Copenhagen Pro 2011 Presented by DC Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Copenhagen Pro 2011 Presented by DC

Posted on Monday, June 27, 2011 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Wieger looks like he should be in a library or something. He's very student-like with that Supercuts red mop and collar shirt. That backside 180 nosegrinds look so good.
Skater Profile: Wieger Van Wageningen
Heelflip backside lipslides are about as rare as ginger pro skateboarders.
Skater Profile: Wieger Van Wageningen
Sometimes a great looking roll-away makes a trick. Chris Pfanner - kickflip up.
Skater Profile: Chris Pfanner
Peter Ramondetta - lipslide transfer. Who did it best? Peter or Elissa?
Skater Profile: Peter Ramondetta
Elissa Steamer - lipslide transfer. Who did it best? Peter or Elissa?
Skater Profile: Elissa Steamer
Luan made this kickflip nose manual nollie flip out after time, but he didn't need it since he was already in 1st place.
Skater Profile: Luan Oliveira
Josef Scott Jatta - frontside bigspin.
Skater Profile: Josef Scott Jatta
Look how over the deck Grant Taylor's backside lipslide is. Damn!
Skater Profile: Grant Taylor
Wow, Clem! That tranny is tighter than a gnat's ass. We got to the Park early yesterday and got to roll around before the masses arrived. Live webcast at noon Eastern time today for the Finals!
Skater Profile: Ryan Clements
Dennis Busenitz - noseblunt slide transfer.
Skater Profile: Dennis Busenitz
Chris Cole - is that a 900 or something?
Skater Profile: Chris Cole
Chris Cole - lipslide across.
Skater Profile: Chris Cole
We stay at this great hotel called The Fox in Copenhagen every year. Brian's in the guest book like a true tourist.
We are not too cool for a map, although by now we rarely get lost.
Skater Profile: Brian Schaefer
Our OG friend from Copenhagen, Thomas Kring.
Skater Profile: Thomas Kring
Are huge graphic pants on their way to the US? Keep fish pants out, please.
Schmitty from Thrasher is on the daily documentation duty.
Grant Taylor shuts down the tight tranny every year. That's a backside tailslide over.
Skater Profile: Grant Taylor
Thanks to Braydon for skating and just being personality champ for the whole weekend.
Skater Profile: Braydon Szafranski
Maybe when the DJ booth goes silent, DJ Wade can blame it on his pal here.
Skater Profile: DJ Wade
Brian Anderson skated in socks and did some push-ups in his run.
Skater Profile: Brian Anderson
Preparing to ride dirty on the train due to no local schrapnel to pay with.
Skater Profile: Brian Schaefer
Even the trains are packed with bikes. Take note, US and A.
Spotted Mike Blabac cruising the streets on two wheels with the DC crew.
Their graduation ritual here is to rent one of these crazy military trucks and roll through the city on a loud party. We need to get on one of these one year.
Thomas Kring in the deep.
Skater Profile: Thomas Kring
Reda, straight bid'niss. I wonder if his calls are over $2 a minute like mine are.
Skater Profile: Giovanni Reda
William and Simon make this entire event happen. They stay in the trenches like everyone should.
Looks like the 2011 tour dates for the NKOTB reunion tour are coming out soon. That's no boy band. That's a man band.
P-Stone in his standard camera/brew mode with Phelps in his standard MJ's.
Skater Profile: Preston Maigetter aka P-Stone
Daniel Cardone knows his way around them bowls.
Skater Profile: Daniel Cardone
You have to see Pedro Barros skate in person to really get it.
Skater Profile: Pedro Barros
Nicky Guerrero - another one you hope to be skating like when you're that age.
Skater Profile: Nicky Guerrero
Thanks for putting this amazing Bowl Jam together, Rune. That's a back smith over the loveseat.
Skater Profile: Rune Glifberg
After this weekend, I'm really waiting for Raven's part in the Chocolate video. This kid is off the charts.
Skater Profile: Raven Tershy
Chris Miller - you can't really hope to skate like him at any age, so just sit back and enjoy. That's a back lip over the seat.
Skater Profile: Chris Miller
Arto was on photo duty all weekend.
Skater Profile: Arto Saari
There was serious crowd all around every inch of lip.
