Hey Everyone, I'm Alive Post at Skatepark of Tampa

Hey Everyone, I'm Alive

Hi. It's Jereme Knibbs again. Porpe gave DP and I $50 to cab it from the Phoenix airport to the hotel since Rob wasn't with us to rent the car. $50 only lasted about four miles short of the hotel so we had to get out and skate the rest of the way with all our gear. Then when we got to the hotel, we had nothing to do and no ride anywhere for 24 hours. At least we were able to get into the room. Still, when I grow up Porpe, I'm kicking your ass. Well, Rob's here now and we went straight to Tempe Skatepark yesterday. I had to do all my tricks twice because he kept blowing it behind the lens, but it's okay since he's a very positive and polite guy. Wait until you see his coverage. No more Negative Nancy, so he says. Here's a few sequences:
Check me out! 5-0 kickflip out.
Dylan Perry learned a new trick today - alley oop fakie 5-0 shuv it out on the bank to ledge.
TJ Sparks has been ripping and is a great person to travel with. You can crash our floor on any trip you want. Check this nollie back heel.
Dylan Perry definitely made the cut or we will have to burn the concrete skate park down for sure. He ate it like a four course meal at this bank spot today.
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