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Sponsors: Elephant Brand Skateboards, Iron Fist Clothing, Airwalk Shoes
Hometown: Long Beach CA, Stance: Regular, Age: 44, Status: Pro

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On this episode of @themikevshow I am once again joined by author, philosopher and friend Daniele Bolelli. We discuss “kung fu”, Ben Harper has “kung fu”, emotional content, presence, nature / nurture, Bruce Lee, my favorite skaters, something else — a spirit, objective versus subjective, spirit of character, looking for a connection in MMA, character being homogenized out of team sports, the system of sports, identity that squashes individuality, orthodox approaches exist for a reason, looking for the unorthodox flair, making the unorthodox work, pushing the limits, the spirit has been bred out of things I love, why is the individual still being crushed in our society?, individual identity requires a hell of a lot of self-confidence, most identities are pre-packaged, resisting the process, we have a lot of work to do as a society, more possibilities today that encourage individuality, little spaces that are open, looking at it through the eyes of my kids, the path of most resistance, my daughter @lucy_vallely changed the way I thought about young people and “spirit of character” when she was 10, Lucy has “kung fu”, looking at the world with fresh eyes, maybe I can learn something, Bolelli’s daughter has “kung fu”, “the man” wants to hammer you into that hole, the challenge is not spending your life bitter about it, the solution to the dilemma, this is how it can be, I’m a dance dad, Lucy’s journey, the Zen idea, an entire family tuned in to something greater, the DIY spirit, the business of skateboarding, I’ve never compromised my skating, clarity in business, the most important thing I could ever do as a husband and father, the circle jerk of the skateboard industry, east coast street skating, other people’s filters, the day I got sponsored, Stacy Peralta’s got “kung fu”, the spirit in my skating, make it your own thing, the first time I saw Thrasher Magazine, my first experiences on a skateboard, my “kung fu”… Enjoy! http://soundcloud.com/the-mike-v-show/episode-3-kung-fu Also available for download on iTunes! #mikevallely #themikevshow #danielebolelli


STREET PLANT I’m jumping for joy!!!! -- Ha, ha! Thanks for all the love and support… Truly! With the first two rounds of Barnyards selling out in just minutes both times… I’ve been completely humbled and stoked by the level of excitement and support for what we are doing with @streetplantbrnd But with the frenzy there has also come some frustration and stress for me in not being able to accommodate every person who wants one of these boards. Of course that is the nature of doing these limited edition, signed and numbered boards — And I do know that as we continue on and continue to produce more boards that we can and will reach everyone… It’s just the frustration between here and there that is hard for me to reconcile at the moment. They say you can’t please everyone… But I want to. Of course I want to. I would have nothing with out the support of skaters around the world for the past 29 years. These are not faceless “collectors” or “fans” — They are people — Individuals — That make my life possible. I can’t dismiss one of them with some “you can’t please everyone” nonsense. I want to please everyone because if someone feels so strongly about a product we are making, spends the time, makes the effort and is willing to spend the $ to get one — I want that person to feel good about interacting with us and our company. — I really didn’t expect this intense interest in what we are doing. I thought I’d sell the boards in a matter of weeks not in a matter of minutes. I just want to let everyone know that we are learning, growing and readjusting as we go… There is no master plan here… We truly did not expect any of this… So, please stick with us and understand that I and my family are committed to doing everything we can to honor everyone that is supporting us and Street Plant. Is it unrealistic to think we can do that? Maybe, but there’s no reason to be in business unless we try. Thanks. — Mike V With the Home Team: @annvallely @emilyvallely and @lucy_vallely Long Beach, CA Photo @sierra_prescott #engineeredforthestreets #streetplantbrand #mikevallely #lucyvallely

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