Beats by Dre Digital Product Toss Results

Posted on Friday, April 5, 2013 by Rob

Everyone gets a random number assigned, sorted, and someone whose email starts with Rkeefe89 came out on top. Check your email, Mr. Rkeefe89. Thanks for diving in on this DPT. Check out all the comments submitted here. They're in the random order that was done for the drawing.

Rkeefe: I never win, I listen to that funk doeee 04/05/13 07:59 AM
Evanse: These here earmuffs will be great for my Conway Twitty. 04/04/13 06:37 AM
adrian: if it werent for music, this already dull world just wouldn't be worth living! 04/03/13 04:40 PM
ginopu: beats are the best!!!! 04/03/13 05:41 PM
jctheg: If you dont think that these Beats by Dre Pro headphones are the best headphones ever, then I will fight you... That is no lie. 04/03/13 09:29 PM
gunner: 93 TIL INFINITYYYYYY 04/04/13 09:01 PM
Swirle: Why did the turtle cross the road? To get to the shell station!! For real doe hook a hood nigga up bruv, 04/03/13 03:42 PM
wjjr92: your mom likes music 04/03/13 06:31 PM
randum: Get those Beats! 04/03/13 10:54 PM
Matthe: I want to look like the pros! 04/03/13 03:44 PM
Chandl: How do I make you laugh? 04/03/13 09:07 PM
rachl2: I would like to skate to some jazz in these 04/03/13 11:54 PM
bobele: I took the Bob out of the Big House a long time ago! Ha Ha. Hope all is well Rob. 04/04/13 11:21 AM
darcel: Pull my finger... 04/03/13 04:45 PM
nickad: music=life 04/03/13 04:03 PM
jordan: what are beats? 04/03/13 03:58 PM
Buzy28: Throw them my way!! 04/04/13 12:19 PM
ThePur: beats by dre FTW!wish i were sponsored!! :) 04/04/13 09:20 PM
dereka: itll be much more tame trying to get this online than at the tampa pro product toss 04/03/13 04:17 PM
bziege: 04/03/13 10:03 PM
sneax2: I never win anything haha, but I still fux with Spot. 04/03/13 08:28 PM
raynen: i could really use these but good luck to everyone. 04/05/13 11:22 AM
josiah: Im Namekian!! 04/04/13 08:47 AM
iBeJer: Really awesome that youre doing this. I feel like te Tampa Pro events are longer than the gasparilla ones! 04/04/13 09:25 PM
jnapol: I just broke my headphone and its hard to skate without listening to music i need new headphones 04/05/13 01:07 AM
dperk8: Cant wait to jam this sheep while i watch midget porn 04/03/13 04:41 PM
NMLins: One good thing about music, when it hits you feel no pain, Bob 04/03/13 04:05 PM
flacob: i need this guys 04/03/13 10:24 PM
Roejay: Music music I love music, hook me up with some beAts, and Ill be dancing all night in my cleats!!! 04/03/13 10:21 PM
rickyb: So hard to find good music now adays...All I listen to is mostly McJin(Brand New Me EP) on replay again and again cause its that good! Enjoy 04/03/13 08:27 PM
dannyd: witches get stitches....I think....notsure 04/04/13 09:26 PM
jc.sk8: Music is everything. Love, life, and the pursuit of happiness. Try skating without it, you cant, even your wheels on the ground is music. 04/04/13 08:27 PM
petefa: Who do I need blow to guarantee my win? 04/03/13 04:02 PM
Freeky: When your sliding into first and you feel something burst, diarrhea! When your bout to round 2nd and you need disinfectant, diarrhea!! Music 04/03/13 08:36 PM
pfunk2: bazing! 04/05/13 04:50 AM
alex78: Cause I got soul by the pound. 04/03/13 03:58 PM
stucco: digital ninja is my daddy... 04/03/13 04:17 PM
ahmad@: im going to get this baby abyyyyyyyyyyyy 04/03/13 05:12 PM
Atawoo: Music is what sets the mood for a skate video and what gets you hyped to skate! 04/03/13 06:15 PM
redsha: I was looking for shoes and saw this so i figured i would try. sk8 errr die brehhh 04/03/13 09:17 PM
