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Sponsors: Elephant Brand Skateboards, Iron Fist Clothing, Airwalk Shoes
Hometown: Long Beach CA, Stance: Regular, Age: 45, Status: Pro

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STREET PLANT It’s just business. What a cop out. Every time those words have been spoken to me it was from someone ripping me off, screwing me over, taking advantage of me or feeding me another line of BS. You can say that it's “Just Business” but that doesn’t make it right. The idea that business is the "Art Of War" or some epic Chess match is a damn bore. People are NOT pawns and business men are not GOD. You read the wrong books. You’re coming from the wrong place. How I was ever subservient to these people is beyond me. They got me at an early age and messed with my head. I had one employer tell me once that I didn’t deserve to have or to own my own skateboard company because I was "just a skater.” I had dropped out of school but he had been to college and had become an engineer and so he was the very type of person who should own a business. That I needed to know my role. How I let this guy employ me three times is beyond me. Then there’s these corporate types. The self appointed elite that have established an unearned aristocracy. They talk the talk but they have never walked the walk. You can’t steal what you can’t feel. People make a big deal out of how many sponsors I’ve had through the years. Like I’m suppose to be loyal to some company that is using me to sell skateboards. It’s unnatural to me. My loyalty is to myself, to my own skating. It’s NOT “Just Business” it’s MY LIFE! @streetplantbrnd is not a part of your uncle’s skateboard industry. We exist to support the individual skater at the grassroots level, not the mass idea or identity of skateboarding. We love skateboarding and so we’ve come to play with a smile on our faces and our values intact. It’s NOT "Just Business.” It’s who we are. Never Comply! Art by @crabscrambly FREE Stickers of this design are available with every purchase here: streetplantbrand.com/shop #NeverComply #StreetPlantBrand #SkateCreateEnjoy #StreetAxe #MikeVallely

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