I spy a few pros and that Wednesday guy.
He's not taking a photo like that is he? Nah, he's cheering for Pedro's front smith in the over-vert.
Skater Profile: Pedro Barros
Good thing they weren't needed for the Bowl Jam.
Chris Miller talks to the lucky rabbit's foot.
Skater Profile: Chris Miller
This kid is laughing at how drunk Dustin Dollin is. Pink wheels, shirt, and scarf with mall grab doesn't really entitle you to laugh at anything.
Skater Profile: Dustin Dollin
I can't even believe this is humanly possible. Alex Perelson - back lip on the over-vert.
Skater Profile: Alex Perelson
Live by the words on Dustin Dollin's finger.
Skater Profile: Dustin Dollin
Chris Miller's got those back blunts in the deep like it's not even a trick.
Skater Profile: Chris Miller
There's a whole different breed of sketchy characters here.
Pause to nerd out on gadget gear. What is that? A film camera that takes SLR lenses or something?
Raven destroyed the Bowl Jam.
Skater Profile: Raven Tershy
Rothmeyer and James Craig are on a street food mission. These bacon wrapped hot dogs might be good in the US, but here, the wrap is so gnarly with the plastic, it feels like someone melted a condom around it. No good.
Random dudes on a rickshaw ride. Impossible to look cool.
Simon and crew are filling up the center ledge with hundreds of beers. There's even ice in there. They must have imported the ice from the US.
Right after the fill-up, little kids proceed to raid the sauce obstacle. Yikes.
Same story every year. Children with beers. In the US, this kid would die somehow and the parents would be in jail.
Braces and beer? Welcome to Copenhagen.
Mad heads to spy in this crowd photo.
Wieger on a back tail with his Conan top.
Skater Profile: Wieger Van Wageningen
Peter Ramondetta - frontside feeble.
Skater Profile: Peter Ramondetta
Luan - frontside bluntslide on the sauce tub.
Skater Profile: Luan Oliveira
The secret sauce on these chicken sandwiches being served in the back of the Park was so damn good.
It was complete madness during the Best Trick over the car. That's Chris Cole switch 360 flipping it.
Skater Profile: Chris Cole
The Death Race winners got some bonus US Benjamins.
Skater Profile: Evan Smith
Not sure why Ali Boulala got a US hundo.
Skater Profile: Ali Boulala
Amber Alert put his John Hancock on the checks.
Pang, Amber Alert, Cole, and Pfanner.
Skater Profile: Chris Pfanner
Medals for the champs.
Congrats on another one, Luan!
Skater Profile: Luan Oliveira
The stage got rushed for product before we could toss out a bunch of it. Hungry crowd.
Things are expensive here. Good thing the drink tickets are billion dollar bills.
Clem's down with all the shady joints when we're on tourist mission.
Skater Profile: Ryan Clements
Randoms from the streets of Copenhagen.
Skater Profile: Jason Rothmeyer
If you're a veggie, there's plenty of these fruit stands.
After the Contest, the $70k US prize purse gets passed out. They're very good with their bookkeeping and tax compliance here.
It's all over now and the vodka is getting mixed in with our livers.
Ladies, please do not let these cross the ocean to the US.
P-Stone should just put a pocket right there on his shirt. That's where he's always got his beer propped.
Skater Profile: Preston Maigetter aka P-Stone
When Party Pang is out, so is the potty mouth.
Skater Profile: Jefferson Pang
Phelper keeping the heat on you.
Skater Profile: Jake Phelps
DJ Wade keeping the heat on himself, nearly lighting himself on fire.
Skater Profile: DJ Wade
Jenna and Braydon are like Copenhagen locals now.
Skater Profile: Braydon Szafranski
High five, Mr. Kring.
Skater Profile: Thomas Kring
SPoTlight judge Mathieu doesn't snap a beer until the job is completely done. Keep it professional like that.
Jenna and I spent all our time by the fire. It's cold here to us.
Thank you William and Simon for creating the Tampa Pro of Europe.
I'm in the Copenhagen airport now on my way to a quick stop in Prague to visit my wife who's there on business. The only bid'niss I got is a mission to Stalin plaza. See you next year, Copenhagen.

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