Nerd Out: Tampa Am 2011 Live Broadcast Statistics

Posted on Wednesday, December 14, 2011 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Hopefully if you weren't in Tampa, you got to check out the live broadcast here on the site that we do for Sunday's Semi-Finals, Finals, and Best Trick. Sometimes I love numbers, so let's dive into some.

In the time period from Thursday through Monday during Tampa Am, there were 137,801 visitors with 84,002 of them being unique. 20,762 (15%) of these were from a mobile device. For the Pro in March, iPhones and iPads will be able to view the broadcast. Chrome was the most popular browser at 29% followed by Safari at 24%, Firefox at 21%, and Internet Explorer at 16%. 54% of the traffic was from the US with the rest of the traffic nearly evenly spread between Brazil, Canada, France, Columbia, Germany, Belgium, Norway, Chile, and the UK. Statistics from the broadcast include:
  • 1,357,035 minutes streamed.
  • 275,995 total webstream requests.
  • 12.345 terabytes were streamed. Maybe we should start a donations page for our bandwidth bill. For comparison, Tampa Pro streamed 6.6 terabytes. We nearly doubled traffic with Tampa Am's broadcast after we actually put effort into promoting this time.
  • 4,682 maximum simultaneous viewers.
  • As far as average viewer time for web broadcasts, our host at Auxiliary Channel tells us that anything over 20 minutes is good, 30 minutes is great, and over an hour is amazing. Our average viewer time was over an hour so thanks everyone for staying tuned in the whole time.
  • The number of Likes on our Facebook page went from 59,100 at noon on Sunday to over 62,500 when the broadcast was done at 6pm.
Thank you all for stopping by the site. The live show for Tampa Pro is also going to be right here at Check all the coverage from Tampa Am in the Tampa Am Article Archives.

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