Damn Am Leads to Tampa Am:

The top two skaters in every Damn Am event skip the qualifiers at Tampa Am in December (over 200 skaters!) and go straight to the Semi-Finals on Sunday.

If you get 2nd through 12th in a Damn Am event, you are qualified for a spot in the Tampa Am Qualifiers in December. You still have to register and pay for your spot.

To get a spot in Damn Am, it's usually your sponsor putting you in the Contest, but there are a few that get in on their own with video footage. If you don't have a sponsor to put you in or take care of your entry fee, you can email a link to your video to Rob Meronek: rob@damnam.com. If you're skating at a top am level, you might be able to get in with no sponsors. Most of the Damn Am events fill up a month or so before the Contest so take care of registration early for your best chance at a spot.

Damn Am Awards:

In 2008, SPoTlight Productions announced the 1st Annual Damn Am Am Awards, taking place during the ASR Trade Show in San Diego at the San Diego Convention Center. Check out coverage and results from 2008. The "Damn Am of the Year" is based on the Damn Am events of the year and Tampa Am. The event now takes place annually at Tampa Am. Here's how it breaks down:

Once a skater makes the cut to either the Semi-Finals or Finals during at least two separate Damn Am events in the year, they are in the running for "Damn Am of the Year." Their highest scores from those days are then averaged together for the final score, indicating who will be crowned Champ.

In addition to the highly coveted "Damn Am of the Year" award, we're working on other less-serious categories as well, such as Favorite New Am, Coolest Kid to Chill With, Worst Haircut, Changed Up His Kit, and so on. We're talking bands, food, and the usual damn good time that you've come to expect from the Tampa crew. It's every year at our own bar/cafe in Ybor City outside of Tampa called The Bricks.

Check out coverage of the most recent Damn Am Awards at The Bricks:

About Damn Am:

Check the Upcoming Events list on the right for full details on upcoming Damn Am events including the full contest schedule, hotel information, maps, etc.

The Damn Am Series was created by Brian Schaefer and Rob Meronek as they noticed that there was a need to bring the Tampa-style am contests to skateboarders outside of Tampa. If you can't get into Tampa Am directly through your sponsor, entering a Damn Am is the only official way to qualify for Tampa Am. Basically, the “flavor" of the Tampa Contests is taken to locations around the country and Europe, too.

The first Damn Am started in 2001 at the Volcom Warehouse in Costa Mesa, CA and has been going strong ever since. The success of that event led the inception of the Minnesota Damn Am, taking place every June at 3rd Lair Skatepark in Minneapolis, MN, which has been running strong since 2003. In 2006, Volcom decided to help us take the Damn Am Series over the pond and the AmsterDamn Am was born and has been etched into the schedule as a yearly event.

The top 12 finalists at all Damn Am events get an automatic spot in Tampa Am, with the first two places getting thrown right into the Semi-Finals.

In addition to a damn fun time, the Damn Ams have assisted with many ams getting noticed on their way to professional careers. To say that most of today’s top pros have skated in a Damn Am Contest is not a stretch of the truth at all. In fact, with most of the industry watching at these events, it’s not difficult at all for a stand-out skater to pick up a new sponsor and gain some notoriety.

Here's a small sample of the scene at a recent Damn Am in Costa Mesa: