Digital Product Toss Results: Alien Workshop McGrath Deck Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Digital Product Toss Results: Alien Workshop McGrath Deck

Posted on Friday, June 10, 2011 by Rob

Everyone gets a random number assigned, sorted, and someone whose email starts with "Mattedhairs" came out on top. Check your email, Mr. Hairs. Thanks for diving in on this DPT. Check out all the comments submitted here. They're in the random order that was done for the drawing. Watch for another DPT real soon.

Matted: Aliens driving ghias..... Now I have seen it all 06/09/11 08:08 PM
NoDesi: poop 06/10/11 01:52 PM
joedou: ALIEN WORKSHOP IS AWESOME!! 06/09/11 10:07 AM
shuffl: I love you 06/08/11 05:50 PM
KEithn: Elbows out and enforcing! 06/08/11 10:57 AM
genelo: I take checks, and brake necks like skate decks! 06/10/11 10:40 AM
brianu: yooooooooooooooooooo 06/09/11 09:40 AM
rremsi: All around the world statues crumble for me who knows how long Ive loved you 06/08/11 02:56 PM
Jonmar: Do I get the dummy legs in the background too!? 06/08/11 09:36 PM
joecru: I real suck at skateboarding, but i still do it. its like a drug, a very painful addictive drug. 06/09/11 01:32 AM
pitshe: Lumberg ducked her... 06/08/11 11:01 AM
tucker: yes aws 06/08/11 11:09 AM
ton_ha: yo sheep looks dope as duck! whoever wins it make sure and ducking shred tht bitch 06/09/11 05:34 PM
cassid: this car is old and foreign! like rob! 06/08/11 07:40 PM
shaque: my digital elbows are the biggest! outta my way! gimme dat deck! 06/08/11 05:26 PM
srog68: Does a salad tossing come with? 06/08/11 08:48 PM
wtfxra: alien workshop in the alien workshop. 06/08/11 07:41 PM
vasque: 06/09/11 10:55 PM
superm: LETS GO!!!!!!!!!! 06/08/11 11:07 AM
lopezn: spending some money on some fresh gear frm spot gets me the honeys!!!! 06/08/11 10:57 PM
iskate: i love skate park of tamps website. its helped me in my skateboarding careeer soo much, thanks for being here! 06/10/11 12:12 PM
errolr: COMIN IN HOT! 06/09/11 02:03 AM
eric.s: looks like a great board for early grabs great for an old man like my self 06/08/11 08:25 PM
alex78: Totally bio!!! 06/08/11 10:56 AM
skatea: hopefully the alien logo is an old person scented scratch n sniff 06/08/11 09:01 PM
jorge6: if i dont get this board ill have to get a blank. do you want to be responsible for me killing the industry? 06/08/11 10:02 PM
stevei: niceeeeee 06/08/11 11:24 AM
mewile: Old school whip smokin that fire! 06/08/11 11:56 AM
buildt: I dont know about that deck... but that manican sure is lookin fine. 06/10/11 01:57 PM
colton: napkins are useful as duck 06/08/11 09:57 PM
gjkozi: my hipster kit will be complete once i have this in possession 06/08/11 05:28 PM
andy@w: Dismembered naked guys junk probably gets photographed more times than Anthony Wieners junk. 06/08/11 11:44 AM
tymard: throwin bows for the goods! 06/09/11 03:46 AM
fissio: i think the car caught fire because lady gaga got turned on the radio 06/09/11 05:39 PM
z-wide: make yourself laugh asshole 06/09/11 06:20 PM
celery: mannequins! 06/08/11 11:42 AM
a1nava: such a nice board!! 06/08/11 09:02 PM
sbowes: ( | ) - digital camel toe 06/08/11 02:19 PM
deathj: aperchots for africa 06/09/11 05:15 PM
jalent: looks like you all shooting a film in there with the lights and stuff. But awsome deck 06/09/11 06:56 PM
sonnys: Yea I pretty much just think it would be cool to win . I dont know what to say to stand out and make you pick me. PUSSY. There... 06/10/11 04:37 AM
