A Baby Chill Cam Dump From Ybor Article at Skatepark of Tampa

A Baby Chill Cam Dump From Ybor

Posted on Friday, September 26, 2008 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Of course, on the way to Ybor from downtown I have to stop and slash it up at the Bro Bowl. Yeah, it's still the 30-year-old Bro Bowl. Some history shouldn't be preserved. Blow this thing up and put something new in please
That's Taylor from Gonzo Boccio. They're doing a show at Crowbar and we're all two hours early. Let's pass the time with a shot. Just what I need to make parts of the night fuzzy
Frosty showed up for work today sporting the same gear as last night. Must have been a good time. I attempted to draw Frosty and Porpe's signature tag. Not nearly as cool as my chinky method mad
Ronald McDonald joined us for this foot fetish. Mmm, sausage biscuit
Red Bull Sarah has a sister??? Yep, I can't believe she's bringing her around this crew. The corruption countdown starts now. I give her a month
Porpe's hairball makes a nice Spitfire head. I'm drunk. I have to go home. I missed Gonzo Boccio. Maybe next time
This is my gadget toy thing I used to do all my amazing drawings on the photos. I need to use this thing more


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