SPoT 88 Demo Article at Skatepark of Tampa

SPoT 88 Demo

Posted on Friday, August 6, 2004 by Rob

SPoT 88 Demo
Kristian Svitak frontside bluntslides down the long hubba - check the footy
Autograph signings....
Peter Watkins has a nice looking backside overcrook
Scotty Conley and a small sample of the sketchy chicks at The Castle in Ybor City
Mark Gutterman nollied into this frontside boardslide on the flat bar
Mark Gutterman is going to backside 180 out of this Suski grind
I wish I got more photos of Mark Gutterman - this kid rips. Frontside feeble on the long flat bar
Lance Conklin with a big ass board, Brian Schaefer, Knuckles, and Kristian Svitak
JT Aultz had the backside noseblunt slides on the bump to flat bar on lock
JT Aultz is going to frontside 180 out of this nosegrind
Lance, put down your beer and move Ian Gow up from flow to legit - he's killing it. Frontside half cab flip over the hip
Corey Duffel warmed up with a gap kickflip front lip and then pulled this kickflip over the step up to frontside 50-50
Corey Duffel kickflips the step up to frontside lipslide
Corey Duffel's brother Steve Duffel logs the footy of Corey's frontside salad on the big rail
Check out Corey Duffel's shadow hand puppet skills on the ceiling while nose sliding frontside down the big rail
This frontside 5-0 is one of many first try tricks Corey Duffel did down the big rail
Corey Duffel's pants are so tight you can almost see through them on this back lip
Jason Fintel, Kid Will, and John Paul Grebe just getting started at the Castle in Ybor City
This photo caused two new ones to be added to the SPoT Quotes Page
Corey Duffel and his brother Steve Duffel. I don't think they roll with the same steez.
Kristian Svitak - frontside bluntslide on the long hubba (1.4 mb mpeg video)


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