pawlir: Weird, Johnny Layton just put out a line called Meats by J. 04/04/13 12:29 PM
lloyd6: Youve made the right choice! When I get it, you'll see a major diff. in your life. SATISFATION NOT GUARANTEED! 04/03/13 04:07 PM
marqua: Christian Heavy Metal ROCKS \m/ 04/03/13 04:29 PM
m.osto: music is life 04/04/13 08:10 AM
vampan: man, i need better headphones so i can listen to From Their Ruins new EP and rip face! And I hope they are durable, Cuz that sheep is HEAVY! 04/03/13 04:21 PM
kyash2: yo let me get this 04/03/13 04:01 PM
christ: 04/03/13 09:41 PM
tommyg: Forgot About Dre yo 04/04/13 12:40 AM
vanjen: New Lands, Trust embedded on the sound. 04/04/13 12:14 PM
jason7: always remember, broken glass stays crunchy in milk 04/04/13 02:00 PM
styner: my roommate has a newborn. these would really help drown out all the crying. not to mention his cellular baby mama drama. damn I need these. 04/04/13 02:14 AM
flakit: I love music if a i had beats i will get lost in the music i mean the world could be ending and i would not even relise is hapining. 04/03/13 11:02 PM
Chase5: I have bought 3 pairs of these and they all have broken I deserve another chance in this product toss! 04/04/13 07:03 PM
emil.b: I like that hand, that is a pretty hand. 04/03/13 10:27 PM
iameri: vs ATMH50 nb wb 04/03/13 09:46 PM
tony.n: SPOT or die - ya Heard me! 04/03/13 04:14 PM
robmer: I can ha dat? 04/03/13 03:37 PM
charle: struck witches get money, mission complete!!! :D 04/04/13 11:39 PM
pmalle: is the hand included? 04/03/13 06:17 PM
tsmith: Gotta get these beatspro so I can come with the heat bro! 04/04/13 11:52 AM
nico77: I could barely hear Tim Occonors raspy voice watching the live webcast of Tampa Pro. These will be good 04/04/13 02:22 AM
Porpe1: Just pick me already 04/03/13 03:57 PM
Swit90: Beets!!! 04/03/13 05:07 PM
Justin: These things are hella tight but Id never be able to afford them 04/04/13 05:14 PM
Ishmae: It sucks listening to whack music on the car ride to contest or something. I like bumping good sheep through my headphones! 04/04/13 12:41 PM
pokorn: What do deadheads say when they run out of pot? Dude, whats this awful music? 04/03/13 04:01 PM
thuble: Do these make my head look big? 04/03/13 05:55 PM
m748b@: Hope SPoT hooks me with my first pair of Beat phones! 04/03/13 04:47 PM
christ: Im that sheep 04/04/13 01:55 PM
green8: little green underwear dude almost drowned and deaf (hotdogs) in your damned moat race. Maybe hell be able to hear Eminem again with these! 04/03/13 10:08 PM
garret: There needs to be more rock 04/03/13 09:22 PM
please: man i would love to wear these beats while wearing jays on my feets in my bed with 5 thousand thread sheets!!!!! 04/03/13 06:43 PM
michae: Keep killin it SPOT! 04/03/13 04:42 PM
jakepf: 04/03/13 04:42 PM
tharea: Music Skateboarding = Actual FREEDOM 04/03/13 05:59 PM
brendo: These Beats will bring my hipster level up so I can hang with the cool kids in Ybor. 04/03/13 04:26 PM
Quinla: Pick me Im broke 04/03/13 03:47 PM
carchb: I cant think of anything to make you laugh, but I could really use these headphones. Hopefully you pick me. 04/03/13 05:17 PM
matted: Rollin w my homies 04/04/13 11:21 AM
Valope: Are you from Africa? Bc I wanna know Kenya suck this dick 04/05/13 12:25 PM
ecg350: 1017 bricksquad 04/04/13 08:14 AM
tampab: <( * *<) 04/03/13 09:01 PM
tjspar: Who you think brought you the o G's, Eazy-E's, Ice Cube's, and D.O.C', and Snoop D O double G's And a group that said muthastruck the police! 04/03/13 10:31 PM
