Photo Album + Record Sale Show at The Bricks

Posted on Sunday, January 22, 2012 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Thanks for stopping by last night if you were here at the Photo Album Art Show. Here's what I found in my camera this morning.

It's always heavy metal parking lot out front.
"You're special!" That's Mr. Daily BS's instant reply when you say, "What are the specials?"
Clements and Tom. Tom has the job of inking up Ryan over the next two years for a head to toe piece he's getting. What's on the road from head to toe? Yep, the town of Anus. Apparently the lawn needs a serious mowing before the work can get done there. Good luck with that, Tom.
Nice work, but there should have been more hip hop albums, ya hippies. The theme of the show was to take an album cover and reproduce it in your own way.
Manny and Brittany probably both spend equal time on their hair in different places.
Lurk hard.
Mr. DailyBS and his sidekick, the upwards pointing thumb, along with Chad and Suzie of Kick Start My Art, who put these shows together.
Just married! Congrats, strangers. I'm poaching a DailyBS Instragram right here.
Brittany, Alanna, and Andrea taking in the disco lights.
Kyle and Angela's public display of puppy love.
Time to move on to another bar. Some women aren't finishing up their sauce, so it goes in the to go box.
Bony legs on 7th Avenue.
Yep, a stop by the smoke pit, Reservoir Bar.
Thanks again for the sauce, Mama! As usual, I didn't need that last one.

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