Digital Product Toss Results: A Week at Woodward Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Digital Product Toss Results: A Week at Woodward

Posted on Tuesday, July 19, 2011 by Rob

Everyone gets a random number assigned, sorted, and someone whose email starts with "" came out on top. Check your email, Mr. Sean. Thanks for diving in on this DPT. Check out all the comments submitted here. They're in the random order that was done for the drawing. Watch for another DPT real soon.

sean.b: woodward has always been a dream 07/17/11 12:01 PM
robmer: I can ha dat? 07/15/11 03:03 PM
mcaved: Which Day Is Stronger, Sunday Or Monday? The Answer is Sunday, bcuz Monday Is a Weak day :) 07/16/11 03:20 PM
lbb899: Summer camp is for prissy girls. Woodwards for the men. 07/15/11 03:53 PM
jrj071: WOODWORD!!! 07/17/11 09:55 PM
tester: Ive always wanted to go to! Help a brother out! 07/15/11 03:26 PM
Zackck: Help a poor tamponian get to Woodward please!!!! 07/15/11 03:31 PM
jmyers: yeah 07/16/11 01:28 AM
taylor: i dont know anything to make you laugh but i just want a free week at woodward please.One time i almost won but just missed it(SO BUMMED) 07/16/11 04:45 PM
Tresha: eyugrtrctruk 07/16/11 01:20 AM
Jagex3: my buddys workin out there and it would be sweet to get a free week to skate. 07/16/11 12:49 AM
Buzy28: Throw it to me I need a break from my parents!!!!!!!! 07/15/11 11:58 PM
random: one of the cool things about living in FL is you can ride everywhere 07/15/11 03:16 PM
timeto: was startin to save up for next summers week up there so i might as well go for a free one (: 07/16/11 12:51 AM
mass.v: i am hopefully typing a comment that will make you laugh or at least probably wont find this humorous though. oh well. 07/17/11 10:04 PM
pingsk: Summer time is perfect for planking. 07/15/11 09:51 PM
sk8tez: Please pick me, I would love to skate Woodward and Id skate my ass off all week and get a montage made for you guys, I love spot nd the gho 07/19/11 03:09 PM
matt.s: Dont feed the opposums. 07/19/11 09:55 AM
bigdix: if i go to woodward im gonna get so much puss, o and skate a little too 07/15/11 03:13 PM
cstolb: damn i wish i will win that 07/17/11 01:17 PM
ccaved: If I win, I will fly to Woodward wearing underwear. 07/16/11 03:22 PM
brianu: yooooooooooo 07/19/11 12:26 AM
jzksta: skate camp is sick 07/16/11 06:18 PM
saulos: Your skate park and skateshop ar awesome. Keep up the good work. 07/18/11 10:51 AM
tlodzi: Pleaseeeee!!! 07/15/11 03:12 PM
cutter: WOOODWORD!!! 07/17/11 09:59 PM
slindg: Ive worked there but it would be nice to go as a camper for a week instead of having to work. 07/15/11 04:28 PM
collin: taking dumps at summer camp is great 07/16/11 05:08 PM
hunger: summer camp is home away from home for the Hunger boys 07/18/11 08:45 PM
forres: Thats how my camp counslor shakes hands 07/15/11 09:15 PM
chanth: Woodward I would litteraly kill for this its hard on the streets to raise $1000 dollars at 16! Hook it up!!!! 07/18/11 04:02 PM
franke: Bitches I like em brainless, guns I like 'em stainless steel. - Biggie Smalls 07/15/11 04:09 PM
laxboy: I watched the show on it looks like fun to skate woodward, thoes 2 little dudes are hardcore, sign me up 07/16/11 11:37 PM
ms.lyn: Whats the difference between a lawyer 07/19/11 01:47 PM
carson: you always have to fish when u summer camp 07/17/11 04:48 PM
camden: hooded demons! 07/15/11 07:16 PM
lil_ly: What do you call a boomerang that doesnt work? A stick. 07/19/11 01:52 PM
andrea: I have been a local at the park for a few years and this has been my dream trip for the longest! I would really be forever grateful, thanks! 07/17/11 01:26 AM
Seghf@: I always wanted to go to woodward I always watched it on tv and the parks/lanscaping look amazing but I dont have the money to get to there. 07/15/11 05:56 PM
brando: wow this would be very cool 07/15/11 06:59 PM
skatea: A lot of peoples best memories of their childhood are at camp, especially getting the pissy mattress and getting beat up by billy. 07/17/11 03:45 PM
jacobr: ever had a tick just chillin in your belly button for who knows how long? i have, no fun i tell you, no fun. camping sure is great huh? 07/16/11 03:14 AM
