Schaefer's Transworld Awards Chill Cam Dump Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Schaefer's Transworld Awards Chill Cam Dump

Posted on Wednesday, July 2, 2008 by Brian

Photos and Captions by Brian Schaefer

West Coast Skatepark of Tampa Party Team Captain Lizard King
Dan Murphy and his lady
Stephan and lady after jumping over the rail to get into the Awards. I had the honor of lifting his lovely lady over in a gentleman-like fashion
Our new MC Clyde and Guy who stole the show with three awards
Beagle and his red carpet hair
DC family Jimmy and Brian not looking excited to be at the Awards
Neftalie loves his girls and so do I. His lady to his left and Ashley to his right showing some leg
Yes, Kevin Stabb looking like his graphic back in 1987 with Miki Vuckovich
Steve Berra and Brian Anderson share some love on the red carpet
Weird guy from talking to the Bird Man, while Tony’s wife is at home ready to burst with his new baby girl
Ed Templeton is a great massage therapist to his fellow teammate and rider, Billy Marks
Melcher interviewing Gravette who had the best part in the video in my opinion
Skate Mafia’s President Peter Smolik
Marius Syvanen with a broken foot
Foot pics with Marius’ cast on the red carpet in Rob’s honor
Hosts of the red carpet - Neal Hendrix and Patrick Melcher
Salman and Mistress Miss Gerwer
Salman and his lovely wife Price
John Coulthard from Elwood formerly is an I-level team rider, with friend and many PBR’s as they didn’t sell beers while the awards were under way – I will remember this next year
Me with Ian Hill and Mr. TWS Awards host Jamey Stone
Gabe, who I stood up the following day with Leticia from Consolidated
Richie Jackson and Steve
Bill Weiss and Dennis Martin
Don Brown and Oliver Flores - the only two members of the Party Team holding it down at the After-Party
Paul Sharpe and Rob Brink. I know Rob was looking for this photo soon after the Awards, but I am a week late. Better late than day I will be as good as and Rob Meronek, or maybe not
Lil’ John the DJ of the TWS After-Party
I know some pretty important people - Tim Gavin the Vice President of Podium. Little did I know after the Awards we would be doing beer bongs together at Mike Carroll’s house
My BFF Karyn from Zumiez
My BFF cheating on me with Skin Phillips of TWS
Eric Stricker from TWS and lovely wife
Foot fetish in Rob’s honor
Abdias Rivera closing down the Awards with me
Omar, Frank Gerwer, and Frank Gerwer (Ian Gow) at Mike Carroll’s house after the Awards
Beer bong rips with Biebel, Ako Jefferson (Not Atiba), and Tim Gavin. Thanks from all of us for the smokes, Ako!
From the tall Tecate can going clockwise – Skin Phillips, Me, Jason Shelton, Andy Henrie from Nike, Rudy Johnson, and Lee Dupont
Mike Carroll, the host of the night, at 537 Party Avenue


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