Circa Demo Photos And Video Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Circa Demo Photos And Video

Posted on Saturday, December 7, 2002 by Ryan

Circa Demo Photos And Video
By Ryan Clements

     After witnessing the Circa Demo last night, I had to say something about it. Jamie Thomas, Chris Cole, Colt Cannon, and Adrian Lopez portrayed themselves as true professionals. If you were there, you saw that JT, Cole, and Colt seriously destroyed every single part of the new course for two hours! I've seen all types of demos come through Skatepark of Tampa, but that was one of the best.

     Granted, Adrian wasn't feeling it, but being a professional has more to it than just landing bangers. If you made it to the autograph signing afterwards, all four guys took the time to sign anything and everything, pose for photos, and most importantly, smile and be cool as hell to the kids. You could tell that they were happy to be there.

     I'm not going to go on forever about this, so here's how I want to end it: I was skating the Kiddie Course right after the autograph signing and Adrian was watching me. As I stepped off and went over towards the Bowl, he was smiling and clapping and shook my hand and said something like, "Yeah, Man. Hey, I'm sorry for not skating." I replied, "Are you serious? Get out of here! I'm just stoked that you showed up and were here with a good attitude for the kids. Don't even worry about it." Now THAT'S a professional.

     Hats off to the Circa Team, Terry the sales rep., Ryan the team manager, Lee the filmer, and whomever else I forgot.



Videos from left to right: Robbie Morrison gets inspiration from the demo and busts on his first and last attempt at Smith grinding the big rail; Chris Cole nollie big heel over the pyramid hip; Colt Cannon nollie flip over the hip; Chris Cole taking vert to street (isn't that supposed to go the other direction) with this 360 varial mute over the pyramid hip.


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