A Random Monday Night in Tampa Article at Skatepark of Tampa

A Random Monday Night in Tampa

Posted on Tuesday, March 21, 2006 by Rob

A Random Monday Night in Tampa...
The most popular restaurant in the sketchy skateboard business - Samurai Blue. As you can see, we were the last lurkers in the joint which always gets the servers hyped. That's Brian Schaefer, Ty Evans, some dude with dirt on his face, Ryan Clements, Atiba Jefferson, and Eric Koston. Ty bought dinner - thanks Ty!
Just when you think you're going to have sort of a chill night, some asshole buys shots and it's all downhill from there. I think Koston ducked out of this one, but Atiba was all 'bout it. That's Ty Evans on the right. Those two guys have some damn good backpacks
I think this is the asshole, Matt Milligan, that ordered the shots. Isn't it funny how you blame your drinking problem on other people the next morning? That's a good sign you need to go to AA meetings (Alcohol's Awesome). Check them Java eyes on BGP
At least The Senator's nuts didn't creep out on this side profile. Matt Milligan and Atiba are new pals. I think The Senator is going to put them in his top eight now. For your information, I am NOT The Senator on myspace, although I think it's completely hilarious that someone created a profile for him
Koston is looking way too hyped on his new pal, The Senator. Ewwww! He's touching me!!!
So I woke up with a rail road spike in my back pocket. Time for another AA meeting (Alcohol's Awesome). That's the new Damn Am site I'm working on - email me to get your riders registered for the Damn Am in Minneapolis in June. Rob@DamnAm.com
Who dat? Hell I don't know, but I had like 80 million photos of her in my camera. I hope I had a good time. Time for another AA meeting (Alcohol's Awesome)


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