Clash of the Crews 2012 Presented by Arnette Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Clash of the Crews 2012 Presented by Arnette

Posted on Tuesday, January 31, 2012 by Rob

Photos and words by Rob Meronek
Footage by Joe Pelham

HiDefJoe Footage

Thanks to all the southeast homies that came to town.
The night before, we had a taste of OG Skatepark of Tampa with a band in the back.
Back by Innetech, it was a classy tent city.
Blake Carpenter grew up and got good in what seems to be overnight. This nollie heelflip crooked grind is a small part of his contribution to Midtown winning it.
Blake made a clean one later, but all I got was the slide out version. That's king sized snaps right there.
Another reason Midtown came out on top was Chris Blake. That perfect looking frontside bluntslide is switch.
Nick Blanco's nollie flip almost looks like a sideways airwalk.
One of the best looking skaters out there this weekend was Brad Cromer. Schaefer refers to that as "handsome" to let you know he's not talking about the skate style when he says someone is looking good. That's a fakie flip.
Can you even pick a VIP for Midtown? They all ripped and contributed equally to their win. That's Devin Abreu with a kickflip back lip.
Danny Fuenzalida took a break from worldwide tours with Weezy and joined the MIA team this weekend.
If you were deep in the backwoods of Hazard County, Georgia, you might think someone was referring to the hot pursuit of local ladies when they mentioned "chasin' trau." Chason Trau, thanks for making the trip down to Tampa from Georgia. Next time, bring Jona.
HiDefJoe's hard at work on the edit already.
Schaefer's boys here that he hired to DJ had us a bit concerned on the kind of music that would be played, especially after seeing their choice of earlobe decor, but it actually turned out not too bad. We only had to cancel a few songs like some terrible Red Hot Chili Peppers here and there.
Jimmy Mastrocolo on a back smith for Westside.
When the crowd became unruly and began chanting for Clem's signature cover boy stunt, he had no choice but to get core and throw it down.
For Dylan Perry, the gap to front board on that thing got away this time, but the front crook was nailed.
Eli Williams can be found in Georgia chasin' trau with Jona and the Hazard County crew.
The old guy on the Hazard County team can nollie flip the rail? Damn, Matt Fink.
John Montesi shows you all what a ho-ho plant is.
Jonathan Conde - nollie cab flip.
Paul Hart - switch heel.
Mike Peterson's still got it like that.
TJ Harris - nollie big heel hanging on by a toe.
Yonis Molina - nollie frontside feeble.
TJ Harris - nollie 360 flip at the buzzer.
DailyBS, famous thumb, and Mike Peterson.
The Westside crew ended up in 6th.
It was no surprise when Midtown finished 1st.
Congrats to the Midtown crew. We have a giant engraved wrasslin' belt on the way out to you to display in your shop all year. Thanks everyone for coming out to the first Clash of the Crews at SPoT.
Ed Selego, thanks for bringing the MIA crew, a Florida hurricane, and letting us take over doing Clash of the Crews at our joint.
Clash of the Crews 2012 is a wrap. Here are results from the Finals.

Lowcard Mag Footage


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