Tampa Am 2012 Photos Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Am 2012 Photos

Posted on Monday, December 10, 2012 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

The Monday morning after Tampa Am is spent in meetings discussing the Tampa Am weekend and how we can improve it and learn lessons for the next big event, Tampa Pro. I also spent a few hours emptying out my camera and getting a few photos together here. What a weekend. Thanks again to everyone that was a part of it, from viewers to workers to lurkers and all in between.
On Thursday, I worked the front counter from 9am to 9pm checking people in for an endless supply of handshakes, high fives, and knuckle pounds. It’s nice being able to meet everyone that comes through. Tony and Trixie are here to play tonight for the Welcome to Tampa Party.
Childhood friends were reunited today after one was recently released from a three year visit to the big house. Jeffrey Marshall and Alex Morley.
Ishod hung out and skated all weekend. As he walked by, Alex Midler was busy setting up one of his boards.
If you had a free PBR this weekend, thank Seamus here.
The Sullivans have been a SPoT family for a decade or so.
Tim O’Connor, thanks for the laughs all weekend. Thanks for the truth, too. Sometimes the truth creates laughs so it’s a win/win situation when you tell the truth.
We had the Damn Am of the Year Awards at the Park this year.
The parking lot party was just like the early days of Skatepark of Tampa. We haven’t had a party like this at SPoT for 10 years.
Matt Woods and Adam Kearley have the lounge seats thanks to PBR.
Pause for a foot fetish.
Matt Milligan and Big Al have 20 years of being OG.
And here’s to 20 years of being New-G: Alex B, Dylan, Jereme, Nick, and Alex M.
Paul Shier and Ishod set up to the sauce stand.
Head Judge Jason Rothmeyer with the Damn Am Awards.
Earlier in the Shop Jereme mentioned to me that he was hoping to get the Destroyer award for the weekend. Later that night, he found out he got the Zumiez Destoryer of the Year award. Now that’s a great way to kick off Tampa Am weekend.
Matt Berger gets the Canadiam Award.
Youness Amrani gets the Eurokay Award.
Sebo Walker gets the Best Trick All Year Award for the 360 shuvs smith grind at Damn Am Huntington Beach.
Sebo and the homies.
Gage Boyle got the Little Big Man Award.
Dylan Witkin has always ripped, but this year was insane. He got the Most Improved Award.
We saw Micky Papa all year long, but never at a Damn Am. He got the Damn Am Misses You Award.
Anthony Anaya got the Came Out of Nowhere Award after he grew up and won Damn Am Woodward West this year.
Picomano got the Braziliam Award that Adriano is accepting on his behalf.
Ian Deacon and Jeremy Fox got the Statler and Waldorf Award.
Luke Hampton got the Most Dedicated Award.
Scuba Steve picked up awards for some Nike team riders, including Damn Am of the Year, Auby Taylor, who got hurt and couldn’t make it this year. Get the full results from Damn Am of the Year here.
What a rager, thanks for being here at the Welcome to Tampa Party.
It’s like 1993 again.
Shortly before Ryan Clements had to become bouncer.
Bouncer work for Ryan included this girl everyone referred to as Slut Beast. Peace.
Adriano and Cyril in the mix.
Vern and Stevie Perez. He had the best intro in Pretty Sweet.
Here’s to 20 years.
Tony Trujillo ripped.
Trixie and Tony are like the punk metal version of Matt and Kim tonight with Jake Phelps missing due to some kind of illness.
The homie Nicolas Ferrando from Chile is a Bad $h!t fan.
After a late night, it’s time for our first early morning. This house van ran the parking lot all weekend. AC was turned on by opening the door. Watch for neighborhood creepers.
Luke and I are back in Innetech now getting the trophies and prize packs put together.
Bryant Chapo just missed the cut on Friday. He ripped and made his impression on everyone though. Thanks for coming and bringing your whole awesome family, Bryant.
