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Sponsors: Empire Skate Shop, Drop
Hometown: , Stance: Regular, Age: , Status: Am

Last Update: Saturday, January 28, 2006 Submit an Update

Patrick Pasquale Mag Coverage

The Skateboard Mag - February 2013
Full Page, Editorial: Fire cracker down 15 stairs for the Blackout section. Photo by Bart Jones
Thrasher Magazine - March 2012
Two Page, Advertisement: Portrait for a Life Extension ad. Photo by Unknown
The Skateboard Mag - June 2011
Full Page, Editorial: Hardflip backside tailslide to fakie sequence on a low-to-high flat ledge for the Pafinando Con Los Muertos article. Photo by Landi
Thrasher Magazine - March 2011
Full Page, Advertisement: Portrait for a Shake Junt ad. Photo by Unknown Company: Shake Junt
Thrasher Magazine - June 2010
Full Page, Editorial: Nollie frontside heelflip sequence into a steep bank for the There Will Be Blood article. Photo by Rhino
The Skateboard Mag - December 2009
Two Page, Editorial: Frontside heelflip off a bump over a pole for the Timbre feature. Photo by Bart Jones
Thrasher Magazine - September 2009
Two Page, Editorial: Switch backside blunt slide down a 12 stair handrail for the Photo Feature. Photo by Burnett
The Skateboard Mag - June 2008
Full Page, Editorial: Switch heel over a 10 stair handrail to drop (brooklyn banks) for The Weenabago Projekt 2: Tosh Crosses America article. Photo by Bart Jones
Skateboarder Magazine - April 2008
Full Page, Advertisement: Switch pop shuv it sequence up a 5 stair set for a Subscribe ad. Photo by John Bradford Company: Skateboarder Magazine
Skateboarder Magazine - July 2007
Full Page, Editorial: Nollie pop shuv it backside 5-0 sequence on a 8 stair set drop off ledge for the Who's Hot feature. Photo by John Bradford
The Skateboard Mag - May 2007
Full Page, Editorial: Switch 360 flip over a 10 stair rail for the Crops 38 feature. Photo by Atiba Jefferson
Transworld Magazine - December 2006
Full Page, Editorial: Nollie boardslide sequence down a 12 stair rail for the Check Out feature. Photo by Chris Ortiz
Thrasher Magazine - February 2006
Two Page, Editorial: Ollie over a rail off a second story for the Full Bleed feature. Photo by Deville

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