Chill Cam Dump: Friends, Bums, Booze, and The Hub Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Chill Cam Dump: Friends, Bums, Booze, and The Hub

Posted on Monday, March 17, 2008 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

I'm at the Bro Bowl once again. Is this thing getting blow'd up anytime soon? Who's got a status update? There are a lot of Bro Bowl photos at that website painted right there
The vert ramp is going to resurrect itself like that one long haired guy with the really important father. I believe he came back from the dead in three days. We're going to need a little more time than that because this is real life, not superstitious human traditions at work
Ingredients for a party photo: Beer - check. Cigarettes - check. People you don't know or care about - check. Bar you will never go to - check. That's Jake, Porpe, and Erin, locals at the crusty Hub. Jake is the most girl crazy dude I know. We were passing notes to girls in the bar like junior high
Derewenko built a ledge. Cracks in the sidewalk leading up to a spot freak me out and turn my legs to wet noodles
Some TV show came in and interviewed Schaefer about the loop slam from years ago. He's still getting mainstream coverage from that. He claims, "It's the best thing I never did." We had to close the Park for a bit while this crew did their Hollywood thing
Would you accept a hair growing contest challenge at this stage? Giles tried to set me up on a $100 hair farmer challenge. No way
Pause for a foot fetish
Jon Mann needs some hair. I hooked him up. Totally righteous comb-over. No one can even tell
Pat Stiener sums up a typical night at The Castle with this text message
I think bubble gum would have worked better than this sketchy caulk we had. Everyone knows it takes stiff, hard caulk before you can begin to slide up and down
Alanna's in town for the Pro Contest this weekend. We're at St. Patty's Day Parade in Ybor catching beads and bad karma by throwing them back at people in the Parade
Nice float. Welcome to Florida
That's Savanna at Czar. She's hot and I'm not even drunk
Knuckles and I had a long talk about dog food, water bowls, cats, and barking techniques. I wasn't out of my mind at all. Not one bit
I met the most interesting crackhead walking home from Ybor. This lady is only 23 and just got out of jail for selling crack. She's homeless and married to a husband she can't find who is also on the streets of Tampa somewhere. She was super nice and answered all my questions about her crazy lifestyle
The fake condo sign downtown is now hanging up at The Hub. I guess the news did a story about it which brought it to the owner's attention
That's my friend Angel, another local at The Hub. I'm pretty sure he's homeless, too, but I don't want to straight up ask him that. He's always at the bar spending his last few bucks on a PBR and telling me a good story from his younger days
Maybe we should be skating instead of hoola hooping. Yep, good idea. Actual skate photo coming soon, maybe


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