robmer: test hotmail sent 06/08/11 02:59 PM
thedec: SWAGMEOUT! (: 06/10/11 01:29 PM
beach_: I just punched someone in the face for this deck! 06/08/11 12:02 PM
bright: aliens work at my shop 06/09/11 12:07 AM
rlitus: womens sports! 06/08/11 08:40 PM
lil_di: 06/09/11 04:09 PM
kevin.: Lets go! I need a fresh deck! 06/08/11 12:28 PM
Jeremy: Kill yo self 06/10/11 09:38 AM
zapata: freestyle for the boy behind the keys, no writings thats for lames you see. im a mexican with no occupation so hand me this board, its my mo 06/09/11 12:21 AM
joehea: burnout 06/08/11 11:17 AM
gargoy: ::::: 06/08/11 12:49 PM
mjrien: Sick! I will always support Alien. A company that has evolved, but never changed. Keepin it east coast and stayin in Ohio. Hail the SECT! 06/08/11 11:20 AM
Bravor: So sweet cant wait to cruise. 06/08/11 10:59 AM
nathan: Reminds me of a classic Spike Jonze video and that can only be a good thing! Hook me up, please! 06/10/11 12:36 PM
cro503: wiyo 06/08/11 04:42 PM
costaa: HOLY sheep! OK, no word of this a lie, I had that KTC series deck 2 months ago and left it at my local park. Give a stoner a 2nd chance! 06/08/11 01:20 PM
jls569: Im down with any photography board cuz I'm a photography major! 06/08/11 11:39 PM
brian1: tyler bledsoe kills it!!!! :) 06/09/11 06:44 PM
Oldver: Were all aliens 06/08/11 11:32 AM
meghan: that mannequin looks like Eli (vampire) in Let the Right One In. the Swedish one! Americans forgot the Smiths reference. U.S. remakes SUCK 06/10/11 11:22 AM
dement: If I cant win the deck, can I at LEAST have the bottom-half genetically-altered torso in the background? It's for research. Yeah... 06/08/11 10:59 AM
pizzle: Sick! 06/09/11 05:49 AM
cs2521: AWS FTW on hump day! 06/08/11 11:10 PM
cycleh: cool deck, hot ghia! 06/08/11 11:01 AM
Sam.ha: Dylan Rieder for 2011 SOTY 06/08/11 11:03 AM
stuiy5: so the other day iwalked on my friend and his girl he asked me if i would pass him a new rubber 06/08/11 08:46 PM
tuc277: Q: What do the police do when a transexual goes missing? A: They put their face on the half and half cartons! 06/08/11 04:10 PM
rhorsl: the product modeling intern finally gets a break... to hold up a deck... oh the agony of detatchment jokes 06/08/11 11:49 AM
moises: i want it so much even after puting up with maniquen man junk in the background :D 06/09/11 04:17 PM
dl985@: Why did the little girl fall off the swing? Because she had no arms. 06/09/11 01:43 AM
genera: that deck is sweet .... it will go great with the decks that I am collecting for my 2 year old son to skate! 06/08/11 11:24 AM
dstnst: Austin Nelson Really???? Hes TampaIs4Haters! What a dummy. 06/08/11 12:36 PM
juice6: I am fat and my skateboard broke on an ollie 06/08/11 03:44 PM
generi: toss! 06/08/11 11:22 AM
sk8er-: When i read the description I was looking for the dismembered naked guy on the deck then saw the half a maniquin and I was like oooh. 06/09/11 12:34 AM
iskate: manican bulge 06/09/11 12:58 PM
jonath: sick ass hope i win it 06/08/11 11:39 AM
dlarso: that car is sweet where can i get one? 06/08/11 12:51 PM
itomnp: POOP! 06/09/11 03:01 PM
howdth: did alan from hangover 2 design this deck? duck the police lmao 06/10/11 12:30 AM
tjbsk8: OLD SCHOOL 06/09/11 12:47 PM
wwerul: I got it ............................ damnit I missed it,again. 06/08/11 11:06 AM
loyuji: U will admit Im the the boss.... When I win this digital toss...ur mom showed me her nipple, and I twisted it off! 06/10/11 10:48 AM
