Spring Roll Presented by DVS and Matix 2012 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Spring Roll Presented by DVS and Matix 2012

Posted on Wednesday, April 18, 2012 by Porpe

Photos and words by Porpe
Footage by Joe Pelham

HiDefJoe Footage

Friday night before the Contest we had some superstars from DVS and Matix hanging out. The kids love Daewon.
Mike Anderson with a frontside flip over the rail into the bank. I wonder if there is a Converse deal in the works?
Brandon Starr is Torey's number one fan.
Mike Burnell is Alejandro's dad. He is down for life when it comes to supporting his son having fun on his skateboard.
Along with bringing some of their top ros to hangout for the weekend, Matix and DVS gear was on sale all weekend long, too.
I remember when Darius was just rolling down those stairs. Now he is kickflipping down them in his run.
Mongolian push always makes an appearance during the 8 and Under Division.
Jake Salvati has proper boneless technique. It will just be a matter of time before he is blasting them over the coping.
Upstairs in the viewing section we had the Parent Documentation Team. Thanks for coming out and hanging out with us all day.
Marcos Montoya came all the way up from Miami, FL to show us how he can front feeble with ease.
I found out that Chris Noel is the younger of the two twins by a couple minutes. So when I have problems telling them apart I just ask, "Where is twin number two?" Here is a kickflip front board down the big rail.
Justin Carrico a.k.a. Crash is back working at SPoT after a couple year hiatus. He was holding down the grill, and making sure the park looked in tip top shape.
Torey Pudwill had to dip out early during the Contest to catch a flight, but before we left we got a nice group photo with some of his fans.
Who dat - 5-0 down the small round rail.
Alex Sperando is no stranger to podiums. He usually wins all the small Best Trick Contest that we do. Here is a varial heel down the brick gap.
Ish Cepeda with a nosegrind down the handrail. He keeps getting better and better every time I see him.
Daniel Mann squeezed into the Contest to show us this back smith down the hubba.
Ramante Cooper - bluntslide on the out rail.
Mike Anderson with his lovely wife and daughter.
When Sam is not cooking pizzas for you in the SPoT Snack Bar, he is switch flipping down the brick gap.
Jereme Knibbs - frontside ollie on the quarter-pipe.
Tyler Hunger - kickflip backside 50-50.
Max Catasus - frontside noseslide down the handrail.
Ramante Cooper - 360 shuv down the brick gap.
Jacob Portillo - shuv 50-50 down the handrail.
Jamie Foy - hardflip down the brick gap.
Kevin Sikes - bigspin backside tailslide.
Chad Poore - kickflip backside tailslide.


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