Meyank: My son has lost every headset Ive ever owned. I the last one fell out of the car door at The Tampa Pro on that rainy Friday night. Please? 04/03/13 06:17 PM
monste: headphones are like girls if there hot it makes your day awesome but if their ugly it makes your day turn into sheep. 04/03/13 07:12 PM
Freelo: I love free sheep!!! 04/03/13 05:11 PM
Camzma: Skate Park of Tampa is probably the best place to buy gear, love you guys. I will promise to have sex while listening to these if i win. 04/04/13 10:26 PM
aprila: I aint got time fo dat! I got Bronchitis," - Sweet Brown 04/03/13 04:58 PM
jmuenc: dope 04/04/13 04:22 PM
audyri: i need these in my lyfe!! 04/03/13 07:20 PM
Ausk8a: Let me win 04/04/13 08:45 AM
8bitgr: yoyoyo 04/05/13 10:02 AM
Rallyc: So I get these headphones and then I can instantly make killer beats like Dr. Dre, right? 04/03/13 09:14 PM
mthall: USF Skateboarding Club representing! 04/03/13 11:24 PM
Josh_u: Erica yary bits 04/03/13 10:50 PM
Cybers: Growing up in this cesspool they call Polk County, all I ever heard was bass from D-Boy Chevy trunks. Hood lullabies. I need these beats PLZ 04/04/13 10:05 PM
aaront: i could use some fresh headphones. 04/05/13 12:46 AM
Zackck: My ears will suffocate me in my sleep if I dont win these!!!!! I'm a tamponian!! 04/04/13 02:07 PM
almigh: knock knock whos there beats beats who beats my ass. 04/04/13 08:14 PM
lahabr: Skateboarding to Mexican mariachi music is the BEST !!! And were subscribed to SPOT's Pheed channel too! 04/03/13 04:47 PM
Matt.s: Beats! Bam! 04/03/13 03:43 PM
Eudemo: DR. DRE IS A BOSS! A MONSTER! Need these for sure! 04/03/13 05:41 PM
willbu: My music would be better with a fresh set of Beats Pro 04/04/13 09:32 AM
JPENIC: YEAH! 04/03/13 05:54 PM
mrkt94: Quick little 40 second video, Made me laugh like crazy. 04/03/13 06:54 PM
seanmy: Im glad I dipped my pen in your ink. 04/03/13 07:12 PM
michae: could really use a new pair of headphones, my broke over the weekend, SPoT is AWESOME 04/04/13 07:52 AM
Jd3uc3: Im really entering because you tweeted "Beast By Dre" and I was expecting a contest for dres beast. Meh. I guess headphones will suffice! 04/05/13 12:05 PM
twalke: the soundtrack to our lives. 04/03/13 08:57 PM
cs2521: And the beat goes boom, boom-boom ! 04/03/13 09:23 PM
christ: Beat it to win it 04/03/13 04:07 PM
emaila: I love beats by dre, i saw in skateboard mag. beats teamed up with pretty sweet. and made the PS pill. you should sell that SPoT! 04/03/13 10:29 PM
sean.b: Danggg I want those beats!!! 04/03/13 09:39 PM
aaronf: word 04/03/13 07:41 PM
daisho: Back over willy????? 04/04/13 09:44 AM
ridebm: I dove in not now but right now 04/03/13 04:24 PM
rileys: Music can have different meanings to people. But to me its something that calms me down or gets me hyped to skate I LOVE MUIC AND BEATS!!!! 04/03/13 08:00 PM
TimDre: Glad you guys didnt forget about Dre. 04/03/13 07:58 PM
danche: dope as f*** 04/03/13 04:53 PM
brian.: Yep! 04/03/13 08:57 PM
myname: I need these in my life so I can listen to my hot jams at deafening levels! 04/03/13 04:27 PM
kanowh: only really cool kids can tell the difference between butter and i cant believe its not butter. And im one of thoes kids 04/05/13 11:40 AM
jen726: I love music; people not so much. These will make me happy. Great sounding and people cancelling?? 04/03/13 09:45 PM
wetwil: skateboarding and music <3333333333 04/03/13 09:00 PM
jesse@: sheep, I was hoping for a "Beast" by Dre, oh well. 04/05/13 11:57 AM
nagleb: SPoT is pretty rad 04/03/13 03:56 PM
