Digital Product Toss Results: Danny Garcia Habitat Deck Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Digital Product Toss Results: Danny Garcia Habitat Deck

Posted on Thursday, December 1, 2011 by Rob

Everyone gets a random number assigned, sorted, and someone whose email starts with "spudz14" came out on top. Check your email, Mr. spudz14. Thanks for diving in on this DPT. Check out all the comments submitted here. They're in the random order that was done for the drawing. Watch for another DPT real soon.

spudz1: Sick graphics. What size is the board? 11/29/11 10:53 AM
ishbu1: I am highly favored, Divinely Favored 11/29/11 10:47 AM
ghalda: please i never win anything 11/29/11 08:24 PM
salvat: Thunderbird. Best liquor ever. 11/29/11 02:26 PM
Lloyd.: Nevermind the Naked dude in the Background... By the Size of that Camel Toe thats Clearly Not a Man!! 11/29/11 10:27 AM
chrise: gimmie that deck bruh 11/29/11 12:00 PM
Coffee: Coinsidence? Arnolds fish from dif'rent strokes was Abraham. Lincoln freed the slaves, mr. D freed he and Willis from a life of foster care 11/29/11 10:48 AM
thuble: what? no hockey temper board? 11/29/11 12:44 PM
omikel: Give me Give me 11/29/11 10:34 AM
Notme_: Chicken Nuggets!!! 11/29/11 10:32 AM
jmyers: winwinwin 11/30/11 11:30 AM
gmoney: y is habitat all vegitarians if we werent supposed to eat animals y are they made of food 11/29/11 03:53 PM
sean.b: holla at the habitat! 11/29/11 11:29 AM
kellys: Cant wait for a BONG GAUSE pro model 11/30/11 12:05 PM
btw117: Cant you guy's get a pic were a guy has paints on? 11/29/11 05:48 PM
Sam.ha: Dood 11/29/11 07:07 PM
msende: SPOT is killin it in the face 11/29/11 02:08 PM
enjoij: That board looks like its ready to drop bombs! B.O.B - Boards Over Bricks! 11/29/11 02:01 PM
thunde: Went by their HQ in Dayton, OH the other day. Place Sucks! 11/29/11 11:04 AM
E32190: A naked dude? O_o 11/29/11 01:01 PM
the_im: Rat-a-tat-tat its a Habitat deck, gonna kick and flip til I break my neck, or til it snaps in half or it loses grip. Habitat? I needa niche 11/29/11 10:19 PM
halo95: Danny Garcia is the naked dude in the backround!!! 11/29/11 11:09 PM
Browni: fork a bitch 11/30/11 03:50 AM
skatet: a man asked me if i was homosexual today. His exact words were "Do you watch twilight?" 11/30/11 10:54 AM
jrj071: HAB 11/29/11 10:40 PM
mikemo: in soviet russia you dont ride skateboard, skateboard ride you. 11/29/11 11:29 AM
sbowes: I can use it as a bottle opener, right? 11/29/11 10:59 AM
Ramons: I need T.Pfor my bumhole 11/29/11 10:41 AM
dquiyu: 100% of people who drink water die. Its a fact 11/29/11 02:11 PM
jeffwo: danny garcia skates? thought he quit for male modeling 11/29/11 09:51 PM
wetwil: spot poop is cool 11/29/11 09:51 PM
street: i need a deck! 11/29/11 12:55 PM
matt.s: Thunderbird. Best liquor ever. 11/29/11 02:25 PM
mcosan: can i plis have the board 11/29/11 10:31 AM
gustav: Youre mom likes Danny Garcia! 11/29/11 11:45 AM
brando: a clever and/or funny comment 11/29/11 10:44 PM
chirii: hoes be wantin sheet - santa 11/29/11 11:08 AM
grantg: ;) 11/29/11 11:09 AM
alex78: This is way better than cyber Monday. Its syphilis Tuesday. 11/29/11 10:53 AM
jonath: fork Nikon 11/29/11 11:33 AM
