Photos Taken by Bill Colburn Skate Photographer Profile at Skatepark of Tampa

Photos Taken by Bill Colburn

Greg Cotto from ,

Type: Two Page, Editorial
Backside noseblunt slide on a 10 stair rail for the Contents section.

Kevin Coakley from Boston, MA

Type: Full Page, Editorial
Kickflip over a stump into a bank for the Behind the Lens feature.

Zach Lyons from Bowie,, Maryland

Type: Full Page, Editorial
Frontside 180 nosegrind on a bank to fence post for the Extra feature.

Lee Berman from Boston,, MA

Type: Full Page, Advertisement
5-0 transfer on a flat bar into a bank for a Consolidated ad.

Ali Atmaca from ,

Type: Full Page, Editorial
Backside ollie on a bank for the Intro section.