January 2008 Chill Cam Dump Article at Skatepark of Tampa

January 2008 Chill Cam Dump

Posted on Thursday, January 31, 2008 by Rob

Yeah it's the same old crap coming from my chill cam. It's Buck Tooth Will's birthday. Like we needed another excuse to drink. Maybe we should be riding our skateboards.
I think my new local joint is The New World in Ybor. There are no homeless people there like The Hub, although I love meeting new homeless people. New World is nowhere near as crusty and there are actual girls that hang out there. That's Wza from the Shop, Matt from the Selego Family, Craig Kaths from the DJ Booth, and Cutis Valentine from your couch last night. Maybe we should all be skateboarding
You can take a trip around the world at New World, beer-wise. They got some wacky ones there that are always nice to try. Today we're going with a strong product of Belgium. Maybe I should be trying different things to ride my skateboard on instead
I was at the Bro Bowl yesterday. There are always some interesting characters there. I think of it as The Hub without alcohol and smoke. Maybe I should be skateboarding somewhere else
Given these two options, today I choose the second one. I like the turtle art, though. I'm over it. Maybe we should be drinking
So I rode my skateboard to New World. That counts as skateboarding, right? Yo Nieratko, the bartender is repping an NJ Skate Shop shirt. Help Nieratko pimp it in Sheckler's ride
Look, I even took skate photos with the chill cam in the bar. What a productive day
The only thing better than cooking is eating. This is my lunch that just went down an hour ago. You can't even buy one this good. Maybe I should be skateboarding instead of eating
So I borrowed the product cam from Angel and this extra suspect photo of Ichabod was on it with Online Guy. Online Guy is the model for all the clothes in the online shop. He spends the majority of his life nekkid. I don't even want to know what's going on below the shoulders in this photo
Lots of you who come to the site don't live here, so let me take you on a tour of the Shop...
We have a few shoes. The displays need to be wrapped if they have light colors because of the effects of our crusy warehouse dust
Spend it all before you die
Some of our hats can be seen from outer space


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