Tampa Am 2011 Sunday Awards and Credits Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Am 2011 Sunday Awards and Credits

Posted on Friday, December 9, 2011 by Rob

By Rob Meronek and Porpe
Video by Joe Pelham and Colin Clark

Sunday at Tampa Am was a crazy day for our staff. From them running the Shop and the largest crowd of the weekend to us putting the finishing touches on the live broadcast production, Sunday is a very hectic day, but also the most fun and the best skating. Here are a few skate photos, the list of awards we gave out, and some photos from the end of the day.

Just for Showing Up Awards

Special Awards at Tampa Am include our Just for Showing Up Award. We have a limited number to give out at each event and this time the list was:
  • Andy Henrie, former TM at Nike SB, is moving on. Don't disappear on us, Andy. See you on the road in 2012, Andy.
  • Tommy Fynn, now residing in Australia, but originally from South Africa. We hope you enjoyed your first time in Tampa this weekend. Thanks for coming!
  • Hunter, Mark, Ben, Stephanie, and the rest of the crew and pros from Nike SB. Our bid'niss pals from Nike SB and just about the entire pro team were here in town which made our weekend that much more amazing.
  • The Pharmacy Crew is the most live one out. Bryan Herman, thanks for bringing back a bigger and bigger crew every year.
  • Dan Drehobl didn't put down a beer or cigarette the entire time.
  • Donny Barley has been part of Tampa since day one and it's nice to seem him still here today now bringing the Element crew around for our events. On January 8 at 3pm, he's bringing Nyjah Huston, Levi Brown, and Evan Smith here for a demo/session. See you here!
  • Louie Lopez, Sr. was spotted late night sauced up having a good time along with everyone else and has been backing Louie in our contests since he was pre-teen. Thanks for the support, Louie Sr.
  • Johnny Tang and the China connection showed up about 10 people deep for the full Tampa Am experience. Thanks for coming half way around the world to hang out and be a part of it.
  • Diego Vargas and Nicolas Ferando, my homies from Chile, did whatever it took to get here to Tampa for the first time. From landing in Miami and not knowing what to do to get to Tampa, they just figured it out and made it happen. We do all our communicating through Google Translate. Maybe I'll learn some Spanish by next year.

Other Awards

  • Red Bull That Shit's Tight Award - Tiago Lopes
  • Zumiez Destroyer - Brodie Penrod
  • Gatorade Go All Day Award - Dane Vaughn
Before everything got going for the morning, I shot a few skate photos. Brodie was there early and doing perfect backside bigspins out of these back tails on the nutter bar.
Chase Webb would probably skate all night and into the next morning if he could. He was there early morning doing nollie crooked grinds.
Louie Lopez backside noseblunt sliding before the crowd fills the stands.
Brodie's looking so good doing these backside 180 nosegrinds to forward. That's one of my favorite ledge tricks I wish I could do.
While I was busy doing some results and video stuff after the Finals ended, I handed my camera over to Porpe who shot the Awards for me. Thanks to Johnny Tang and the China connection for taking the crew half way around the world to join us for Tampa Am weekend.
Louie Lopez Sr. was spotted late night at The Bricks having just as good of a time as any of us. Thanks for supporting Louie for all these years and bringing him to all our events.
Mark Goldman accepts the Just for Showing Up Award on behalf of everyone at Nike SB.
Did your mug make it into Porpe's photo?
Just by looking at this photo, I have Afroman's Palmdale song stuck in my head now. Thanks Pharmacy Skate Shop for bringing the high energy.
We first met Tiago Lemos Soares last year at AmsterDamn Am where he showed up out of nowhere and qualified first through hardflip backside tailslides on the rail and more. This weekend he put down the same destruction and got the Red Bull "That S#!t's Tight" Award. Thanks for coming all the way from Brazil, Tiago.
I still can't believe Brodie Penrod made a backside tailslide backside flip out in his run in the Semi-Finals. He was killing the entire time the doors were open at the Park. That's how you get the Zumiez Destroyer Award.
Gatorade's Go All Day Award went to Dane Vaughn.
Okay I have the camera back now. Pause for Schaefer's standard excitement pose on the podium.
Trevor Colden wins Tampa Am 2011!
I'd like to welcome Dre Beats as a new sponsor for our events. Last year I got a free pair of these $300 Sony noise cancelling headphones from Delta for all this crazy travel we do. I thought they were the most amazing headphones ever until our friend Kevin from Dre Beats hooked me up with a pair of these. They are so damn gangster it's amazing. It's the best when you're working with people whose products you love. Thanks for parterning up, Dre Beats.
It has now become a tradition to crowd surf on the Bob Bulatowicz surfboard that's always in the prize mix at Tampa Am and Pro. We need to get people standing up on these. It's not crowd boogieboarding, it's crows surfing. Tampa Pro, get ready.
As I was leaving, there was yet another car in The Moat. This thing showed up on Instagram at least 20 times from what I saw. Thanks to everyone that was at Tampa Am on Sunday. Now let's head to The Bricks for the After-Party and Damn Am of the Year Awards.

Sunday Tampa Am Footage

How Trevor Colden Won Tampa Am


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