pvalli: Bucs colors! 04/03/13 06:34 PM
commun: Skateboarding to Mexican mariachi music is the BEST !!! Also, were subscribed to SPOT's Pheed channel too ! 04/03/13 04:53 PM
Trevio: I cant wait to hear these headphones I heard it takes a crappy song an make is sound like a Grammy hit lol 04/03/13 04:53 PM
ramone: i need me dez. dez what? deez nuuuuutz! 04/04/13 02:27 AM
bullet: I have got to win theese, man! 04/03/13 04:26 PM
huffin: I need those beats so I can beat my meat... loaf that is. Love yall SPOT member since 99 04/03/13 11:28 PM
wrxtre: Probably the most epic product toss ever. This is the one I have to pray for. Thanks SPoT! 04/03/13 04:20 PM
shijie: Need those beats to keep my feet movin n groovin. so hungry for them!!! 04/03/13 03:58 PM
chuckd: I need them for my walkman!!! 04/03/13 08:07 PM
Nchls_: 04/04/13 12:57 AM
sibby1: Skate Park of tampa all day. Tampa reppin 04/03/13 03:52 PM
simple: yee 04/03/13 03:56 PM
info@s: ¯\_(?)_/¯ what the hell gimme dat headphone ¯\_(?)_/¯ 04/04/13 12:14 PM
joehea: rock and "roll" dont go together in skateboarding. They do everywhere else. 04/03/13 07:24 PM
ilsech: =) 04/03/13 04:37 PM
dechar: I love you 04/04/13 11:41 PM
jriiii: whats up?............THE SKY IS 04/03/13 05:51 PM
nookyd: Music is my world honestly it cures me being stressed i will love a pair of these 04/03/13 04:55 PM
charli: Hello how are you doing 04/04/13 11:43 PM
Lpesca: Funky ass bass lines 04/04/13 11:25 AM
benlar: music is good 04/03/13 03:58 PM
nckhin: music gets me motivated to go out and skate 04/03/13 06:03 PM
quinng: spot and beats are awesome shout out to the spot life crew DPT and tampa pro 2013 04/03/13 09:47 PM
ganjag: life without music would be life without the skatepark of tampa, would be just straight strucked up, 04/03/13 04:04 PM
elemen: DR D.R.E. 04/03/13 10:46 PM
priver: you know the SPoT 04/05/13 12:07 PM
drew_a: Show me the magic of beats by Dre! I need these wrapped around my ears.. Please 04/05/13 12:46 PM
Mjothl: Papa needs some Beats!! 04/03/13 05:01 PM
mewile: I want to Beat the sheep out of my eardrums... 04/03/13 04:03 PM
glenny: Im deaf. 04/05/13 12:54 AM
nmeist: Spot is the friendliest place ever. The staff knows their sheep and they all can skate like champs too! Theyre fun people to drink with too 04/03/13 04:58 PM
mattie: Beets. Taste better than they sound. 04/03/13 04:08 PM
skateb: I am the winner 04/04/13 11:44 PM
trumpe: djhfnskfdjklskldl 04/05/13 03:18 AM
phaitb: Music is the best 04/04/13 10:04 PM
finlay: How do you know when you’re really in love? "You don’t have to hold your farts in anymore." 04/03/13 04:35 PM
tanner: im 4 ft 11 and turning 16 in two weeks exactly and i only get $75 total for my bday. I will go raging on black ops 2 if i dont win 04/03/13 10:57 PM
Loraet: Uhh, you lied about these being a $1 on Monday... You should make it up to me by hooking me up with these beats. Thanks!!! 04/04/13 12:55 AM
ianb@b: when it hits, u feel no pain! 04/03/13 04:12 PM
pdange: mememememememememe 04/03/13 03:56 PM
dalta6: Music makes the World Go Round 04/03/13 03:53 PM
alexbb: (incredibly stupid probably) im coming to tampa on vacation and i couldnt find anywhere that said i could skate here but i want to can i 04/03/13 10:11 PM
ghayes: Skateboarding is the air of life, Music is the wayer 04/03/13 04:03 PM
Timt0t: My girl told me to whisper dirty things in her ear so I said "kitchen, bathroom, my laundry.. 04/03/13 09:23 PM
jkenda: When I work in the labs of Ringling College these will make me go hard. Who knows maybe i can design for SPoT??? 04/03/13 10:23 PM