Jayden Bono 360 flipping in his first of many future Tampa Ams.
Micky Papa was one of my picks to win. He’s got a 360 flip, too.
Felipe Nery is one of many rippers here from Brazil. That’s a frontside flip.
The plain old 360 flip was a popular move over this mellow pyramid. That’s Brett Weinstein.
Who 360 flipped it best? Misha Kreker’s got a good one all the way from Israel.
Chris Colbourn is an undercover ripper that's been skating Damn Am since 2005. I knew he'd be making the cut after just missing it last year. He ended up in 27th this year.
Brett Weinstein – smith grind pop out.
Brendon Villanueva ripped and ended up in 22nd in the Semi-Finals, a nice move up after getting 33rd last year and missing the cut.
Paris Laurenti almost made the Semi-Finals from the SPoT Lifer’s Choice Award voting. His skating almost got him in there, too, but not quite. That’s a shifty flip. Paris ended up in 36th in his first Tampa Am.
Here’s Dune and Bo. Bo owns a shop in the Carolinas and makes regular appearances on Eastbound and Down.
Neal Hendrix and Erica Yary were your digital field hosts for the weekend on the live broadcast.
Another homie from Chile, Christian Elizondo with the Red Bull girls.
The Billabong crew: Manchild, Craig, Jeffrey Marshall, Rodney Johnson, and Lacey Baker.
I love gear checking everyone’s gadgets at these events.
Na-Kel Allah Smith almost got his spot in the Semi-Finals from Tyler the Creator tweeting everyone to vote for him in the SPoT Lifer’s Choice Award. That’s a damn good looking hardflip. He killed it and ended up in 29th on Friday’s Qualifiers.
Tiago Lopes was about half way down the list this year for his second year in Tampa Am from Portugal. That’s a feeble grind.
Pause for another foot fetish with Wit-E Beats and his mangled leg.
Thanks to everyone who watched the live broadcast from their phones.
Justin Ryan and the rest of the Innetech crew sweated it out at the grill.
Tony Karr at the Atomic Tattoos tent.
Heath Kirchart and Donny Barley, team managers here backing their riders in the Contest.
DJ Wade running the mood of the whole weekend.
Brian Reardon at Auxilary Channel heads up the live broadcast. It’s a fine crew of tech nerds over there.
P-Stone’s edits are on the Thrasher website.
I don’t ever wash my car. Found this on there after day one. You could have just written "wash me" like everyone else.
Gio Trentalange and one half of the Norton wonder twins are asking me to get photos for their profile on the site.
London Davis is here from Chicago for his second Tampa Am. That’s a hurricane.
Timmy Johnson broke the same bone in his hand this weekend that I broke a while back. I had that exact same awkward cast.
Dolan Stearns was put in his first Tampa Am by our friends at Brixton. He’s got a boneless to lipslide here.
Gabe Clement and Paul Shier under the vert ramp.
I really thought Mark would win this year. He tries the hardest tricks. He made this backside 180 fakie 5-0 right at the end of his Jam.
Wit-E Beats with Souls of Mischief. Thanks to the crew for hanging out all weekend.
Ed Selego and his future shredding son.
Back in the day, Souls of Mischief’s debut album 93 'til Infinity was on rotation at Skatepark of Tampa. It’s amazing that 20 years later they’re here on stage hanging out with us.
The heavy metal parking lot in the back of Skatepark is commonly referred to as "Tampsterdam." Big Al is the mayor of this town.
Now it’s time to return to The Bricks for more nightlife. After seeing Cody Lockwood’s video footage where he’s doing kickflip backside noseblunts at Burnside, I was looking forward to seeing him skate. He did not disappoint.
Pause for another foot fetish.
HiDefJoe puts in some long hours to get you these SPoT Life episodes from each day at Tampa Am.
Chris Pastras and Rodent on the streets of Ybor. We’re off to Czar now for the Anniversary Party.
