Curtis Hixon is a Dick, Son! Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Curtis Hixon is a Dick, Son!

Posted on Tuesday, January 26, 2010 by Stalker

By Stalker Steve

As juvenile and childish as the title may be, nothing sums up the experience I had with my friends at the grand opening of Tampa's Curtis Hixon Park than the aforementioned. "It's like we're not even citizens," Dylan Perry commented to a local journalist after Dylan, Austin England, and I were escorted from the Park premises by an irate and demeaning Tampa Police officer. It's just so nice to know that the taxes that I pay, that fund parks like Curtis Hixon, don't allow me to use them for my recreational activity of choice...skateboarding.

The day started at Rob's, where Schaefer retold the story of Rob throwing a bar in a bar for us.

Dylan got in skate mode before he even got in the elevator to go down to the Park.

We intermixed with regular park-goers on the way there.

Austin England was a bit nervous about skating the Park.

Angel was happy and hyped, as usual.

Upon arriving down in the Park, Rob was nerding it up.

Elisha was having a blast defying authority.

We did get one legit skate photo prior to removal. Dylan ollied this stair set and we were immediately surrounded by the law.

Schaefer knows how to chill.

After being removed by force by TPD, Austin, Dylan and I just walked back over and hoped for the best.

We walked back over to see Schaefer trying to schmooze the lawmen.

We left shortly after, but not before Elisha gave the local news a piece of her mind.


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