An Icelandic Chill Cam Dump Article at Skatepark of Tampa

An Icelandic Chill Cam Dump

Posted on Wednesday, April 15, 2009 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

The images below can also be viewed as a slide show.

I spotted this lone mini-ramp from the side of the road in Fludir, a town with a population of just over 300 people. Down the road was a soccer court and a basketball field or whatever. It's great to see that in the most remote area of the world I've been to, skateboarders still have the type of attitude shown on the back side of this ramp. On the ramp itself was spray painted logos - Plan B, Almost, Destructo, and more
Being behind a waterfall is a nice break from being behind a keyboard. Waterfalls are a very common thing to see while driving all around Iceland. This one is at a place called Seljalandsfoss. They ain't scared of crazy long words there
Did you see Ed Selego on the cover of the new Skateboarder Magazine? There's a good interview with Ed in there. He mentions his two brothers, Drew and Matt. This is Matt air skateboarding on the Icelandic lake named Kleifarvatn
If you're wondering about the tap water, it's pretty tasty
They use that tasty tap water as ingredients in the tasty local beer
Looks like Icelandic cheerleaders trying to spell something in Chinese as the sun sets
This is one of many food fetish photos. My eating habits stopped developing in about 4th grade. Other than a fish filet by Ronald McDonald, this here is the only fish I have ever ordered and eaten. It was cod and actually not bad. I felt real grown up eating this
Where else do you get dinner checks on a handwritten sticky note? It's super expensive there, but not as expensive as it was just a year or so ago. This lunch for four was about $160 in US Dollars
It was cool to see wallride marks at this spot in Reykjavik
There were no marks on any of these rails in Reykjavik. Who's got a triple hot foot?
In many parts of the south, things were almost green and not even that cold. There were endless waterfalls like this on the side of Highway 1 that circles the entire country
Drive for about an hour and the weather and temperature would be completely different. Thanks Ohio Dave from Innes for hooking me up with this beast Innes jacket. I would have died without that thing. This is the glaciers of Jokulsarlon. There were seals and ducks wearing tuxedos diving into the ice
While wandering around Reykjavik, I found the sign for a skate shop, but couldn't find the skate shop itself
I was surprised to find a plaza where about four or five kids were skating. Yep, I gear checked them like a shallow chick at a fashion show
All around the world, kids post up and sit down at the skate spot
I spent most of my time far, far away from any skate spots. The sand on the beaches is pure black from the country's history of lava activity. This is the town of Vik
Drive a little bit inland and you'll find the waterfalls are frozen. Charlene and Brittany kept Matt and I thawed out
Someone made a flat bar out of a railroad tie at this spot where the Icelandic Mongols gather
To the people of Iceland, regarding your gear, thanks for the laughs
The most bitchin' town in Iceland
The whole place is mostly what seems to be like the surface of the moon with endless rocks everywhere. Apparently stacking rocks is a great pastime of the country, like tipping cows for us is in our back country lands. Someone gave these rocks some personality
This is the bridge passing through Jokulsarlon. We spent a lot of time driving from the west to the east side of the country. You should give Iceland a try sometime


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