Porpe’s fancy suspenders means he’s ready to party.
Schaefer’s new 20 years gang sign.
Hunter tried to come to Czar and not drink.
The 20 Years of SPoT history video probably taught a lot of people some things they didn’t know about the Park, especially the younger guys like Jayden here. We all watched it in Czar before the bands started.
Killer Mike’s performance made me lose my voice. His genuine words about skateboarding and it’s influence on making his son who he is today were amazing.
Where you at?
Thanks to Wit-E Beats I was able to meet and fan out on Killer Mike.
Devin and Porpe where the Hollywood couple of the night.
After a late night, it’s straight to an early morning at the Park for the last day of Tampa Am. Duffy and his crew of little ones are here to take it all in.
Man it must be awesome being able to do Andrects and not even know what they are. I asked Dashawn if he knows what this trick is called and he said, "Like early grab melon or something?" Ha, nice. Dave Andrect was a pro before our time who invented this style of invert where you grab behind your front foot with your front arm.
Cheers to 20 years. The special boards with a ply soaked in Moat Water beer will be out in a limited run soon. We’ll keep you posted on that.
Compton was shredding all weekend as usual. That’s a nollie half cab heel.
The Old Man Bowl Jam winners did fewer bonelesses than the kids in Tampa Am. Times have changed.
Thrasher photographer Joe Hammeke on a tailslide during the Old Man Bowl Jam. The Editor of Frontside Grind Magazine is too tired and has too many other jobs to be doing covers this weekend.
Dark Mark is behind the scenes here at SPoT making it happen with sledgehammers and possibly spells and hexes from Dungeons and Dragons or something.
Mike Goodwine is guardian of the good spot on the party deck.
Dustin and Nassim warming up for the Semi-Finals.
Youness Amrani – backside tailslide.
Jeffrey Marshall – 360 flip.
Alec ended up winning this year after capping off one of his runs with a huge gap kickflip back lip. This is a gap frontside nosegrind.
Edgar Barrera made the cut and ended up in 29th in the Semi-Finals. That’s a nollie backside tailslide.
Pharamcy's crew had a Moat Race victim. Is this some kind of "my first Tampa Am" hazing?
Tito’s got the corner office viewing spot.
Matt Milligan and Rob Hoovis, Fort Myers originals.
Watch for Rhino’s photographs in Thrasher.
Cyril Jackson and Rodney Johnson are ready for the Moat Race.
I have to fan out on Brian Anderson every time.
For some reason, the crowd at the Moat Race was twice the size as it usually is.
This kid got a cooler to the dome while an egg shattered on his back.
Independent Best Trick was total chaos as usual. That’s Brodie Penrod about to big flip out of that backside tailslide. Check the results here.
The line-up crowding in for Independent Best Trick.
Thanks Vern Laird for also creating laughs through truth speaking.
Lance Mountain’s artwork is looking so good.
Are you in there? I hope so. Thanks for coming to our skateboard shindig.
Jagger Eaton, Baby Torey, and Jett Eaton. Jagger in Tampa Am this weekend made quite an impression. Check out his 3rd place run here.
Now it’s time for the Just for Showing Up Awards. Thanks for watching while we take the time to recognize a few that we want to thank for coming like Leo Romero and crew.
Jamie Foy got the Zumiez Destroyer Award this time. What a story he's got. From local kid who just shed his helmet, to grown young man making a memorable impression at Tampa Am by making the cut, placing third in Independent Best Trick, and not letting you forget it with loud ass pink shirts. The skateboard industry now knows who Jamie Foy is. I wonder who’s going to start flowing him stuff after this weekend.
Evan Smith got the Gatorade Driven from Within Award. Somehow I don’t have a photo of The Skateboard Mag Fan Favorite Award. That went to Pat Shaefer.
Alex Midler and the baby Eatons.
Shawn Hale got the Red Bull That $h!t’s Tight Award. Check the footage here.
