Tampa Pro 2012: Contest and Skate Photos

Posted on Wednesday, March 28, 2012 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Body in the TM and Industry VIP Contest with a slasher under the pipeline.
Vern Laird's got that Philly wall ride.
Jesse Fritsch is usually on the U, but he's got frontside 180's down the gap in the TM Contest.
One of the few people in the TM Contest to hit the rail - Vern Laird.
Bart Jones is going back to work at Skateboarder Mag after this blunt fakie.
Mike Rogers does frontside 360's the old school way.
Mark Akiyama, thanks for the amazing glass gifts.
Nate and Jake Ilardi are ready to skate and document the Tampa Am Vert Contest.
We did not do the Tampa Am Vert Contest next to the scrap yard on purpose, but after fewer entries than the amount of people required to run the Contest, the scrap yard is where this event is going.
Beaver here claims he's going to be the first dude to do a double backflip on a skateboard.
Clay Kreiner won it.
I can't remember what place Alex Sorgente got, but I do know it was in the top seven.
And there's everyone in the Tampa Am Vert Contest. 10 trophies, three left over that go to no one.
Stefan's fakie 5-0's over the quarter were so good.
Torey needs a higher rail to kickflip.
Kyle Berard - high speed backside tailslide down.
We've seen Max at AmsterDamn Am for years and now he's pro. See you at Copenhagen Pro later this summer, Max.
Italo Romano - feeble grind.
Sean Malto - nosegrind up.
Mike Anderson - Florida hurricane.
Theotis Beasley - kickflip crooked grind.
Felix Arguelles - feeble grind.
Nyjah Huston - backside 180 nosegrind.
Felipe Gustavo - switch backside tailslide.
Leo Romero - ollie over to crooked grind.
Mike Peterson - gap to tailslide.
Torey Pudwill - switch flip.
Ronnie Creager finished off his run with a fakie bennihanna for some laughs.
Kyle Berard - switch smith grind.
Mike V - boneless lip.
Shane O'Neill - switch frontside bigspin.
Zered Bassett - switch frontside feeble fakie.

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