A Hollywood Chill Cam Dump and Rob Dyrdek''s Fantasy Life Article at Skatepark of Tampa

A Hollywood Chill Cam Dump and Rob Dyrdek''s Fantasy Life

Posted on Saturday, October 11, 2008 by Rob

Photos and Captions By Rob Meronek

Rob Dyrdek's new show on MTV has a "I can do anything I want and these suits are paying for it" type theme. Big Black is not part of this. Apparently his head is as big as his body and he thinks he's actually worth something without Rob. When Big Black and his fat twin were here at Skatepark of Tampa, they would hold up signs to kids that said, "No autographs, no pictures," so they wouldn't have to talk to anyone. Good luck living like that
I heard the show's going to be called Fantasy Life, but that might change. A full concrete skate plaze indoors right outside your office? Yep, that's a fantasy life
How do you get a cement truck into a warehouse? You don't. You have to run it through a hose and spray it like you're watering a lawn
No this is not some prison, it's is Lockwood Elementary in LA. This is where Daniel Castillo got shot and Jason Rothmeyer had a gun drawn on him. Some other pro skater got shot here, too - can't remember, but I do know today he's a cop. What an amazing place. We are having a Contest here next weekend called DC's King of LA. Watch for full coverage right here if I live through it
Recognize those banks at Lockwood? School's in session right now so we can't skate. I think that kid with the baby mohawk is the one that shot Castillo
We're scoping out another spot now - Bellmont High in LA. The second half of the DC King of LA contest we're doing next weekend is going to be here. School is also in session here. There are pregnant Mexican girls roaming the hallways
We met up with the Principal at Bellmont High School and he showed us the spots. As a grown ass man, I'm still nervous being in the Principal's Office. Recognize that rail?
By next weekend, the knobs on this rail at Bellmont will be legally removed and the Contest will be on
If you don't recognize this spot at Bellmont High, then you have probably only been skating for a week or so
I spy a Hollywood sign
There's no shortage of extra strange crap going on while you're cruising the streets of Hollywood. Dancing cowboys on a flatbed of hay is one small example
Now we're at Paramount Pictures, the site of today's Vans Downtown Showdown. Each company is putting the finishing touches on their obstacles. That's John Lucero with some props he has for the Black Label Dive Bar obstacle. Peter Watkins looks hyped
See how the fake buildings have a huge warehouse behind them? Creature built a pentagram obstacle. That thing is way harder to skate than it looks. The banks are super steep but people are still going to rip it to pieces today
Foundation's obstacle is the moon and star built into a 9 stair set
Black Label's Dive Bar looks more fun to have a drink at than skate
Here's what it looks like inside all those fake buildings - just an empty warehouse with tons of movie studio equipment
Sean Malto is nollie backside flipping over the Girl obstacle hip. I spy four members of the Girl Family
RIP Van Wastell
We all hung out at Paramount Pictures last night until about 9pm. Vans hooked it up with plenty of food and beer. Braydon and Ronnie Creager are on some kind of suspect hand holding
Ty Evans was there filming on some kind of forklift contraption. Time for a footy check
We're now at some bar in LA where there's a Nike SB Lance Mountain and Stecyk shoe release party. The first person I run into is Skatepark of Tampa Party Team member, DJ Wade
A party in LA is unlike a party anywhere else. There were people from all around the planet here. That's Paul Shier with Clements. Cheers
Blazers and candy - I'll take it
Gonzo's here! Cheers again
Chris Casey from the Captain and Casey Show - when's the Skatepark of Tampa Party Team episode going to be on?
Lance Mountain and Stecyk were there signing autographs. Swoosh - thanks for the booze, beer, and gathering with old friends
Speaking of all around the planet, we ran into William from Copenhagen Skatepark who had just flown in right before the party. See you and the vikings in June at CPH Pro 2009
I've been spending a lot of time on planes. That means red carpet treatment from the airlines. The front row is First Class is nicer than the seat in your living room and it always comes with a great meal. This time, breakfast and coffee for an early morning flight
Schaefer spent more time charming the flight attendants than sitting in his First Class seat next to me. All girls love Schaefer, even your mom and grandmom. Thanks for locking me in the bathroom high school style, bro
If Clements wasn't here to keep Schaefer and I in financial check, we'd be renting that taxi cab Corvette for sure. Straight tinseltown style. We're off to the Contest now. Check the webcast later today at skateboard.com


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