milkcr: 20 years later still want to go 07/16/11 02:13 AM
tylerh: Woodward is the best Summer Camp! 07/18/11 08:16 PM
Tampa9: camping with friends and riding everything in sight is what summer is about 07/15/11 03:14 PM
alejan: skatepark of tampa is so fun and woodward is is too. i hope get to enjoy this experience again. whateva i love spot 07/17/11 07:23 PM
toddhu: summer camp at woodward is like no other!!!!! 07/18/11 08:47 PM
austin: aha tampa pro when that lady pulled down her pant for beible lol 07/17/11 12:35 AM
emeric: camping is so not fun! 07/15/11 04:07 PM
enjoid: sex 07/19/11 12:06 AM
imtina: Pick me. Pick me. Ive been mowing lawns saving for camp. Pick me. 07/15/11 09:07 PM
davewa: summer camping aka fun n the sun good op to get creative and build something fun to skate usingly unfamiliar surroundings 07/15/11 07:34 PM
stcamp: what did cinderella do when she got to the ball?.....she gagged! 07/17/11 05:37 PM
mullet: ill do anything if i win 07/17/11 03:15 AM
Dralec: Summer Camping? Camping is natures way of feeding the mosquitos. 07/16/11 10:13 AM
mhmthe: Ive been trying to go to woodward for filming/photography to try toget homies up in florida big. i still need improvement! 07/18/11 09:59 PM
Wigspl: Summer camping,Camp fire songs,smores and woodward skate session sounds like a good ol time. Hey did tell jake the snake i want my money? 07/15/11 03:34 PM
rawrth: I call top bunk,. 07/15/11 03:18 PM
jdunn1: Nechama is 9, she needs to go to sk8camp. 07/15/11 06:49 PM
tub741: totally boner, totally upstairs upperdecker down on your luck up on some grimey slippery green sheep no way jose fillet mignonpierrelucgagnon 07/15/11 11:54 PM
goodma: 07/16/11 11:55 AM
ghostw: If i dont get chosen i might get adopted my Casey Anthony !!!! hahaha 07/15/11 04:27 PM
einste: please 07/15/11 03:48 PM
tony.n: SPOT or Die 07/18/11 01:57 AM
Millio: If athletes get athletes foot, what do astronauts get? Missile TOE!!!! 07/18/11 02:14 PM
Tredon: Is snoopy going to be able to come camping with me? 07/15/11 03:40 PM
grant9: summer camping is so sick, meet new people and just shred and have a good time, woooooddwardd!! 07/18/11 10:39 AM
eastco: I have wanted togo to woodward since I first started skating;i havent been able to go because my dad feels that woodward is a waste of time 07/15/11 03:14 PM
Djlexx: Dear God, no more fishing with dad. Hook it up with Woodward. 07/16/11 02:53 PM
Thisiz: Woodward is for ballers 07/15/11 03:14 PM
brand0: I need to go the one in PA... WOODWARD is awsome ! 07/16/11 01:16 PM
kellys: Alot of parents pack up their troubles and send them to summer camp. 07/15/11 03:29 PM
chanth: shredding for a week and chillin with a bunch of chicks what could he better! 07/15/11 03:17 PM
robmer: Red Bull wizard staffs for the kids! 07/15/11 02:29 PM
iskate: Long live skateboarders! 07/17/11 10:14 AM
david@: 07/15/11 03:53 PM
bmrsnr: Not a fan of camping i must say... 07/15/11 04:56 PM
crawfo: dream come true if i somehow win 07/17/11 03:15 AM
james1: I went to disney and saw mickeys pants fell off while jumping around. 07/16/11 12:38 PM
efritz: Winning this would make my summer! 07/16/11 12:12 PM
snarfm: well ive never been to summer campmso since its woodward,i would hope it wouldnt be like a "well there was this one time at skate camp..." 07/17/11 11:06 AM
chrism: slimmm 07/18/11 03:37 AM
ScottL: A guy walks up to a campfire, dressed only in saran wrap. The other camper says, "I can clearly see your nuts!" My kid would LOVE the trip 07/15/11 03:13 PM
twalke: campings tight but skating while your at camp is even tighter! 07/16/11 10:40 AM
johnf@: This is a sweet toss. SPoT is the bees knee's of the industry 07/15/11 06:57 PM
jrj071: WOODWORD!!! 07/17/11 09:53 PM
aronha: omg omg omg 07/17/11 03:09 PM
tmurph: suck brick kid! 07/15/11 03:58 PM
thunde: do it! 07/17/11 04:54 PM
cornpo: I <3 Woodward 07/15/11 03:21 PM
connor: Summer Sk8 Camp is my time to consentrate on improving my skills. 07/18/11 08:38 PM
jrj071: WOODWORD!!!! 07/17/11 09:56 PM
Nabi94: Helllo Vegas, hahaha 07/15/11 03:10 PM
mauric: pick my tent 07/15/11 03:40 PM


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