Brodie Penrod took home a Dean Guitar for getting first in Independent Best Trick.
One more thanks to Souls of Mischief for all the entertainment over the weekend.
Congrats to Alec Majerus for winning Tampa Am 2012.
Brian Schaefer’s mom, Irma, always gets a photo with the music artists.
Ali Tawoosi, thanks for helping clean up after the Contest.
This fantastic crew of tech nerds is Auxiliary Channel. They’re responsible for delivering the live broadcast. It’s been a pleasure working together on another successful show.
Now we’re back at The Bricks again, where the Pharmacy crew is getting live as usual out front.
I love when Montesi gets in "I love you" mode. We love you back, John!
Jimmy Astleford and John Alden, Team Managers that you want to be hooked up by.
DJ Wade and Brittany on some responsible partying.
Jamie Hart from Vans, Leo Romero, Jonathan Mehring from Skateboarder Mag, and The Butcher.
Ryan Reyes and this posse stirred it up and by the end of the night, Ryan went through the glass at SPoT Ybor next door.
Felipe Gustavo, Jimmy, and Cyril with John Montesi loving everybody.
Evan Smith’s biggest fan is Porpe.
Thanks for hanging out this weekend, Brad.
Connor and CJ, Ybor City street lurkers.
Gabe Clement in the middle helped with our Instagram posting this weekend. Chris Nieratko covered the contest for ESPN here.
Woody Hoogendyk and Mohamed Saouti both skated Tampa Am for the first time this weekend. They’ve been skating AmsterDamn Am for years. I hope you guys had the same blast in America that we have when we visit your country.
Sebo Walker and Mike Davis are going to make top quality skateboard pros one day.
Pause for another foot fetish.
CJ, Nick Halkias, and George Daher.
Colin Kennedy, John Alden, and Rhino.
Nike champs Hunter and Nick Halkias with BGP’s from Mark.
Schaefer doesn’t like to be the bartender because he gives too much away. Thanks for the drinks!
Clarence and Ishod in the dude dance party mix.
Craig Chimile and I used to have opposite haircuts.
Cuates performed at The Bricks.
Vern Laird and Brian Schaefer, thanks for the microphone entertainment all weekend.
I’m so jelly of the ladies and Porpe getting this shirtless photo with BA.
Porpe and Angel just before dude dance party commences.
You can barely see it, but that’s new SPoT ink on a member of the Pharmacy crew.
Rather than an expensive rental van, why not just get a damn $19.95 a day UHaul van for the weekend? Best travel idea ever.
Curren and Louie are now grown up enough to pick up Porpe.
Josh and Chris Lehman grew up around the Park.
Thanks for coming to another one Colin.
BA thinks Guy should be SOTY. Leo agrees.
Woody and I ran the dude dance party thanks to DJ Wade’s jams.
Matt Woods on one of many free PBR’s.
Mohamed, Leo, and Woody ain’t scared to dance.
Pause for yet another foot fetish, this time for James Craig’s first one.
DJ Wade lost his ID and was able to board his flight with a printout of his passport.
It’s time for a foot fetish when you’re around ladies with bangin’ kicks like this.
DJ Wade and the homie from Souls running things.
High five, Clint Walker.
The Walkers, Kyle and Clint.
Broadcasters partying!
Mario also helped out with everything all weekend, including Instagram posts you saw.
Taylor McClung with a karate kick insert from CJ Tambornino.
Andy Henrie from Converse hooked it up with the bands.
David Loy solo on the streets of Ybor, which he later apparently destroyed by knocking down garbage cans.
Keith Walsh and homies from Dublin, Ireland – thanks for coming and being a part of it. What a weekend. It’s time to get home and get a little rest for one last long ass workday on Monday that starts with a recap meeting on how we can improve Tampa Am, what we learned from this weekend, and of course putting together all the coverage like these photos here. Thanks everyone for another great weekend!


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