rachae: OMG that board is soooooo cute. It will match perfectly with my new wheels and trucks I just bought on black Friday!!! pick me!! 11/29/11 11:33 AM
btha1s: Dont have a witty comment but, I do really enjoy skating and it'd be sick to have a new deck. 11/30/11 12:06 PM
cycleh: so cool, want it! 11/29/11 10:27 AM
mcmaho: Are you guys selling all the other boards they give you for free? 11/29/11 03:11 PM
Matted: Just ignore the naked guy just ignore the naked guy just ignore the naked guy 11/30/11 12:04 PM
nateyp: i didnt know u were nudeboarders.............hows it feel going down a hill free ballin :P 11/29/11 10:40 AM
blue6s: your a dush. 11/29/11 12:42 PM
blane5: Im Corn Holeo! I need tp for my bung hole! 11/29/11 10:15 PM
timoty: Sexy cardboard box you got back there :) 11/29/11 05:27 PM
ijusts: how can the world end in 2012 if my yogurt doesnt expire till 2013? 11/29/11 12:02 PM
ernest: You aint no weeble wobble! 11/30/11 09:18 AM
squeak: being picked on by a prepubescent little girl isnt fun 11/29/11 03:07 PM
kyaw32: Woooooo forking love habitat!!! 11/29/11 10:35 AM
ntorre: I need this deck so I can continue to believe I am not over 30. 11/29/11 12:12 PM
tharea: Skate dat sheet! 12/01/11 01:05 AM
bradle: did you hear about the paper pants? theyre tearable. ZING 11/30/11 04:20 PM
Skateb: Chuck noris can slam a relvolving door 11/30/11 04:13 PM
Deadja: I love SPOT always keeping the passion alive for skateboarding. Much love. 11/30/11 12:58 PM
kanetr: Can I win the naked dude too, look at dat bulge... 11/30/11 09:08 AM
henryf: Ganny Darcia skabitat hateboarder 11/29/11 04:27 PM
jeremy: i stayed up all night wondering where the sun went, then it dawned on me. 11/29/11 03:56 PM
bzarit: it doo doo baby 11/29/11 02:06 PM
soleha: hobits habitate my hood in habitat hoodys 11/29/11 11:30 AM
iondre: im not going to tell you a joke; deal with it 11/30/11 05:05 AM
celery: SENOR SISIG! 11/29/11 12:19 PM
woodru: Are the stamps acid or postage? 11/30/11 10:18 AM
makaya: the naked dude looks more like a superheros body gear, has rob slipped up and revealed his true identity, is he the mysterious I-4 crusader 11/30/11 09:45 AM
rdb201: Funny comment 11/29/11 04:06 PM
haloce: habitats sick ! 11/29/11 10:34 AM
Cstolb: not every man with a mustache is a pedophile but every pedophile has a mustache. 11/29/11 10:45 PM
Diznez: NakEd dude got nothin on me..... Im all over that board for a great x-mas gift for my 3 skaters!!! 11/29/11 10:35 AM
camero: what do a blonde and a beer have in common? they both go doen easy. 11/29/11 05:21 PM
tmurph: MM FOOD! 11/29/11 03:50 PM
upthad: needle needle sew 11/30/11 08:08 PM
kanese: I dont know what's good anymore...stolen from Andy Warhol 11/29/11 03:32 PM
sk8tez: Remember to live before you die 11/30/11 03:15 AM
xskate: Hopefully his board rides better than his shoes. But hey, free sheet is free sheet. 11/29/11 11:46 AM
NTNNED: Speak Spanish 11/29/11 11:24 AM
chance: Why the guy cross the road? Cause his dock was stuck in the chicken 11/29/11 12:00 PM
joelmv: do you still have the template you used to paint that logo?? send it to me along with the board please 11/30/11 12:48 PM
Bruce_: I have a habitat now an i like it alot it has good pop 11/29/11 10:34 AM
robmer: I can ha dat? 11/29/11 10:12 AM
rollfo: chuck norris cant ninja heel like Neen! 11/30/11 08:48 AM
