Old Man Appreciation Bowl Jam 2012 Presented by Creature and PBR Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Old Man Appreciation Bowl Jam 2012 Presented by Creature and PBR

Posted on Wednesday, October 10, 2012 by Rob

By Rob Meronek
Video by HiDefJoe

Scott Bentley's bringing this backside nosegrab down to disaster.
Aaron Austin brought the young guy moves like this backside 360 to fakie.
New daddy Levi bones one over the hip.
The bowl was full of FSEC like Jacob here on a backside ollie.
Justin's on soccer break while he lipslides the hip.
Who dat? Frontside ollie over the hip.
Can't stop the air babies.
I'm starting to see "Baby Knibbs" in Nick Wallace. He's a good ATV.
If you want to know how to skate the Bro Bowl, watch Kevin Zimnock. This is an early grabber to back tail.
Yep, I had to bring Frontside Grind Magazine into the new day and age. Oh, the irony. It's on Instagram now as @FrontsideGrindMag in its new, modern square format. This is Alex's first cover.
The editor has no shame in recycling jokes, including the one about above the knee shorts. I'm not homophobic, but I do not care to see a man's knees.
Todd Morrow, welcome to the cover. That vert career of yours is finally going to take off.
The rare board flip in the form of frontside flip disaster by Levi.
John Ferguson is no stranger to The Mag. Papa Giles?
Someone should start a website with all the "listen to" shirts ever made.
Manny's got boneless to tail here.
Thanks PBR for the sauce/fuel.
Ricky Burns, otherwise known as The Ricky Burns Deal.
I wonder if Kevin brings these inverts to the Bro Bowl?
The sister publication of Frontside Grind Magazine features Manny on the cover. You'll get that next time!
A damn good backside lipslide.
Cruisees, made for refreshments.
The night ended in death races. Thanks old guys.

HiDefJoe Video


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