Boards for Bros South Africa 2011 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Boards for Bros South Africa 2011

Posted on Friday, October 28, 2011 by Rob

By Porpe

This Nike SB bag was perfect for loading up some old skateboard parts.
Special thanks to Independent for donating trucks to the cause. These kids are going to be grinding and turning with ease.
When you are setting up a bunch of skateboards it attracts attention.
These two little guys were the first to receive completes.
As soon as I was done bothering them for photos, they couldn't wait to start pushing.
This kid's face is priceless. This is what it is all about.
I know his friend is just as hyped.
I decided after I gave away the first two completes that it was best to wait until I had them all of them set up to give the rest away. Patience is a virtue and the kids who waited while I set up eight more completes without any power tools were worthy of a skateboard.
Look at the poses. It reminds me of some JC Penny catalog.
I hope when I come back next year that I see some of these kids rolling around on these boards.
Clements made me save one for this special lady who was giving the board to her daughter.

Blind Blind X SPoT Boards For Bros Deck

Blind is backing Boards for Bros, too. Did you know they made a Boards for Bros X SPoT deck?


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