franky: send me that board! 11/30/11 10:36 AM
sk8ter: i goto the spot all the time for contest and i never get anything i really need this deck. 11/29/11 12:57 PM
thunde: Chicken bone nowison! 11/29/11 11:21 AM
molgna: what do you call 4 mexicans in quicksand? A: quattro cinco 11/29/11 11:26 AM
artich: Cherokee people, Cherokee tribe So proud to live, so proud to ride a Danny Garcia Habitat skateboard!!!! 11/30/11 09:39 AM
andybu: That naked dude is way to thin to be Scotty 11/29/11 11:22 AM
josiah: yae 11/30/11 04:06 PM
csarte: bring back the east coast vibes 11/29/11 02:24 PM
matthe: Thunderbird. Best liquor ever. 11/29/11 02:26 PM
bungie: If you dont skate , then boredom is your fate! 11/29/11 11:19 AM
jpenic: Ever notice how closed dpt is to dtp? Thats what I found on my shoe, leaving the bathroom at work yesterday. Doh! 11/30/11 08:05 AM
ed.sla: It looks like Mr. Incredible, 3rd world nation edition. 11/29/11 10:23 AM
Kendal: Its really rude of u to take and destroy my habitat! Id like it back please!! 11/29/11 01:57 PM
eastco: damn that manikin has an incredible bod.. lol 11/29/11 03:32 PM
crawfo: I see a Habitat I see its slick I see a fake mans 2 inch dick. 11/29/11 10:18 PM
Auburn: Hey man give me back my habitat! 11/29/11 01:56 PM
yeahok: Jorge Angel looks like Jesus. 11/30/11 05:15 AM
bright: dgar cigar 11/30/11 12:08 AM
overth: clever or funny comment 11/29/11 02:18 PM
tkssne: Free sheet! 11/29/11 10:53 AM
tony.n: SPOT or die 11/30/11 02:43 PM
jeshra: im in like flynn 11/29/11 10:29 AM
pbeze5: FREE FRED GALL 11/29/11 11:09 PM
jdunn1: Danny Garcia Habitat Shoes Deserved! 11/29/11 12:49 PM
ankjos: new postage for x-mas 11/29/11 02:04 PM
little: THis is an amazing board and that looks like a super hero costume in the back! O.O 11/29/11 09:51 PM
dbetz@: vote for Rob,next president of the U.S....LOL 11/29/11 02:01 PM
chrism: Soo....this is cool.. 11/29/11 03:22 PM
joshua: Whats the sound a sack of sheet makes when it hits the ground? Answer: WOP! (I'm Italian, haha) 11/29/11 12:16 PM
bsheeh: hmmmm what looks better...this deck or the package on that mannaquin? Decissions, decissions... 11/29/11 02:12 PM
sambop: PAPPA NEEDS A NEW PAIR OF SHOES...doesnt matter we're all gonna die anyway can't wait 11/29/11 03:04 PM
julian: People with more birthdays tend to live longer. 11/30/11 06:22 PM
loganl: Marshall LaFrance is gonna win Tampa Am this year, better believe it (young jeezy voice). 11/30/11 01:24 PM
socomf: I will trade you my gf for that naked dude hahaha 11/29/11 11:20 AM
adawgt: the the guy in the backround isnt nude hes clearly wearing a belt. try it sometime im sure youll get a bunch of jokes sent your way 11/29/11 09:25 PM
matt.s: Thunderbird. Best liquor ever. 11/29/11 02:25 PM
nickb@: Andre Nickatina forever 11/30/11 08:06 AM
mass.v: Habitat makes me want to become one with nature 11/29/11 04:27 PM
liam.b: I like how the mannequin in the back has that monster crotch. What kind of tumor is THAT? 11/29/11 05:11 PM
djamor: Judging from his belt, the naked man in the background is a superhero 11/29/11 08:20 PM
joecru: Sandusky keeps texting me, I already took a shower, I dont need to take one again. 11/29/11 07:48 PM


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