models all the clothes for website photos.
Skater Profile: Online Guy
Austin's new Shop display.
Skater Profile: Austin England
This Saturday is the Wizard Smoke Deck Release Party at The Bricks. See you there.
Skater Profile: Wizard Smoke


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