SanctSHOEary November 2012 at SPoT Ybor

Posted on Tuesday, November 6, 2012 by Rob

Photos and Words By Rob Meronek
Video by Josh Wilson and HiDefJoe

We had a few Nike SB pillows, a Money Cat, some SanctSHOEary shirts, and more for the raffle. Hopefully you came up.
Brazil repping.
Nico downed that Heineken right before he put it there.
The woodgrain box has deck holes in it.
Don't fall asleep at the bar with that new SB pillow.
Will had a pretty amazing collection of not just shoes, but all the extras.
You have until Friday to get your red carpet votes in. Right now Asad is killing it at 324 votes, but he's got someone on his heels with 203 votes.
High five on the raffle win.
When these showed up last week, none of us here knew about them. Wit-E Beats has a review and close-up if you missed them at the SanctSHOEary.
Hobie was before my time and likely yours, but apparently it was the first shoe targeted towards skateboarders.
Wit-E keeping it tight for the red carpet about to go down.
Fresh catch at Will's table.
Blue Lobsters, Bears, Rayguns, BMX, and more at Will's table.
Serious customs that only someone skating for 15+ years will recognize.
All Stars for days.
I didn't even know a lot of these extras existed.
Insert Lil B line here.
Are we in the year where Marty McFly went to wear these yet? Thanks to everyone who was part of the event. We'll keep you posted on when the next one is.

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