Copenhagen Pro 2012 Presented by DC Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Copenhagen Pro 2012 Presented by DC

Posted on Monday, July 30, 2012 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

A few photos from the Finals, our night after, and general tourist mission the following day. Copenhagen Pro 2012: Wow, what a weekend...

Chris Cole's Storm Trooper.
Jani Laitiala - front crook.
Kelvin Hoefler - switch front blunt.
Ishod Wair - backside tailslide.
Ishod Wair - backside smith grind.
Braydon Szafranski - frontside flip.
Mike Anderson - frontside 180 nosegrind.
Frank Gerwer - frontside boardslide.
Mike Anderson - hurricane.
Dennis Busenitz - feeble grind.
Albert Nyberg - fakie flip tailslide.
Austyn Gillette - frontside 180 to 50-50 the hard way.
Austyn Gillette - frontside flip all the way around to switch carve out.
Chris Cole - kickflip backside tailslide.
Nyjah Huston - nollie heelflip crooks.
Theotis Beasley - kickflip crooks.
Wieger Van Wageningen - fakie crooks.
We're in the middle of working out the taxes and other issues involved with international shipping for our online store. Alex Dang hit me up asking about placing an order from France. He mentioned he would be at Copenhagen Pro, so we packed up an order and personally delivered it to him today.
These ladies served up the sauce all day and night.
Post Finals run nap.
Koston and Staba had a hardflip battle out back on this thing.
This logo says that CPH Skatepark and SPoT are tight.
Taylor Bingaman - gap to overcrook.
Staba gets what he asks for.
Champagne, too.
These two Danish do-boys are responsible for moving Brad's VIP section around with him.
Erica's here doing stuff for DC and The Berrics.
Sauced up vert guys offering up all kinds of interesting commentary during the Finals.
Thanks for coming to watch the skateboard shindig.
I'm always at the bar with the partying ginger.
Best Trick was a kicker over the roast pig. That's Neverton switch heeflipping it.
Out back, this is how DJ Wade combines bid'niss and pleasure.
Chris Cole is announced winner.
Congrats, Chris, thanks for coming all the way over.
They pay the prize purse out in cash over here. That's $70k Rothmeyer is holding.
I got a full workout in this amazing hip-hop dance pit.
Tom Penny was around all weekend and is joining on the boat tour.
The CPH Skatepark crew is on their own sketchy vessel towing a ginger and making us lunch.
Nyjah Huston, Evan Smith, Chris Cole, and Matt Miller getting bubbly. Can they spoil us any more? Damn!
Master Fat Man, aka Euro Body, was our tour guide on the boat.
The neighborhoods are amazing here.
My partners on the SPoT Media Team for the weekend, HiDefJoe and Porpe.
Likley from Christiania, or maybe just pirates.
Simon is like the Ryan Clements of Copenhagen Skatepark.
How would you pronounce that? Looks like Danish for "faggit."
Simon and crew cooked for us again after we docked the boat at a waterside skate park.
Pause for a foot fetish by the foot warmer. It's been blazing hot all week, but today it got cold and rained all day.
Danish dogs with crispy onion topping.
Braydon and William, the Brian Schaefer of Copenhagen Skatepark.
I happened to walk by when these kids were getting a laugh out of our Bieber Fever ad.
After the BBQ, the ashes go volcano style into the ocean.
The foot warmer gets dumped, too.
HiDefJoe enjoying the local meat wands. Anteater in the cornhole! Thanks again to DC and everyone at Copenhagen Skatepark - we could not have had a better weekend.

Cell Phone Edit Overdose

Here's another edit from my phone of some random spots around Copenhagen with a quick visit to Christainia and session in the bowl before we have to head to work a the Contest for the Finals. After that was the usual raging dance party at the skate park where we worked all night to get the edit for the day done, while sort of partying on the side the whole time. What a weekend. Thanks to everyone at Copenhagen Pro who made it so fun: Our Last 24 Hours in Copenhagen 2012: Some Skating, Some Partying, Some Randoms.
And the day before that...I've got the last day and a half in Copenhagen shaved down to 8 minutes of cell phone footage consisting of everything from working with my good friends, meeting new skate homies on the streets who explain everything from pronunciation to how health care works, the general culture here and how PDA is very common, and more. We've been doing the classic "work hard and play hard" here while we're in town to run Copenhagen Pro: Copenhagen Denmark: Skateboarding, New Local Friends, and Working.


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