wsskla: SPoTs the $h 06/08/11 02:47 PM
chanth: alien workshop what what!!!!!!!!1 06/08/11 02:38 PM
gerald: My friend Leo can fix that car if you still have it. 06/09/11 01:10 AM
godspe: I love colored folk! 06/09/11 09:59 AM
allan0: Please, God let me win. 06/09/11 11:08 PM
luis.g: @@@@@@ 06/08/11 03:04 PM
paulco: AW since day one, had Duane Pitre and Dyrdeks first boards...Xenia, Ohio rep% 06/08/11 11:04 AM
mniebo: dennis mcgrath > dennis mcnett? 06/09/11 01:01 PM
Catera: The board looks like its going back to the future. 06/10/11 01:05 PM
pallar: best board i skated. 06/08/11 10:58 AM
Manuel: I just graduated high school!!! 06/08/11 01:39 PM
master: need it! 06/08/11 11:31 AM
v-tizo: get faded 06/09/11 05:51 PM
matt.s: Always wanted a board with Stallones car from Cobra on it. 06/10/11 08:47 AM
Brndng: My b-days on the 13th! Hook it up!! What dog cant bark??............................................................................A hotdog 06/09/11 05:26 PM
gmoney: u could atleast keep some underware on that guy 06/09/11 02:59 PM
jonath: duck waka 06/08/11 01:13 PM
cguepe: tittys 06/08/11 06:34 PM
overth: cool photo would love to try an alien 06/08/11 01:44 PM
omikel: Ghia!!!!! I need this!!!! Please! 06/08/11 11:02 AM
Asiaog: I got a photo with dennis in chicago on an aesthetics tour we were on in 02..the tm at the time booked us in the gnarliest motel ever. Nice. 06/08/11 11:23 AM
javi_n: Sick board i WANT IT !!!!!!! 06/09/11 10:49 AM
thinsi: hot box 06/10/11 01:57 AM
tomtra: poop 06/09/11 11:48 PM
cole99: hook it up! 06/08/11 10:58 AM
blitzk: The first thing I noticed was the mannequins crotch D: 06/08/11 10:49 PM
leeedw: SKEEET, thats a nice crotch 06/08/11 08:32 PM
flstra: AWS washed my brain and i liked it 06/08/11 12:42 PM
Nathan: let me win! 06/08/11 10:58 AM
claudi: i really need a new board my mom doesnt support my skateing :/ 06/10/11 12:59 AM
Camden: Dude man bro dawg! Ima get me dis board and I gon has fun n stuff onit 06/08/11 02:45 PM
dbthum: ghia! 06/10/11 08:03 AM
Rezolu: Sick 06/08/11 06:39 PM
tresha: rsw635sifyfytr67ogvhjc!@% 06/08/11 02:16 PM
micqb1: Damn thats a down river board. I may be to upriver for that board, but want it P.S. Lennie's back 06/08/11 04:04 PM
leeway: ET phone home! 06/08/11 09:57 PM
artich: my girlfriend would prefer i win the dismembered naked guy....... 06/09/11 08:46 AM
franky: puff tuff! 06/09/11 11:51 AM
bapetr: 06/10/11 08:52 AM
halo95: Thats a tight board , But the manicans legs are tighter ahahahaha 06/09/11 10:17 PM
brand0: Alien makes boards now ? this gotta be the sheep. ( sarcastic) 06/08/11 04:22 PM
msende: PUT ONE UP FOR THE S.P.O.T 06/08/11 11:54 AM
jrj071: its a swell lookin deck i must say 06/08/11 10:57 AM
donnel: nice. 06/09/11 01:28 PM
thesto: a comment 06/09/11 01:04 AM
TNSK8E: I just moved to Louisiana and my board broke in the moving truck. I have no money and we are very poor and need this. God bless Tampa. Matt. 06/09/11 11:02 PM
ishbu1: If i get this board I can stop skating on wooden planks wrapped in aluminum foil 06/08/11 02:55 PM
BryceC: deck is ill.. 06/09/11 01:46 PM
Travis: Looks like a woman is driving that vehicle.. 06/08/11 03:41 PM
mike.w: Ghia! 06/08/11 11:07 AM
makaya: this seems like a twitpic from congressman weiner, hmmmmmm...... 06/09/11 08:50 AM
hunter: penis 06/09/11 06:58 PM
kingkr: i have an alien grant taylor board right now, it gives me wings. Make me fly Rob. 06/10/11 04:19 AM