Mahfle: Dont pick me ..... April Fools :) 04/03/13 10:42 PM
Zooyor: This may sound ridiculous, but I skate better while listenig to music. It just gives off such a positive vibe. Miusic is da shii!! 04/03/13 09:13 PM
lachut: Damn I cant wait to start BEATing off to these! 04/03/13 04:21 PM
erikne: Give me these to skate in so I can listen to rap while I am falling on my ass trying to tre flip this 11 stair. Me love you long time. 04/04/13 04:02 PM
Gcarl8: Never had the chance to win anything online so let this be it! 04/04/13 05:38 PM
Amorel: I need these so I can listen to my Michael Bolton cds in peace 04/03/13 04:47 PM
brand0: let the beat, beat my ear drums 04/03/13 11:50 PM
afithe: Cursed be the toilet that stole the bass from my right earbud! 04/04/13 06:39 PM
davids: Bob Dylan = Music = Life 04/03/13 09:25 PM
monika: i want to experience magic 04/04/13 02:28 AM
bravor: Yo... let me get them sheeps! 04/04/13 09:12 AM
taylor: listening to music everyday is one of the only things that keeps me from going insane 04/03/13 04:01 PM
bws04@: If I win, I will do 100 perfect nollie heels when I come to pick them up !!! GO FSU struck UF 04/03/13 07:02 PM
inmart: do you have to live in Tampa to win these? if so please remove my entry, ty 04/03/13 09:07 PM
ansrth: I will bump music how it is suppose to be listened to with these bad boys!!!!!!! 04/03/13 10:19 PM
dillar: DR D.R.E. 04/03/13 10:46 PM
chirii: :) 04/05/13 11:24 AM
anthon: Hey yea u hi I would like some beats and spot is strucking awesome so thank :D 04/03/13 07:24 PM
evan98: I have to comment? 04/03/13 04:02 PM
mark.a: do the silly bands on your wrist come with the headphones? 04/03/13 10:20 PM
mikeso: Now these would definitely be better than my cheap plastic Apple headphones ! 04/03/13 07:18 PM
sanche: If Brain was black him and reyrey would have the biggest bromance. 04/04/13 05:45 PM
aphan3: won yu tu goes toos skoos n b da guud boy, becum a docta. like da docta drey *asian dad voice 04/04/13 03:24 PM
justin: free boosie baddasz!!! 04/04/13 02:38 PM
JualzT: I breathe Music! 04/04/13 09:34 PM
disast: beats 04/03/13 05:18 PM
AsvpxW: Music Explains You. 04/03/13 11:07 PM
nhumph: those look sweet!!!!! 04/03/13 04:10 PM
highgu: Let me get these so I can flip em on Ebay! 04/03/13 04:32 PM
Kylemo: Lol 04/03/13 07:04 PM
k20a2e: Music isnt as good as it used to be but these headphones could ease the pain of crap music. 04/04/13 05:55 PM
rudy68: I see dorks wearing these style headphones in the airport! 04/03/13 11:29 PM
jtjess: i need these for when i beats it 04/03/13 07:48 PM
vtecth: sk8 or Die 04/05/13 12:04 PM
gundam: Ive heard these things are amazing 04/03/13 07:56 PM
Whomcl: Music can be the best motivation compared to a speech, it can pump someone up to be motivated and ready for anything. 04/04/13 12:17 PM
P.klum: 80s metal will never die 04/03/13 04:23 PM
attia_: SPOT or nothing 04/04/13 07:59 PM
adaliz: i love music i rather jump of a brige than to have any beats product .....yeah righ! 04/04/13 09:21 PM I listen to music, therefore I am 04/04/13 01:55 PM
slymcg: These would be perfect for listening to my Steve Earl and David Allen Coe tapes. Whooo! 04/04/13 01:41 PM
lbaker: Beats by Dre, "When youre not white enough for Bose" 04/03/13 04:40 PM
wesbox: I am 11 and have freakishly tiny ear canals. Buds dont fit. I need these. It is a medical necessity :) 04/03/13 04:30 PM
curtis: aye turn up 04/04/13 02:09 PM
chris.: Hell yes 04/03/13 05:33 PM
