Zero Demo at the Zero/Mystery Warehouse Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Zero Demo at the Zero/Mystery Warehouse

Posted on Thursday, September 8, 2005 by Rob

Zero Demo at the Zero/Mystery Warehouse
Photos and Captions by Rob Meronek

I tried to get all art fag for you on Sheldon Meleshinski back lip, but turns out it sucks
This is a new one, at least to me. Tommy Sandoval - backside 360 crail grab. It looked super nice
Tommy Sandoval - me want hubba, nollie crook
Tommy Sandoval - me want more hubba, switch frontside 180 5-0
Jamie probably has a clause in all the riders' contracts that requires at least one mandatory fatty to flatty per session. Lindsey Robertson comes through with this fakie heel to flat
Cutite Patootie sure has some sick tranny skills. No, I'm not home erectus. If you read the What's Up column, I mentioned how my girl totally digs Keegan Sauder. Not in the same way I do though. She calls him Cutie Patootie. If she was behind the lens, it wouldn't be a skate photo. What's the male equivalent of an upskirt photo ? A sidepipe photo I guess. This is a frontside noseblunt slide
There was much Florida folk there, including Joe Grant here on this frontside tail slide. Little tyke Clint Bestwick who wins all the 8 and Under All Ages Contests here at SPoT was there, too. He's on some BGP's in this pic. I wonder if he's getting wasted in the party tornado every night here at ASR like we are
Chris Troy was there - I'm definitely a fan of this kid. Both on a skateboard and his crazy personality. This is one of many 360 flips to flat he pulled
Automatic Magazine's Battle of the Shops 2005 Presented by Adio
The Zero/Mystery skate facility


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