edwinr: Alien has the best boards and graphics hands down 06/10/11 01:27 PM
wilson: Pick me ... please. 06/08/11 11:08 AM
sk8r4l: how many quit can a quit nut quit if a quit nut could not quit?? 06/09/11 05:57 PM
oldcit: Nothing Funny.,. I just want the board haha 06/10/11 02:03 PM
xrt777: get some 06/08/11 02:43 PM
chrisg: thats my moms car! 06/08/11 11:24 AM
blaste: i took a poop once that was so much i had hold the johnson up so it would touch the brownie 06/08/11 01:47 PM
smak26: can i have that bottom half of the manikin i could have fun with that. just kidding i want the board 06/09/11 05:47 PM
pipe-n: itd be so sick to get this thanks rob your the best bro ever 06/09/11 06:11 PM
SeanBi: Hook a Brotha up!!!!! Send me that half manican 06/08/11 11:09 AM
theres: my deck just snaped and i have no money for one not even a spot deck please i love to have this deck i need one so bad); 06/08/11 10:56 AM
ram4ly: maaaa dawwww! 06/08/11 08:49 PM
eugene: Dude I dont know what is more disturbing seeing the classic Karmann Ghia on fire or that wierd manakin gooch in the background 06/08/11 11:37 AM
skboy9: aws is soooooooo sick 06/10/11 12:56 PM
chanth: Alien workshops video mind field was so sick!!!! 06/08/11 02:35 PM
mikeso: When are they going to put Photosynthesis on DVD ? 06/09/11 02:58 AM
Jordan: Check out my wrist, destroyed it two days ago. Its pretty cool. 06/08/11 12:09 PM
radovi: sick. 06/10/11 02:05 PM
csarte: dennisssss 06/08/11 12:43 PM
nicbbc: no give all take, duck love sall fake 06/08/11 11:11 AM
briand: Salesman asks farmer for insurance,"no thanks." Sees 3 legged pig in barn.Saved the fam froma fir pig that special you dont eat all at once 06/08/11 11:39 AM
ftkmed: can you hook a brother up with a job? i heard about the 401k program SPoT offers! ((im serious)) 06/08/11 10:32 PM
stephe: you want something to pole-jam? you can pole-jam my diiiiick 06/08/11 04:20 PM
glenny: see if i could 06/09/11 01:37 AM
enjoid: dont you hate overweight teachers? 06/08/11 10:58 AM
sk8eri: I hope its a 8 then I hope i WiN! 06/08/11 04:08 PM
btw117: VW burning up the streets. 06/08/11 03:50 PM
the_as: swag me out with a new board spøt 06/09/11 11:26 PM
fancy1: I fancy this skateboard master. 06/09/11 12:32 AM
blue6s: who won the last one? 06/08/11 01:53 PM
volcom: AARRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!1!!! 06/08/11 03:58 PM
chirii: 06/08/11 11:43 AM
sky.wi: gimme dat bo! 06/08/11 10:57 AM
freelo: I love FREE sheep! 06/08/11 11:29 AM
Buzy28: Pick me please!!!!! 06/09/11 01:12 AM
legits: Photos for days! 06/09/11 12:05 AM
tomsle: what it is baby 06/08/11 08:29 PM
sbanks: please, can i have it! 06/09/11 01:03 PM
jayson: my boards on its last leg and i have no job. please help me keep skating. :) 06/09/11 01:19 PM
mlab80: i love skating so much that im trying to make a film with the homies at hazard county 06/10/11 02:45 PM
Ed.Sla: Whats small, bubbly and taps on a window? A Baby in a Microwave 06/08/11 11:41 AM
andybu: What the hell is coming out of the dummy. Looks like Body left his toy. 06/09/11 09:33 AM
namroo: if i could just get the board thatd be sweet 06/08/11 10:59 AM
adtall: skate or get ur face ripped off by a monkey 06/08/11 01:57 PM
ichris: That board is too beatiful to skate!! 06/08/11 07:29 PM
sean.b: woodchuck workshop chop chop 06/09/11 10:49 AM
grueli: i want it i need it i got ta got ta have it! 06/08/11 10:57 AM
ellwoo: I like Alien Workshop! 06/08/11 06:00 PM