Atcrof: Do I have to listen to the current musical abortions with these? Or will they play 80s and 90's equally awesome? 04/03/13 07:42 PM
mikeiu: 04/03/13 10:17 PM
taylor: I want beats cause I like music 04/03/13 05:44 PM
shammo: Yep i have a heartagram tat : ( 04/03/13 06:43 PM
dillon: All I want to say is HUGE thanks to SPOT for all the amazing things that they do, and thanks to beats by dre! good luck everyone! 04/03/13 04:22 PM
daniel: I love SPoT!!! 04/03/13 09:06 PM
Jhowel: Hola, hola, hola gimmie da beats please and not a dolla 04/04/13 12:53 PM
ansrar: These headphones are gnar as hell!! Wish me luck! 04/03/13 10:25 PM
ablaza: I wanna win please :0 04/04/13 02:55 AM
gregmc: yo beats 04/04/13 03:01 PM
ZachGo: Listen to Black Sabbath 04/03/13 10:23 PM
Simpso: Shred w tunes....priceless 04/03/13 03:52 PM
Jrodri: I make beats and its hard to hear sometimes these would defiantly help. Music and skateboarding is my life and my savior!Hook it upSPOT4LIFE 04/04/13 01:39 PM
Kylet.: Nice april fools prank! The case of the mondays was good, and I'll take those off your hands. I appreciate the product toss. 04/03/13 04:52 PM
jasonj: my favorite music is lil wayne dood cant wait to jam out on them beats if i win ;)... cant wait to hit tampa up this week end dawg 04/03/13 09:08 PM
jonfcb: I love the skatepark of tampa!!! 04/03/13 04:06 PM
stevez: Pick me. 04/03/13 08:10 PM
addieo: beats by dre pro headphones 04/03/13 09:07 PM
meliss: my favorite music is wiz khalifa dood... cant wait to hit tampa up this week end dawg 04/03/13 09:05 PM
drewco: Please give me them beats! 04/03/13 11:47 PM
derekv: Why does snoop dog always carry an umbrella? Fo drizzle.. word. 04/05/13 01:03 AM
gatorb: My sons, who are 7 and 9, are big into rock. These would be great! 04/03/13 10:20 PM
Skateb: Do you know mike ock ? 04/03/13 09:16 PM
Aaron@: Dre rocks the beats for life 04/03/13 09:52 PM
zech_m: yaaaa cwuuuzzzz, dem headphones sickkkk!!! XD PICK ME PSHHHH 04/03/13 06:58 PM
xsxixd: send em over this way COSTA MESA BABY WOOP WOOP 04/03/13 06:53 PM
lucas@: please 04/03/13 05:42 PM
leeway: I cant beat this toss! 04/04/13 08:29 AM
love.d: Man, Im trying to naruto them thangs 04/03/13 09:47 PM
sykes5: I need a new pair of cans. Im just starting to get into dj'ing and my wife broke mine on accident. 04/04/13 02:57 PM
black_: ROBERT 04/04/13 06:42 PM
Jshiu9: I really need some beets....beets by dre lol 04/03/13 07:19 PM
Rami.r: Who the struck was that guy trying a switch impossible for 20 minuts in the best i wonder who gave him those 5000$ because he eventually stopt 04/03/13 04:11 PM
aio520: I would love to listen to my beats with these pro beats by dre headphone 04/03/13 11:12 PM
pwwalk: funky like diper rash 04/03/13 09:13 PM
marios: the music im into is dubstep and rap not them fake rappers that rap sbout weed thoe im talking about that hopsin and tyler the creator? 04/05/13 11:53 AM
vomoni: I like music :) 04/04/13 10:03 PM
acetat: I got cold ears. 04/04/13 03:02 PM
jasonj: my favorite music is wiz khalifa dood cant wait to jam out on them beats if i win ;)... cant wait to hit tampa up this week end dawg 04/03/13 09:07 PM
gumeju: Pudding 04/03/13 08:31 PM
ghetto: God of music please let me have these comfy ass raw as hell pro headphones to listen to while im at the beach this summer. :)Amen 04/03/13 07:12 PM
bighip: Music is what drives me to skate everyday, skating just wouldnt be the same without music. Its what helps you get through a trick I guess. 04/04/13 11:42 PM
Jordan: Its not the going I'm worried about. It's the cuming. 04/04/13 03:31 PM
