Copenhagen Pro 2012 Street Course

Posted on Thursday, July 26, 2012 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

The smell of the great outdoors fills the Copenhagen Skatepark with all this freshly cut lumber everywhere. That combined with sounds of birds chirping being played through the sound system makes for quite a scene when you first set foot in the park. It's not open today, but will be open on Friday at noon for practice before the Qualifiers start at 4pm.
More of the course...
More of the course...
More of the course...
More of the course...
More of the course...
More of the course...
More of the course...
More of the course...
More of the course...
More of the course...
More of the course...
Alright, now it's time to party. We're setting it off with two of my favorite Euros, Fernando Bramsmark and Tim Zom.
Corona is so normal in the US that it almost seems like an American beer here.
Look at this bangin' whip that just rolled up.
Lots of Tuborg sauce goes down.
Porpe and Ishod soaking in the culture. We're just sitting in the street drinking now, watching random locals go by.
We're not the only street party. They just kind of post up and drink up here. So good.
This crusty old skeleton tried to kick us out of the street. It didn't work.
More local Copenhagen teenie boppers.
Clint Peterson, Tony Vitello, and Brad Staba. Brad is going to win Copenhagen Pro this weekend. Just watch.
More random people passing by that stopped for a beer at our street spot.
Drunk girls in the US do this, too, but at least they cover up. This girl was showboating the street piss.
Meanwhile, these girls are going for the DUI on bikes.
And that's how my night ended. I think we went about 40 hours with no sleep at this point. Good night, Copenhagen.

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