October 2012 Nike SB Dunks

Posted on Wednesday, October 3, 2012 by Rob

With four releases, October is going to be a good month for Nike SB Dunk fans. My favorite of the bunch, the Thunder Dunk Low, was initially slated to release in August, but got delayed for some reason and just came in. They remind me of the Pro B Lightning Dunks from 2001 and feature some really nice suede uppers. With no hype surrounding the Thunders, people should be able to get them easily.

The next pair is a fresh Dunk High with a colorway named soft grey/medium mint. I haven't heard much about these either, so I expect it to be another pair easily obtained due to sheeple sleeping on them because there's no hype involved.

Now the next two releases are being talked about quite a bit. The first is the "Raging Bull" Dunk High I previously reviewed and the second is a Dunk Low in red suede and pebbled leather, which features a translucent bottom that is the same that was used on the Premier Dunks from earlier this year. Some are calling this a Raging Bull pack, but I honestly don't see it because the red on the Lows is a totally different shade and the white Swoosh would probably have been black if the Raging Bull pack was truly the inspiration behind these Dunks.

People seem to want a special inspiration behind SB Dunks, but that is not always the case. While having a back-story does help sell kix, not having one shouldn't prevent people from thinking they're fresh.

The two Dunk Lows and mint Highs are all available now at SPoT. The 3M Highs are currently posted on the Foot Fetish App and supposed to arrive within the next few weeks, but don't bet on that, as we have learned this year that SB releases are unpredictable.

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