Copenhagen Pro 2010 Weekend Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Copenhagen Pro 2010 Weekend

Posted on Sunday, June 27, 2010 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Video Footage from Saturday

Dancing with the Anti-Hero crew, general lurking around the Contest, and a few skate clips from Saturday at Copenhagen Pro.
Grant Taylor had us all excited when he first stepped onto the vert ramp and skated it like a mini-ramp. This frontside nosegrind tailgrab was so 90's amazing.
Skater Profile: Grant Taylor
Copenhagen Pro drink tickets. Theses did not last long.
Vincent Alvarez and Brian Anderson.
Skater Profile: Vincent Alvarez
Sean Malto, Brad Staba, and Chico Brenes. Does anyone know who Jack Tripper is? Brad Staba could be his stunt double.
Skater Profile: Brad Staba
Two cents. The fake Tom Penny and the real Tom Penny. Creepy.
Skater Profile: Tom Penny
Pizza down the street with the crew.
The health violation on the door of the pizza place. None of us care.
A car dealership down the street.
The annual hacking of the swine is now going down.
The vegan version of this looks and tastes exactly the same. So amazing.
Meanwhile, P-Stone is spinning hippy jumps. I keep forgetting everyone 30+ has jump ramp skills.
Skater Profile: Preston Maigetter aka P-Stone
We took a break to go check out the best spot ever. This place is insane.
It's like a big downhill zig zagging sidewalk with banks and gaps along the way. There are skaters and their six packs hanging out everywhere.
Thanks for shooting the frontside tailslide photo, Colin. We didn't have anyone good or under 30 with us so this is all you get.
Skater Profile: Rob Meronek
There are also small to large gaps along the whole way.
Colin Clark and his filmer wheels.
Skater Profile: Colin Clark
The jump ramp through the Ring of Fire was so damn low. I wish I would have done it. I would definitely throw a meron grab through that thing like this dude.
Tony Trujillo dove through it as I caught someone else's flash. I still have not used my flash once since getting this Nikon D3S.
Skater Profile: Tony Trujillo
Vincent Alvarez went stinker through it. I guess it's not THAT bad if you're not 30+.
Skater Profile: Vincent Alvarez
It was quite a party while this Ring of Fire thing was going on.
The BBQ bike is here every year.
Reda and Koston pick from the scraps of swine left on the grill at the end of the night.
Skater Profile: Eric Koston
Just a little bit of dancing with Jake Phelps. The beers are strong here.
Skater Profile: Jake Phelps
Reda grabbed my camera for a second. I got it back with this photo of Brad Staba, aka Jack Tripper, on it.
Skater Profile: Brad Staba
As usual, the opinions on the course range from "love it" to "hate it."
If you were in this crowd, thanks for coming to our skateboard shindig.
Outside, there's a party the entire time. Brandon Biebel and crew were at the center of the Tuborg tornado.
Skater Profile: Brandon Biebel
Tony Trujillo and Jake Phelps.
Skater Profile: Tony Trujillo
Cardiel and the Anti-Hero crew are having a dance party.
Skater Profile: John Cardiel
There's a nice outdoor living room in back.
The energy drink girls here are looking straight out of the OC.
The fish tank in the wall and DJ Wade's post for the weekend.
John Rattray - nollie flip.
Skater Profile: John Rattray
Shane O'Neill was trying backside flip out of this back smith up, but he settled for regular backside 180 out. Damn.
Skater Profile: Shane O'Neill
Brian Anderson - 5-0 to tailslide.
Skater Profile: Brian Anderson
Luan Oliveira - hardflip.
Skater Profile: Luan Oliveira
Vincent Alvarez - half cab boardslide pop out. I didn't see anyone else with the hot foot like this.
Skater Profile: Vincent Alvarez
Thanks to DVS for backing this event.
Robbie Russo and P-Stone. Robbie and Rune Glifberg later had a horrible collision on the vert ramp. Robbie's going to be fine, but he had some teeth go through his lips, one laying on the flat bottom, and a fracture to his skull.
Skater Profile: Robbie Russo
Tony Trujillo - backside flip.
Skater Profile: Tony Trujillo
Elissa Steamer - backside flip.
Skater Profile: Elissa Steamer
The real Tom Penny with the fake US currency.
Skater Profile: Tom Penny
The crowd at the Vert Contest seemed a little thinner this year. Here are the results. More on that later when I feel more like writing.
Grant Taylor is amazing.
Skater Profile: Grant Taylor
Before the accident, Robbie was killing it.
Skater Profile: Robbie Russo
Get well soon, Robbie. Things get going at 6pm today for the Street Finals.
Skater Profile: Robbie Russo


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