Free Flow Tour 2012 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Free Flow Tour 2012

Posted on Monday, July 2, 2012 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Jake Ilardi has these back to back in his run in the Vert Division.
Big E is little, but he's also got a 540 and takes 1st place in this one.
Austin Gordon's got a ninja kick on this kickflip indy.
David Palazzese was the one with all the style in the Contest. You have something going on when people say you're Baby Birdman.
All these tykes can twirl, but Big E takes it another 180.
Nick Wallace - meron 540.
Max Catasus made it to the Finals in 21 and Under. That's a frontside 180 over the rail into the bank.
Jamie Foy - frontside bluntslide.
Tyler Peaco - frontside bluntslide.
Devin Abreu - backside flip.
Markus Jalaber - feeble frontside bigspin out.
If you're nine and no longer grabbing the nose, you know you're going to grow up and rip. Tyler Hunger is well on his way and now has a damn good hardflip.
Max Catasus - nollie 50-50.
Taylor Nguyen might be getting the youngest Loyal Lurker Award in December. He's always here. This move reminds me of the old days of H-Street and the champ of coping dances, Chad Vogt.
These days, the secret to running a small business like ours is to cut costs and run on a budget. We save money by getting the bus boy from The Bricks to do our grilling for free for us. He killed it today.
Wait, is he grilling or chilling?
Most Bieberest haircut of the Contest goes to Hal Scarborough here doing a frontside feeble.
Jackson Newkirk going for it with an ollie down the bricks.
Connor Hunger, little brother of Tyler, is also growing into his own. That's a boardslide.
Mike Post has a kickflip down the four right at the buzzer.
Remember when you first learned to ollie solid and keep your board and body straight? You then discovered you could take it down things. Isn't that the best feeling ever? I would imagine that this is around the stage Tyler Hoffman is in right now going for it on this ollie. Don't stop or slow down your skating even when you turn 20, 30, or 40 and that feeling will never go away.


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