Nike SB Pushead 2 Dunk Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Nike SB Pushead 2 Dunk

Posted on Thursday, July 19, 2012 by Wit-E

By Wit-E Beats

It's been seven years since the release of the first Nike SB x Pushead collaboration. For those of you who don't know, Pushead is an artist, record label owner, and writer within the hardcore, punk, and heavy metal scenes. I would also like to point out the name is Pushead, not Push Head, as I have recently seen people using. This new release (Coming Soon) is referred to as the Pushead 2 or "Bleached.” It consists of a patent leather heel panel similar to the first release, with suede and dyed canvas making up the rest of the sneaker. I have to admit I prefer the leather used on the first release to the suede used on this pair. The suede is not the buttery soft kind, but more like the distressed suede used on the Nontourage. The "bleached" design itself is very dope and I love how they carried it onto the laces as well. Nike should start putting out more sneakers with laces featuring designs. I also like how the tongue features a gold piping, which ties into the bleached design and matches the tongue tag as well as the heel tag. The black midsole and gum bottom work really well on this pair and overall this sneaker is fresh. I also really dig the art piece on the back of the shoes in addition to the art on the insoles. Definitely a must have for any SB fan.

Now with all the praise I am giving the sneakers, I feel it is only right to also point out something really wrong with this release...the accompanying bag. The original Pusheads came in a crazy-ass box adorned with Pushead's art. When the images and info first leaked showing a bag to come with this pair, I was hype thinking it was a nylon or canvas bag that I would be able to use, however it is basically just a really cool looking Ziploc. The bag is very thin plastic and also features holes at the bottom rendering it useless as anything more than a bag to keep this box in. I would have much rather seen a bag I could use, or perhaps a true dust bag made from fabric to store the sneakers in. Decorative bags and boxes are nice, but honestly if Nike wants to give me something extra as a bonus with my kix, give me something I can use, such as lace locks or matching socks or something along those lines. Also, I am disappointed that the Deck seen in the leaked image by Rob will not be releasing to the public, and neither will the button-up seen in the same photo.

For this release, we are trying something new here at SPoT in an attempt to help eliminate some of the stress that can come along with hyped releases. For the first time, we will be using our new Facebook app, which allows people to virtually line up for a particular pair of kix. Once we receive the sneakers we will decide how many pairs we have to allocate for this line system, and then randomly select people who will then receive an email including a voucher code. The voucher can then be brought into SPoT Ybor to cop the kix with no hassle on a designated “pre-sale” day. The following day any unclaimed sneakers and the remaining stock will then be sold when the doors open at SPoT Ybor. We figure this will hook some people up and help cut down the headache, as well as still give those not chosen a fair shot to line up the old fashioned way. You can get more info on this and sign up by clicking here: SPoT Foot Fetish. This idea is still fairly new for us and we are always open to input, feedback, and suggestions.

As a side note, I would like to point out that all the cool Pushead t’s are available at SPoT as well as SPoT Ybor. We also finally received the Nike SB x Levi’s collaboration Omar Salazar signature model, which can be purchased in Ybor.

Lastly, this Saturday July 21st marks the Two Year Anniversary of The Bricks and SPoT Ybor. The festivities start at 5pm and if it's anything like last year, it's sure to be a great time. Also, Saturday July 28th there will be a party at SPoT to celebrate the new Levi’s x Nike SB 511 collection, which will include free skating, free food, and other surprises. See you there.



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