Staff Meeting at Turtle Ditch Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Staff Meeting at Turtle Ditch

Posted on Thursday, May 3, 2012 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Today we took the middle of the day off to skate. After going all the way out to the new unfinished Apollo Beach park, we got kicked out within minutes of barging it. Oh well, we spent the afternoon at plain old crusty Turtle Ditch in Tampa instead.
Bowers takes a break from Bowers' Banter and too much Morrisey in Innetech while slangin' inventory. This backside flip all the way around was hard fought with loud shouts of expletives, all with a smile, though.
The coping dance is not just for Chad Voght and the mini-ramp as Clem demonstrates here.
I like seeing members of the SPoT Media Team with no gear and ripping. HiDefJoe's got HiSnapOllies on the shell that gave this place its name. Joe is the one behind the scenes filming and stitching together all these SPoT Life Episodes we are having such a good time doing.
Ah crap, literally, or should I say, digitally. I met Luke Pallone today. He just started working in the Shop, so introduce yourself to him next time you're in there. Luke's first photo on the site is a Take a Poop, but he's going back to get this 50-50. He's coming to work at the Park from Subway and a funeral home prior to that. I wonder if he worked on the vert funeral a while back.
I caught Clem mid-crap out of the corner of my eye. See, everybody poops, Luke. This one is such an artsy shallow depth of field poop. Lovely.
Porpe's ratio of touchdown dances to tricks landed is pretty much even. This crooks to fakie was likely followed by a nice shoulder bounce.
I would imagine this is how Crash's face looks seconds before the multiple auto vehicle altercations he's been in. Welcome back to the the Staff, Crash.
Now that's a wallride to fakie. Proper flat palm high five with all four wheels touching and ankles folded like origami.
HiDefJoe's got a HiSpeedBoardslide. I don't know if you should do stuff like this prior to being like 35.
There's a great low impact flyout at the mouth of the ditch. Porpe's got a nice level one off it.
Clem's take off and landing is first class with free drinks the whole way.
This is the first time I've skated with Sam Bellipanni. He's killing it on the wheels. That's a backside flip. Check the sequence here.
After Porpe made this switch ollie and wiped his hands off from the game of patty cakes he played with the ground, he did a touchdown dance.
If Schaefer was here with us he would have made HiDefJoe film his own backside 180 over the cone.
Wow, Sam. Backside disaster revert on the log? I didn't even realize this could be done on that thing.
This bar so far is the longest lasting thing I've seen at this place. The city seems to have a serious mission to clean up anything that gets done here, even graffiti. Sam's got a feeble to fakie on it and we're all sitting back at work now.


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