Black Friday at SPoT Presented by Vans 2012

Posted on Saturday, November 24, 2012 by Rob

By Rob Meronek
Oh, a stack of huge purple shirts? We're on it. Clem and Porpe set the staff uniform for today.
Hopefully you got in on breakfast courtesy of Vans.
The line was lively and wide awake by the time we got there at 6am.
The line wrapped around the building, but it wasn't as long as last year. For all you curious bid'niss people out there, the numbers were just about the same as last year for both the Shop and online. Thank you all for the support and helping us keep doing what we're doing.
I hid a couple Instagram gems for some overnight line lurkers and these guys came up: @nickam15 and @bricedelaney
I hope ya'll stayed warm out there!
Come on in, warm up, shop around...
This year we had sale shirts and pants in boxes like this. Hopefully that helped keep things a bit more organized?
The sale is going on all weekend in the Shop and online so hopefully you'll be setting up new gear like this after the weekend, too.
Just a small part of the staff killing it this weekend - Josh, Alex, and Tom. Everything is purple.
Alejandro's in on some headphones deals.
Pause for a foot fetish with a Grizzly Grip cast.
Porpe, Jereme, and I purple swagged.
Time to work off some turkey belly. That's a boardslide up.
Raymond Irizarry's got a tight looking frontside noseslide.
Brandon takes a break from talking to you for this ollie down the four.
Christmas crookies over the a-frame.
Johnathan's got Christmas crookies on the ledge.
Alejandro's lipsliding with his new headphones.
Looks like Neal Mims got himself a hot item from the $5 shirt box.
Boardslide, tongue in cheek.
Some hard work was put in for this backside tailslide. Thanks to everyone that came out for Black Friday. The deals are on all weekend at, with Vans being 25% off through Sunday night and the rest of the store being 15% off. Browse the Closeouts page for even bigger discounts.

Cell Phone Edit: Black Friday

Thanks to everyone that stopped by and waited in that overnight line for another year of free skating and bangin' deals for Black Friday. I've got a few minutes as seen through my cell phone here. The sale runs all weekend with all Vans at 25% off and the entire store at 15% off, including shoes that were already on sale. Check the closeouts page for super deals.

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