Zoo York Demo 2005 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Zoo York Demo 2005

Posted on Monday, November 21, 2005 by Rob

Zoo York Demo 2005
Words and Photos by Rob Meronek

It was a pretty mellow demo - more like a big session with a lot of the locals skating. Thanks to the Zoo York crew for coming to our dirty little warehouse in the south.

Zered Bassett - nollie crook on the bump to ledge
Tommy Presley (T4PREZ) was doing giant backside flips over the hip all night. If you've skated the new hip, you know how much those poles suck
Robbie Kirkland was the hometown hero of the demo. This frontside flip lipslide was one of many things he threw down that made us talk about how sick Robbie is during dinner and drinks
Kenny Hughes front blunts on the bump to ledge while Dirt Weasel on the left there pretends he's in the WWF
Kenny would have rode away clean from this backside nosegrind on the hubba but his board snapped when he landed
We ate dinner in Ybor after the demo. The waitress busted her ass at the table and food went everywhere, including my dinner. That's Kenny Hughes on the right. Ask him about the stiches in his ass crack from that rail in England. It's a pretty funny story
This poor girl had to endure sweaty, hairy Florida redneck belly to the face as you can see here while the crowd had to look at his plumber's crack with enough hair coming out to make a pony tail. Dude's wearing flip flops to the damn skate park?? Anyway, Zered ended up giving this girl a board just for the fight
Anton Arratia - 360 flip lipslide on the bump to flat bar


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