BOSTIC: sosaaaaa!!!! bang bang!! 04/03/13 06:36 PM
tyler2: This would be so nice to win 04/03/13 03:47 PM
mcmaho: Rap Music! 04/05/13 01:29 AM
truehe: i told my mom that i had to poop but didnt want to, she said "what the heck are you saving it for?" lol. i dunno. 04/03/13 10:35 PM
eljara: I wanna hear my music gooder 04/04/13 02:51 PM
92russ: beatspro 04/03/13 04:50 PM
j_ferr: I want to be dr dre 04/03/13 05:25 PM
Bapetr: No way! sheep, I want these soooo badly 04/03/13 10:14 PM
hysprt: Could use those beats to make music sounds so much better! 04/04/13 03:54 PM
cutint: I hope I win these so all the kids at the mall think I spent 200.00 on headphones rather than something stupid like food for the needy...JK? 04/04/13 01:59 PM
mrod44: MEEEE PICK MEEEE!!!! 04/04/13 12:16 PM
wabass: my earbuds just broke i could really use these to listen to Obituary 04/03/13 10:37 PM
milesw: damn it would be so tight to win these joints! 04/03/13 10:05 PM
goodr0: are these the weezyXspotXbeats collabo? 04/03/13 04:46 PM
Gbreez: SB 04/03/13 08:47 PM
matheu: With the "Beats by Dre Pro," to the worst music is good, thats the power of the best headset you will find in the world!! 04/03/13 04:07 PM
jamemi: a comment 04/03/13 05:24 PM
jake18: awsome! 04/03/13 08:32 PM
Nathan: Music is the voice of the soul 04/03/13 09:03 PM
shootf: Wild Cherry is gonna sound great on these! 04/03/13 08:38 PM
alonso: Hey I would like beats cuz I can use them love all u guys at spot ;D 04/03/13 07:20 PM
mandmm: SPoT Life forever 93 til infinity...BIG BOI SHOW WAS CRAZY! THANKS FOR 20 YEARS CANT WAIT FOR 20 MORE 04/03/13 09:21 PM
jbartu: Only 4 months until Lolla here in the Chi 04/05/13 11:59 AM
nakedg: Ive been wanting beats since the chronic was released 04/03/13 03:51 PM
sbowes: Bump Bump in the Trunk Trunk 04/04/13 11:58 AM
willow: I want to know what The Cool Kids sound like through these headphones 04/04/13 12:16 AM
Tpsbig: Music makes me loose control booty poppin yeah buddy black lavender style, Do work 04/04/13 09:36 PM
Lostin: Gimme the deets on the beets! 04/03/13 05:05 PM
Terrie: I named my baby girl lil wayneya 04/04/13 12:03 PM
duc721: ohh man you guys givin away beats dang i do beed some new ones cause right know mine are made out of paper 04/03/13 04:44 PM
jackbo: i like red 04/03/13 03:58 PM
kmcmil: ?????? 04/03/13 04:42 PM
12tomc: just trying to thump some springsteen 04/05/13 12:10 AM
trayt5: So my best friend hate raps, and he told me a joke about lil wayne "How did lil wayne feel after his seizure? He was fine just a lil weezy. 04/04/13 11:36 PM
Jacobk: I could really use these for my long road trip next weekend 04/05/13 11:52 AM
Deanak: Love SPoT 04/03/13 03:43 PM
xtreme: Rest in Peace my favorite band: My Chemical Romance. 04/04/13 12:15 PM
jshg62: You need music for everything in life in every situation, because without it mosh pits would just be a big ass fights 04/03/13 09:17 PM
michae: and thats all she heard 04/04/13 05:11 PM
sebast: Earbuds are wrecking my sheep. 04/04/13 12:01 AM
vasili: nice 04/03/13 07:08 PM
madmik: the secret to music is this: there is sound and then there is absence of sound. Music is simply a series of tensions and releases. 04/04/13 12:51 AM
Salvat: Breakin 2: Electric Boogaloo is all queued up for these puppies. 04/03/13 03:42 PM
kawagu: yolo 04/03/13 06:33 PM
bluedr: what happened to the "rap artist" the people that paved the way for these morons who say the same sheep in every song they make must be sick! 04/04/13 06:43 PM
sallys: Music Makes Me Highhhhhhh ! ! ! ! 04/03/13 08:05 PM
