Tampa Am 2005 Friday Nightlife Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Am 2005 Friday Nightlife

Posted on Saturday, January 22, 2005 by Rob

Tampa Am 2005 Friday Nightlife
Words and photos by Rob Meronek

Want to check out a bunch of non-skate photos of people you probably don't know or care about? Cool, you're in the right place! Check out some photos from last night at the Think video premiere of "iThink."
Young guys who can't get in da club with an old guy who wants to get out of da club - Robbie Kirkland, Bill Dorr, and Derek Millan
Most hair farmers grow the hair on their head. Nick Matlin can tie the hair on his arm into a damn pony tail
Look at Santa Gabe at the end of the bar. That's Gabe Clement, team manager for DVS
If you want to ride for Element, buy Ryan Dewitt here a bunch of beers at the bar. In the morning he might not remember he put you on the team, though
The 3rd Lair crew from Minneapolis
Stacy Lowery walks in to a bar, and the bartender says, "Why the long face?"
That's Justin Williams, team manager at Venture on the right. If Atiba there on the left ever tries to front like his name is Vern Laird or some crap like that, don't believe the hype. If you see him lurking around the Park over the weekend, make sure to get his autograph. In fact, the first person who shows me that they got Atiba's autograph at the contest will get a bunch of stuff out of the product toss pile. Go hunt him down and get some free gear
Look at this sketchy crew about to cause some trouble - Allen Russell, Graham Bickerstaff, Jared Brantingham, Chunk (what!?!? yep, it's Chunk), and Soomi and Rob Meronek
Jared Brantingham and Allen Russel - not sure what's happening in this photo
Ian from Grind King looks a hell of a lot more sober than Mike Peterson does
Maybe the camera knows you're under the influence with some blurry vision and it takes the photo that way. Check out Chris Pastras without Jason Lee next to him


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