kingsy: Look, there is a woman in a car! Can we follow her and maybe make a sexy time with her? 06/09/11 10:33 AM
masonu: dang man i would so totally rip that board up at eldrige skatepark all day and night and thats a pretty nice oldmobile type car haha 06/09/11 08:19 PM
curtme: is there anyplace better than disneyworld. (thinks) this is it man. 06/08/11 01:42 PM
stefan: Hook it up!!! 06/08/11 04:37 PM
wheres: ;..;;..;...;;...; 06/08/11 12:51 PM
tub741: yo holla daddy 08 never late mercyful fate you like to 'bate mic check air flight 06/09/11 06:07 PM
hamlin: i think the car burst into flames because lady gagas on the radio 06/09/11 05:38 PM
mhmthe: is the manicans penis inside out? 06/08/11 12:14 PM
Dcharl: Man . . . She was using way too much teeth . . . But I didnt stop her . Its the thought that counts . tired of riding blanks. swag me out 06/08/11 11:12 AM
gavint: I belive that you guys at Tampa should give me this deck because my board just snapped, and i have no money. Thanks dudes! 06/08/11 01:37 PM
colemo: I was skateboarding downtown Boise and a Drunk bum was telling me to do some tony hawk sheep! like a tractor pull? Anyways he said hes clean 06/09/11 02:21 AM
breake: hell yaz 06/08/11 11:34 AM
rob@me: I want my picture on a skateboard. 06/08/11 10:51 AM
sports: sick 06/08/11 01:38 PM
hjeman: Ima win oneadeez 06/08/11 04:57 PM
chrism: I love eggs...... 06/08/11 11:42 AM
bill.l: pohskroW neilA 06/08/11 03:57 PM
mitsub: did i win???????????? 06/09/11 06:42 PM
einste: i love this board! 06/08/11 05:40 PM
jpenic: help! im at work. 06/08/11 02:17 PM
Bamskt: danggg i think ur innetech homie needs some reconnecting. im not to late am i? need a new deck bad. 06/10/11 12:14 PM
skater: i need a new deck ! 06/10/11 12:43 AM
plutos: Juicy 06/10/11 01:37 PM
thuble: Cool picture. Needs the filmer wheels to go with it though. 06/09/11 11:15 AM
heston: thats karma 06/08/11 05:52 PM
tmanfi: im in need of a board broke 2 boards this week hook a homie up! 06/08/11 12:00 PM
chanth: alien for life! 06/08/11 02:37 PM
anguye: odoyle rules! 06/08/11 11:04 AM
lilcri: vagina! 06/08/11 10:56 AM
thielb: Give me the goods. I need something to rip with. 06/10/11 10:59 AM
benlee: Karmann Ghia!!!! 06/08/11 03:46 PM
Brentg: Skate or farm 06/08/11 11:00 AM
tony.n: SPOT or DIE! 06/08/11 12:02 PM
dirtyg: skating and photography go hand in hand. while this board and my wall should go feet to feet 06/08/11 11:31 AM
underw: Little did we know Online Guy wasnt the only one naked when this picture was taken. 06/08/11 11:48 AM
phil12: Kill people, burn sheep, duck school. 06/08/11 03:50 PM
dannyd: We dont need no water... 06/08/11 07:13 PM
mmarti: Whyd the little boy drop his ice cream? Because he was hit by a bus. 06/10/11 03:13 AM
goodma: told too many jokes and havent won, pick me and you get more laughs 06/08/11 12:21 PM
e25fts: Can 2nd place get the mannequin? 06/08/11 05:53 PM
andrew: Dope Deck From The Workshop!! 06/08/11 10:43 PM
franci: Alien Workshop = pure amazingness. 06/08/11 01:26 PM
tntknc: Sweet Ride 06/10/11 07:52 AM
pstien: lemme get that! 06/08/11 03:09 PM
mc6553: how much does the intern job pay? 06/08/11 05:18 PM
kmnski: If i had six fingers on my left hand, I would slap the sheep out of a gopher. 06/09/11 01:58 AM
cc6209: please laugh. 06/08/11 07:01 PM
robmer: test alien madness 06/08/11 02:56 PM
bmzhen: That deck is ugly but I want it! :) 06/08/11 12:37 PM
sbprod: blaze it haha 06/08/11 09:14 PM


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