treyda: luan killed tampa pro, that hard flip was strucking boner fantastic lol 04/03/13 04:04 PM
drstra: 1, 2 and 3 to the funk, Dr. Dre is at the door... 04/03/13 04:32 PM
kj_jas: Who needs the ability to hear? struck that, slap-a-the-bass with these 04/04/13 09:30 PM
bscull: yerp 04/04/13 12:55 AM
michae: Beats by dre, perfect for robot sex dubstep. 04/04/13 09:28 PM
dewyca: Grizzly Adams did have a beard 04/04/13 06:59 AM
sdruck: Country music to me is like rattle snakes and condoms, I dont struck with either of them 04/04/13 05:38 PM
mmccul: I need them phones so I can keep making funky fresh beats for Tampa to jig too.! 04/03/13 03:56 PM
adamj1: I NEED HEADPHONES!! 04/03/13 07:25 PM
kyle.m: My girls and my sbs gotta thing for pink boxes. 04/03/13 06:30 PM
ed.sla: Why did Jereme Rogers retire? Because he was SkateBORED! 04/03/13 03:41 PM
elemen: Black and Mexican jokes are all the same. Once youve heard Juan you've heard Jamal. 04/04/13 11:39 AM
adaliz: musicoh rod you and the staff got me on the april fools yoke i spend the hole day looking for the shop what a waste of time. 04/04/13 09:37 PM
Wball@: I will use these headphones to play soothing music while my wife nags me all day to do this and that. You know what its like. Please help. 04/03/13 06:01 PM
acsuso: so whaddup, i feel like i should win these beats right here cause theyre amazing and it's my birthday tomorrow man. please make my day. ily 04/04/13 02:33 PM
cs@de-: Crystal clear music AND drown out the sounds of my creepy neighbor while on chatroulette? Count me in!! Can you do a DPT for thicker walls? 04/03/13 11:47 PM
fordsa: i have a walkman that would go perfect with those 04/04/13 10:00 PM
djbroy: music is soul... 04/04/13 06:50 AM
superm: I am going to get thes beats to jam out at the best skatepark every skateparkoftampa 04/03/13 05:13 PM
theswi: the only thing that weezy and myself could have in common would be these awesome headphones 04/04/13 10:51 AM
madden: yo the pro was dope i seen , duh everyone but oneill ripped nd it was all pleasant feelin the love of the wood in the air sb for life!! 04/04/13 09:51 PM
habita: Weezy wants me to win!!! 04/03/13 04:38 PM
micepr: SPoT is the sheep shoutout to Rob Jereme and my cousin Piro who kills it there all the time killing it in NYC!! 04/04/13 03:28 PM
theria: When koston told the judges to suck it after trying the 360 early grab during maltos run in the finals 04/04/13 11:21 AM
Heathe: Music makes me move!! 04/04/13 09:41 PM
Sk8rma: when i skate i cant throw down without music! 04/03/13 08:37 PM
ntorre: Heard these in Best Buy...ridicurous! 04/04/13 01:23 PM
gainey: How are local artist suppose to get a buzz or get GOOD music out. Seems like u gotta sell out to sell pop Molly and wear leather. 04/03/13 09:27 PM
johnat: gansta yolo swag 04/04/13 03:42 PM
lextux: beats are legendary... screw cheap sonys 04/03/13 09:33 PM
Matthe: You mean theres something else out there other than Apple's earbuds? 04/03/13 03:45 PM
skatep: ive always wanted to sit down and actually try these. Im so used to sheepty headphones. Please pick me SPOT! Always supported you guys. 04/03/13 05:23 PM
jat749: I could appreciate a new set of headphones. 04/03/13 03:59 PM
Master: Yo dre 04/04/13 11:21 AM
rioabe: holla 04/04/13 02:29 AM
nateil: I like Rap Music and Rock 04/03/13 10:04 PM
Lpesca: Gimme 04/03/13 09:25 PM
OG_Gen: Help a brother out! 04/03/13 05:15 PM
jsmene: I want beats I want beats I want beats I want beats 04/03/13 09:31 PM

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